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Be Still

            As he sleeps, face pressed against my breast, I listen to his quiet breathing. We sleep every night cuddled up to each other and when he’s hungry he gets fed and he is never lonely in a bed or a room all alone. 996 more words

PTSD and the Shattering of Identity

I’ve been going through everything to toss or donate or pack in preparation for a move up north in a few weeks.

Tonight, I flipped through a few of my favorite books, including a volume by Edward St. 398 more words


PTSD and Your Feet

I had PTSD for many years, but no clue what it really meant and how it affected my life. Those were pre-internet years in my 20’s when I was burned-out and too exhausted to care. 538 more words


Fear Not: Evidence that CBD May Help with PTSD!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is something so many American’s struggle with. In the documentary “Restrepo” it was said that many veterans coming back from Afghanistan weren’t being treated for PTSD because they hadn’t yet found an effective treatment. 359 more words

That's Natural

PTSD: What’s next for this war-inflicted mental disorder?

By Dee-Dee Santa Cruz-Espina 

At a flag raising ceremony one morning in this war-ravaged Marawi City in southern Philippines, soldiers were seen crying while listening and singing the country’s national anthem on an Independence Day celebration, past a month of fighting with a local terrorist group that pledged allegiance to the international terror network ISIS. 1,584 more words


Mental Health Musts (Part 2)

Are you struggling to get enough sleep on a nightly basis? If so, you are not alone, as countless people have difficulty getting the proper amount of rest. 267 more words


True or False: Only Perfection is Worthy?

Anxiety and depression began around puberty for me, at least that’s the first time I remember having symptoms of both. The abusive home environment I lived in was no doubt the catalyst for my mental health issues, and it is what solidified those problems so they would just grow and become more complex over the next decade. 803 more words