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You're so young

But you’re so young.

I heard that exact phrase at least two dozen times over the last two weeks.

It wasn’t the first time I heard it. 763 more words

Why You Should Avoid Overthinking

Are you struggling to get the right amount of sleep on a consistent basis? You don’t remember the last time you got close to an eight hour night, and it is starting to take a toll. 268 more words


The Amazing Healing Power of Love

This is Baby, a sad looking Boxer mix that my stepdaughter and I found in the parking lot of a Dollar General store last July. She was thirsty, hungry, hot — the temperature was 105 when we found her — and her life was very much in danger, with all the trucks and cars speeding by. 254 more words


I’m feeling really “flat” today. To be honest though – I have been feeling this way for a few days, but have pushed through because it’s been lovely to reflect on 16 years with my dear husband. 718 more words


PTSD. Part 1. Silly VS scary

Post traumatic stress disorder. It’s not all war veterans and shell shock. It’s anybody and everybody. Mental health doesn’t have a type. Stop labelling. Start listening. 2,961 more words

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Lost in you: the new normal

The dust settles. I blinked and those newborn days faded into a haze of busy-ness: milk feeds, lullabies, sleeplessness and house moves. I attempt to clutch onto their memories with diaries and photos. 449 more words