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I Want to Get Lost in Amsterdam

They’re all a bunch of disappointed people
Clinging to bottled moments
Wondering how and why
Things are the way they are.

Into the stars,
It seems I got lost in Amsterdam again. 145 more words

Dr. Bethany Brand

Like all psychologists Dr. Bethany Brand is adding a lot to the genealogy of trauma and making a difference in psychology. I chose her mainly because I felt that she is a normal not normal but maybe an ordinary professor who has accomplished and still is accomplishing a lot. 443 more words

Onward To the Palace of Wisdom- The Student

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. -Carl Jung

You look inside upon the vastness of the soul and realize how much you don’t know; you are a witness to your own inhibitions and ignorance. 82 more words


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As a trauma survivor, I tend to avoid myself like the plague. Feelings are, more often than not, something to flee.   This post helps me to  want to embrace them so I can continue healing.

The Day You Kill Me

“Silence is the most powerful scream.” -Anonymous 


From the moment we’re born we’re taught to talk, encouraged to spit out the gibberish that forms in our heads and hum the words people long to hear. 755 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dreams, Memories and the Present Time

This entry might be long so bear with me:

And trigger for talk about sex, trauma, memories and masturbation. I have a feeling this entry could be really triggering because it’s very explicit. 2,025 more words

You know You

 YOU know you are strong inside despite what mental illness has dealt you.

 YOU know you are doing the best that you can, with what life has handed you. 161 more words


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Important thoughts that I needed to be reminded of and perhaps you do too.  I know I needed to hear that mental illness is not a character flaw.

Former children's TV show host is linked to child abuse case, Study Links Child Abuse, Neglect to Earlier Onset of Bipolar Disorder

Former children’s TV show host is linked to child abuse case  By Associated Press February 11, 2016
A California judge has determined that a man recently arrested in a San Diego suburb is a fugitive wanted in a 1979 child sexual abuse investigation in Louisiana, where he was a children’s TV show host known as “Mr. 338 more words