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What Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is About

It’s tiring, it’s consuming…it feels like working twenty-four-seven without having the capacity to sleep even though you want so much to.

…then the next day, you feel like you can do it again or at least you believe you can- you enjoy a full day’s work only to find that the night is ready to give you the same tiring experience again. 438 more words

Marital Rape

Saskatchewan changes law to help workers with psychological injuries, PTSD

Cathleen MacPhee spent five years as a paramedic and another five as a 911 operator in Saskatchewan, but is now off work with post-traumatic stress disorder. 392 more words



Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman living with PTSD, anxiety, depression and dissociation. Annie lives with her feline companion, Zoe. She enjoys reading, writing, walking, and meditation. 75 more words


Boys to Men

“Boys will be boys.” This primitive rationalization is reactivating long stored, sometimes barely remembered wounds in women and men.

When I was a teenager, my family didn’t have much money. 841 more words

If I Could Tell You How It Feels

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, hot sunny, snowing or raining.

There is no telling when it’s going to strike.

Are they alive or dead? 228 more words

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Suggested Reading On PTSD

Like I mentioned today in class, this’d be a great read for this chapter in AP Psych for those of you who are interested in PTSD. 36 more words

Notes And Homework

In Support of Medical Marijuana for Post-Traumatic Stress (Video)

On September 21, 2016, I testified before the 2016 Interim Study Committee on Cost-benefit Analysis of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado in support of a proposed bill that would add Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the list of conditions qualifying one for a medical marijuana license in Colorado. 64 more words

Medical Marijuana