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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Compromises Your Immune System

If you have PTSD ,  you might find that you are having physical reactions to the stress and you are sick more often.  PTSD can cause a variety of problems that come from  interference with the normal functioning of your immune system. 1,125 more words

Mental Illness

Good for One Ride by Gary McGinnis

Gary McGinnis served with the Army in Vietnam in 1968 as a Water Purification Specialist attached to an infantry unit. His novel, Good for One Ride… 281 more words


26 Days and counting till the Sufferfest!

A lot has transpired since my last blog entry  2 months ago. My training has gone well and I have managed to get in a minimum 125 miles of cycling per week. 477 more words

Don't dance with the devil

Wish we could all admit we fucked up but our worth is nothing


Us this weekend

Woohoo can’t wait. 48hrs of no family.
A break from responsibility! !
Some are scared what we could get up to.



This explains everything for me. So sad.
It makes me want to give up.