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Exploring a more active and student-centered approach to vocabulary

Vocabulary is in general not fun. It mainly deals with rote memorization of words with little context or use in everyday conversation. For learners of English as a second or other language, many of the vocabulary words presented for study, especially as they reach intermediate and advanced stages of L2 acquisition, have little to no relevance to their language use. 575 more words


Parent-Teacher conference via Skype

Even though we are a Japanese high school, we attract returning students who have grown up outside Japan. In the case of one student this year, her parents live in Australia as she is schooling in Japan. 35 more words


Microsoft Windows 7 Challenges for Enterprises and the Hardware Dilemma with Intel

There is a lot of noise about Windows 10 and the upcoming release on August 2nd this year. Microsoft is still trying to push Windows 10 into their customer base with free installations, in order to… 935 more words

Personal computing of the near future

There is another way of looking at the PC vs post-PC discussion. Traditional approach is to try to measure, quantify, or look at the hardware and software aspects of the  890 more words

Personal computing devices lately

Ever since 2010, when tablets have started to gain serious traction, a lot has been said on the topic of PC vs post-PC devices, where on one side we have traditional (mostly) Windows + Intel computers, while on the other there are phones and tables of all shapes and sizes, mostly running Android or iOS. 471 more words