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Coffee Cocoa Cinnamon Dusted Filet!

Did everyone have a good week?!  I can’t believe it is Friday already!!  But, now it is time to celebrate.

As I said yesterday, I am gearing up for the… 452 more words


5 Things Spouses of Runners Need to Know

1.  Yes, they really need all of that gear.  You don’t realize all of the places that chafe and rub until you’re starting to rack up the miles.   713 more words


This Is How We Recover

One of the things I’ve really focused on this season is recovery.

At Vega we have this saying – “You haven’t finished training until you’ve refueled” – and I didn’t realize just how true this was until a few months ago. 308 more words


Runner tummy issues


Ran 9 miles, 1:26:42, 9:38 pace (9:27, 9:29, 9:52, 10:32, 10:03, 8:50, 9:20, 9:50, 9:18). I’m getting faster, but I need to speed up if I want to run a half in under 2 hours. 483 more words


Fuel: 'sausage' pizza

This is my very favorite post run meal. Actually, to be honest, this is one of my very favorite meals, run or no. I probably eat it 4 times a week. 284 more words


Dehydration disaster

This week began well, after last weeks rest. A 5 mile fartlek session on Tuesday with the running club made a nice change, and it was good to run with some friendly faces. 897 more words

The Road to Running - Part VI

Chapter 6 – Take Two

Coming off two hard earned PR’s I very well could have justified taking a break from running (or at least from race training) and coasted along on the coattails of success for a couple of months. 1,438 more words