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Book Review - The World of Post Secret

TITLE: The World Of Post Secret
AUTHOR: Frank Warren
Format: Hardcover

The World Of Post Secret is the newest PS book and it breaks a five year draught where all we had was weekly secrets on the internet (If you’re a fan of post secret, you know what I’m saying). 315 more words

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Post Secret live show!

Since I was young, I have a ritual I do any time I visit an ocean. I write down my secrets, things I don’t want anyone to know, things I have trouble confessing to myself… secrets big or small. 809 more words


Postcards From An East Nashville Attic

While searching in my closet for my school credentials to complete my Real Estate license exam I felt cold air from the exposed insulation. I pulled it away and it revealed an entire portion of the attic I thought there was no access to. 80 more words

The Project of Secrets

I’ve decided to transform this blog that I don’t really use anymore to something more than a place to vent my frustrations to the world. Because I learned something… 1,129 more words

Post Secret

This week, we were prompted to visit Post Secret and select a secret that really resonated with us. I went and found the Post Secret Archive and browsed through the selections, trying to find one that I really agree with. 180 more words


Post Secret, by Frank Warren, Regan Publishing

New York Times Bestseller

The project that captured a nation’s imagination.

The instructions were simple, but the results were extraordinary.

You are invited to anonymously contribute a secret to a group art project. 497 more words