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Afghan vet deep in debt after two-year fight against charges that were later abandoned: 'I feel numb'

Collin Fitzgerald is a highly decorated veteran of the Afghan war, hailed for risking his life to save others on the battlefield, but for the last two years he has been living under a cloud as an accused criminal. 795 more words


Post Traumatic Nation: The Current Tone of American Politics

This past September 11, marked the 15th anniversary for what is the most important moment in the history of the modern world.

Everyone can name where they were, so I’ll put my own story out there to add to billions. 983 more words


MPs need to support PTSD/mental health bill

On Oct. 4, the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security released a report calling on the Liberal government to introduce a plan of action for public safety officers and first responders dealing with mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder. 197 more words


Veterans Food Drive seeking food and cash donations during harsh times

Faced with fewer jobs in an economic downturn along with the mental toll of returning from a war zone — veterans in the Calgary area need more support than ever. 278 more words

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Servicemen and Service Dogs: A Life Saving Connection

Our servicemen and women have to restart their lives upon returning home from battle. These new challenges can present circumstances far different from those of war. 853 more words

Peter Platt (1949-2016): Former Ottawa police officer founded PTSD support group

Peter Platt had been out of policing for more than two decades, but when an anonymous officer cried out for help, Platt knew what to do. 814 more words

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Mr. & Mrs. Bipolar are also parents

A personal story of mental illness from all sides of this country fence.

We have reached a fork in the road where the road to compassion, understanding and recovery is stronger than ever and the courage to explore and express impresses upon us. 818 more words