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Begin With Peace: Trauma Informed Care Gang Prevention and Intervention

On February 23rd, 2017 in Elk Grove, California I will be facilitating Begin With Peace: Trauma Informed Care Gang Prevention & Intervention. This training is not how to better identify young people as “gang members,” it’s about how to identify our young people as the sacred blessings, miracles, and gifts they are, meet them where they’re at, and facilitate healing that results in post-traumatic growth, the transformation of poisons (trauma) to healing medicines, and the reclamation of the healing vision, mission, and purpose our young people have and have been sent to this life to share with themselves, their families, our communities, and our world. 59 more words

Can you recover from trauma?

The importance of inspiring hope and the phenomenon of Post Traumatic Growth.

Power To Recover

Traumatismes et résilience chez l’enfant migrant : le rôle de l’ancrage culturel et familial




Individual differences in reaction to potentially traumatizing events is a topic that is much debated in the field of developmental clinical psychology.

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Repenser les liens entre migration, exil et traumatisme



Dans le langage courant, migration et exil sont souvent confondus. Par ailleurs, des définitions très larges de ces termes font de tout un chacun, peu ou prou, un migrant ou un exilé.

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Trauma and psychological distress in Latino citizen children following parental detention and deportation

Author(s): Lisseth ROJAS-FLORES ; Mari L. CLEMENTS ; J. Hwang KOO ; Judy LONDON



The mental health impact of parental detention and deportation on citizen children is a topic of increasing concern.

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Merry Resilience to All!

Back when I worked the disaster trail, what I enjoyed most was watching resilience at play. In spite of neighborhood-flattening hurricanes, mass casualty losses, catastrophic flooding, and other mishaps, the strength of the human spirit was always quick to move in and carry people forward. 388 more words

Gaining Perspective

The refugee crisis in Greece: training border security, police, volunteers and aid workers in psychological first aid

Author(s): Nikolaos GKIONAKIS


Abstract: As the Syrian refugee crisis continues unabated, Greece remains one of the first ports of sanctuary. While the country is still gripped by one of the worst financial and societal crises of the past 40 years, little attention or funding was available to provide mental health and psychosocial support to migrants or refugees.

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