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PTSD is a Never Ending Challenge and when help arrives “Don’t Let Go”

I turned twenty-one in Vietnam. There was no cake with candles, no presents, no party, no happy birthday songs, but I remember the tracers from thousands of armed Marines lighting up the night from the 1st Marine Division’s perimeter, and that display of destructive, brutal power was not a celebration of me turning twenty-one. 1,435 more words


That day in Lavapiés (a life saving friendship)

“No, she said. Why?, how?, Please, I don’t want you to!”

She couldn’t find any more words but her eyes said everything, and without either of them knowing it, in that moment she had already saved him. 549 more words

The Melancholy Monster

The Melancholy Monster

The Malicious Minister

The Bringer of Despondency

The Sender of Misery

Hiding Within My Heart

Tearing It Apart

Evil Memories

Past Tragedies… 13 more words

Can't Connect

I know it’s probably a common feeling for people to feel they aren’t connecting with anyone when they basically don’t know anyone in a new town. 643 more words


Understanding Frozen

My therapist seems to think my mind is coming unhinged because I am unable to sit with the idea of how little control I had over all the abuse that happened to me and others during my early childhood. 306 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder