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Opening My Eyes to Discovery

I rounded a corner on my walk today, and this is what I saw. Imagine if I’d been walking with my head down . . .


Don't Stay Stuck In The Past

The day I realized that sometimes there is no closure, was the day I decided I could move forward anyway.

I’ve been accused of hanging on to my past because I’m talking/writing about childhood abuse all the time. 180 more words

Adults Survivors Of Childhood Abuse

Diversion Therapy?

When I’m not thinking about getting another dog, I’m thinking about owning kittens or a baby pig. And now, I really want one of these. What the heck!


Where Do I Get One?

I don’t know if I have to wait until I’m a certain age to become a crazy cat lady, but today I’m in the mood.


Nothing Like a Little Sun to Nurture the Soul

While I was sick this past week, Spring sprang. Or sprung? It’s early Spring for us on the west coast. I almost hate to mention it, since so many of you out there are still suffering the fallout of snowstorms: falling on the ice, trying to get your cars out of ditches, or lighting candles if your electricity is out. 27 more words


Dandelion Fluff

The other night I woke to the sound of a child’s voice. “How many ‘lions make a wish come true?” I rolled over almost expecting to see one of my children standing next to my bed, afraid of the boogie man, needing a drink, needing comfort. 199 more words

Post Traumatic Growth

Taking Time Out . . .

How many times have I promoted self-care before trying to conquer the problems of the world? When I took Joey out on two, fifty-minute, walks today,  I allowed him to take advantage of the snacks I carry in my pocket that are usually reserved for when he crosses the streets nicely. 66 more words