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One Photo Focus - July

Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing runs One Photo Focus. Every month Stacy offers us a photo which someone has taken and then encourages us to alter it in Post Processing, anyway we see fit!   249 more words


Shooting in [the] RAW?

It sounds like a bit of a racy title, but I’m not talking about photographing au naturel. The acronym-less RAW (think TWAIN had it hard?) versus JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) image format battle has 754 more words


Experimenting with Photoshop Fine Art Grunge

I know this has been mentioned several times, that I signed up for the PS Fine Art Grunge course a few months ago, and its changed my life in relation to being able to use Photoshop – not just creatively, but AT ALL! 442 more words

Posts With My Photos



THE AIM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSING has shifted drastically in the post-digital age, and not necessarily in a good direction. Those of us old enough to remember mastadons, horse-drawn carriages and analog film were certainly aware that images could be edited or enhanced after the fact, conjuring up, say, memories of airbrush artists smoothing away chicken-pox scars from the shoulders of Miss January. 363 more words


July One Photo Focus Reminder

Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos

There’s still time to participate in July’s One Photo Focus on July 3! Just in time for Independence Day in the States, join in our celebration and post-process this iconic image submitted by Robin Kent of  144 more words