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No Pain, no Gain? Think again! We are able to experience Post-Ecstatic Growth, Science says

Originally coined by German philosopher Nietzsche, the following quote has become a piece of common knowledge: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. Most people have – at one point or another – made the experience that going through really tough times may render us stronger than before, and not shattered as one would initially expect. 447 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

The Beauty

Enough dwelling on the past.

The life I have now is far from perfect, but I choose to see beauty in it.

I have a connection with each of my kids as young adults, and I think I am pretty tuned in to them and what is happening for them in their lives. 244 more words

Mom Guilt

Last night I had a conversation with my 21 year old son, that left me with a mix of emotions.

We were talking about how he and his sister don’t have vehicles to drive, and how it means that I am still driving a 21 year old and 19 year old around sometimes.   438 more words

It's The Way It Is

Twenty-five years ago today, I made vows that I meant with every fiber of my being.

Six years ago today, I was told “I didn’t ever love you, not even on our wedding day”. 89 more words

It's My Story

I have been feeling a nudging to start this blog for some time. I  knew it would be therapeutic for me to write about my story, and I also sensed that it would be helpful to others. 627 more words