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The tears of truth and acceptance

I often put a lot of effort into trying to tell myself things to make myself feel better in painful situations: “It’ll be ok”, when I have evidence that it won’t be; “I’m ok with this”, when I’m not; “I don’t need this”, when I do. 599 more words

Suicidal. And Free.

Sometimes suicide can be a gift.

Sometimes suicide seems inevitable, maybe you’ve had a recent attempt, maybe it walks with you every moment of every day, as loyal as your shadow. 329 more words

Opening My Eyes to Discovery

I rounded a corner on my walk today, and this is what I saw. Imagine if I’d been walking with my head down . . .


Don't Stay Stuck In The Past

The day I realized that sometimes there is no closure, was the day I decided I could move forward anyway.

I’ve been accused of hanging on to my past because I’m talking/writing about childhood abuse all the time. 180 more words


Diversion Therapy?

When I’m not thinking about getting another dog, I’m thinking about owning kittens or a baby pig. And now, I really want one of these. What the heck!


Where Do I Get One?

I don’t know if I have to wait until I’m a certain age to become a crazy cat lady, but today I’m in the mood.