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Warned Too Late: Triggers and Television

One of my favorite quotes in Alice in Wonderland is said by the Caterpillar: “Wait!” he tells Alice, who is hastening on her way. “I have something important to say!” 1,632 more words

Art & Aesthetics

Beam Me Home, Scotty!: 08, Sergeant Survival

It’s still Shawn Coyne’s Middle Build.  It’s still Christopher Vogler’s Approach to the Inmost Cave.

It’s not exactly Jane’s best day.

Still motionless, Jane looks at McCoy.

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PTSD Therapy: Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles

This week sucked.  It’s 90 degrees in Seattle.  I’ve been in PTSD hell since April 20, and I fired the third therapist in a row who doesn’t have a fucking clue how to treat somebody with Complex PTSD. 146 more words


Thank You Peter Platt: Peter's PTS Journey

This is a picture of the four directors of Badge of Life Canada and some of our Badge of Life Canada family members.  We want to thank Peter Platt, our founder for creating Badge of Life Canada and bringing us together.   1,634 more words


This Kiwi has Needed Help.......

So this kiwi has needed help with most parts of my life. I’m still working through this time, I love structure and I worked hard for my role (can you hear me not letting go)but I love and felt the structure is what I’ve needed. 205 more words


The gift

Grateful patients often bring gifts to clinicians. I have had some rippers over the years ranging from half a sheep and gallons of wine to shirts of every possible colour. 779 more words


Beam Me Home, Scotty!: 07, The Freeze

We’re still in the Middle Build of Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid. Obstacles continue.

According to Christopher Vogler, in the Hero’s Journey, after one has slogged past obstacle after obstacle to get to one’s goal, one reaches the… 532 more words