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I’d love to hear how you use art to build resilience. Send me a note or add a comment to one of these pages. I’d also be happy to talk with you about leading an art workshop with your group.




Post Traumatic Growth

The Best Compliment I've Ever Received

The other night I got a text message from my youngest sister; she’s graduating high school in a few weeks and going to college. She said: 163 more words


The Road Pt. 1: Meltdowns

The glamorous part of my life is obviously the road. As it should be: I go all over the country to the most beautiful natural wonders and all the exciting cities. 998 more words

Mental Health

The Mother Of All Panic Attacks And What I learned About Myself

Recently I was feeling “slightly” off and overwhelmed. I had been pushing myself physically and mentally past what I normally do without giving myself time to recharge. 674 more words

Health & Wellness

Trying Not to Suffer in Silence

Very few people know that I suffer from symptoms of PTSD. Even fewer people hear me talk about it on a regular basis. Recently I wrote… 499 more words

Sexual Assault

Free Stuff Helped Me Snap Out of a PTSD Episode

There I was, just studying and trying to be a good student, when a PTSD episode decided to drop on my head out of nowhere. I got caught up in one of those spirals of negative thoughts related to sexual assault. 168 more words

Sexual Assault