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My Hunting Story

Back in my early twenties, I began the planning stages of the biggest hunt I would ever go on. This was a hunt that would take years for me to prepare for. 584 more words


Time Management in a Hectic Time

Have you ever had that feeling where you have a million things to do but time for about 3? I’m sure you have, we all do.  250 more words


I have been thinking a lot about notebooks and organization…

One of the reasons that therehas been such a big gap between my posts, is because I was ill for an extended period of time. As a result of that illness,I have some limitations particularly around keyboarding and handwriting  so I do a lot of dictation. 639 more words


Eating Apps

There a many varying apps (applications) that are downloadable now, whether it be your iphone, android phone, smartphone, tablet, computer – pretty much any technology that is from the last 5 years. 216 more words


Proper Emailing Etiquette

This is one thing that I am still not master of. Many assume that my generation should be a pro at this but most of us have never even learned the etiquette of note writing – so how can I apply this to a formal email? 153 more words


Obsession with School Supplies

Is this just me? I love buying school supplies. School is 49 days away and I am almost completely ready. I bought most of my textbooks, pens and of course, highlighters. 139 more words


College Talk

So lately as I bash college more and more, I’ve had two people preach to me about the importance of college. The first was my new fulltime supervisor at work who acts as if he drank an entire pot of coffee before coming in. 385 more words