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Attention all Saddle Lake Cree Nation Post Secondary Students!

Are you planning on continuing into the Spring/Summer term?

If you are or your program continues into the intersession term, then you will need to fill out our… 138 more words

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The Importance of English 4U

My Opinion:

I feel it is very important that grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs. I feel it’s important because English is a widely spoken language around the world, and it is vital to effectively communicate with your peers when the proper relay of knowledge is dependent on each student having similar language foundation/basis. 442 more words

4U English

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

This is a post about my other favorite movie franchise (in this case, a movie/book franchise). But it is more about my own version of the Hunger Games I experienced as a young adult. 605 more words

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Treaty Annuity Payment Summer Jobs for Aboriginal Students

Government of Canada Jobs

Are you looking for an exciting and unique work experience opportunity this summer that would involve travel and working directly with First Nations? 123 more words

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SERIES: It's okay to fail

There was a time where I wouldn’t have ever talked about “failing” something. (I’ll get to why I generally use quotes around the word “failing” later.) The last few years, however, I’ve found myself opening up more about places in my life where things didn’t work out. 801 more words


Your Grade in English is Below the Admissible Rate

In Ontario, the vast majority of public university programs students can apply to require an ENG 4U credit, which is the highest level of English available in most of Ontario’s secondary schools ( 696 more words


Why an INFJ personality type might love beer...too much...

Quit Smoking Time Period:  10 hours

Background: So I wrote up a sort of blurb on my profound experience reading “Memoirs of an Addicted Brain” by Mark Lewis many moons ago…and then I ran across an article on the mental health benefits of gaming by his partner Isabela Granic (I hope they are still together!!!)….and THEEEEEN I re-did my Myer’s Briggs and was reflecting on personality types etc and this I determined was a sort of serendipitous sign from the universe to post on personality, neurotransmitters and booze.  875 more words