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Sometimes Misery Just Likes To Be Alone

“Hypervigilance is one of the hyperarousal symptoms of PTSD and refers to the experience of being constantly tense and ‘on guard.’  A person experiencing this symptom of PTSD will be motivated to maintain an increased awareness of their surrounding environment, sometimes even frequently scanning the environment to identify potential sources of threat. 1,261 more words

Healing After Loss

Obituary: Korean war veteran Jim Purcell sought PTSD treatment in his 80s

PEMBROKE, Ont. — Korean War veteran Jim Purcell, who last year shared with the Citizen his story of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, has died. 314 more words

Local News

"PTSD": A label I can cling to

When I learned I had PTSD, I felt something like relief for finally having a label for the symptoms I had been experiencing since it happened. 489 more words

Honour veterans together with diligent PTSD research

The medical establisment owes them the memory of one’s traumatized survivors of World War I to care for posttraumatic stress disorder in current veterans diligently, and then to guarantee that it has been informed by “high-quality science”, as per the authors of an Editorial published online from the Medical Journal of Australia. 292 more words

Emotional Abuse is equally damaging

“Whether this abuse is physical, verbal, or the less evident but equally severe emotional abuse, it is an abomination and a serious offense to God” –Elder M. 588 more words


My Two Faces

I’ve had two sides to me since I can remember. When I was really little I was at a church camp. We were playing soccer and an older kid bulled over me just being an asshole. 436 more words


Conflict with Anger and Hatred

Hey, I don’t think any of this is bitch shit anymore. I maybe never did. I think that I have always refrained from speaking out on anything because I was afraid others would think it was bitch shit really. 337 more words