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Facebook 艦隊のユーザー数が、全体で 30億人を超えた:それを示す1枚のチャート

This one chart shows how Facebook dominates online communication

Eugene Kim – Apr. 13, 2015




Soon, Facebook could be the dominant force in how we communicate online. 148 more words


Breaking down the barrier, one brick at a time.

Japan for the part is conservative. They value their traditions, and they value their customs. Teachers especially, develop a keen sense of being the lecturer. She speaks, you listen. 226 more words


Apple Pay が絶好調! 2019年の 店頭モバイル決済は $800 B を超える?

The Apple Pay effect is real — in-store mobile payments volume will top $800 billion in 2019

John Heggestuen – Feb. 23, 2015




Mobile payments — the use of phones to complete transactions in stores instead of cash and physical card swipes — are going to grow much more quickly than many observers believe. 398 more words


Storytelling with iPad

The means of presenting can be a challenge due to classroom setup. If you have a room that can be presented as a stage area and a projector, then creating a presentation atmosphere is not an issue. 88 more words


Digitimes Research: Google to finish 2-in-1 Chromebook development in 1Q15

Google is planning to push 2-in-1 devices in 2015, according Digitimes Research’s inquiries within the upstream supply chain. Google’s 2-in-1 Chromebook designed by Quanta Computer is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter.  29 more words


Dropbox の新機能により、ローカル・アプリとの連携がシームレスに!

Dropbox’s new Open button launches desktop applications right from the web

Paul Sawers – February 5, 2015


If you get frustrated transferring files from the cloud to your desktop, Dropbox has… 403 more words