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Finally US veterans can access medical marijuana

The US Senate has just voted to allow doctors prescribe medical marijuana for injured army veterans. Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a real problem for returning soldiers… 151 more words


Let's talk about PTSD- What is it?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- or PTSD is just that– a stress disorder that can happen during or after someone has experienced trauma.

This trauma can come in many forms. 431 more words

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Memorial Day Resolution

I have a Memorial Day resolution….. I will put forth 100 percent effort to never again talk down another soldier’s service regardless of any negative experiences that may have happened overseas. 96 more words

A Light On PTSD

I Don't Know

Lately there has been feelings that won’t go away.

I have been fighting depression for as long as I can remember, and for the past few years I’ve had a pretty good handle on things. 656 more words


A Real Memorial Day Story

I’m not proud to say that I’m like most Americans when it comes to Memorial Day. The meaning is largely lost amid the pleasures of a day off of work, backyard barbecues, the first weekend of open swimming pools, and the sense that the long days of summer are just beginning. 672 more words

Carroll County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Fight or Flight: The Difference Between Stress and PTSD

By MindfulAide

Everyone has felt stressed out at some point in time.

A looming deadline approaches and you don’t feel prepared. You haven’t completed something that you know should be done. 778 more words

Mental Health

History in the system and my vision for mental health on Nonduality Talk


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Jerry Katz says: We talk about the possibility of living without psychiatric medications, the implications, and Monica’s personal story of withdrawal from meds.

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Mental Health

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This post is two interviews given by Monica Cassani on Nonduality Talk. I find I resonate with a lot that she says. She talks about her own experiences in the mental health system in America, and about her pursuit of healing Beyond Meds, which is the title of her regularly maintained blog. Each interview is about 55 minutes long and well worth listening to.