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インド の Micromax から ノートPC がデビュー:Intel Atom 4-Core と Windows 10 が搭載され、なんと US$157 という価格だ!

Micromax launches Canvas Lapbook L1160 laptop at Rs 10,499

TOI Tech – May 4, 2016




NEW DELHI: Indian consumer electronics company Micromax has added yet another entry-level laptop to its Lapbook series with the launch of the Canvas Lapbook L1160. 253 more words


Calendar for syllabus sharing

I work in a team-teaching environment, with multiple teachers working with the same curriculum in different classes. As different teachers establish different styles of relationships with students, the pace of the classrooms can also change, and even more, teachers need to be given autonomy to teach how they philosophically feel teaching is best for them. 172 more words


Benefit of wireless video connection in the classroom

Not all classrooms are designed to maximize the benefits of an electronic display, especially when the classroom itself was either not designed by a tech-savvy architect, or the it was modified to somehow accommodate electronic display functionality at the request of administration. 178 more words


From PC to Mobile

This is the presentation From PC to Mobile: Changing Mindsets for the New Paradigm that I gave at the 2016 Practice Based Education Summit in Sydney on the 13th of April. 1,409 more words


Proof-editing photos

If we insist that our students proof-read their work before handing it in to the teacher, why should we not do the same with photos they use? 57 more words


PC 出荷台数:急落が止まり、年間で 2.5億台のペースで落ち着きそうだ!

The PC market may finally have found its bottom

Matt Rosoff – March 14, 2016




The last few years have been rough for the PC market, as annual shipments have fallen almost 25% from their peak of 364 million units in 2011. 134 more words


Comment: Dissing owners of older PCs, even accidentally, may not be the best way to sell them an iPad

One remark Schiller made during yesterday’s launch event raised a few eyebrows. In noting that the majority of 12.9-inch iPad Pro customers had actually switched from Windows PCs, he pointed to the huge potential switchers market still out there for Apple. 487 more words

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