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Ontario law will recognize PTSD risk for first responders

Ontario is poised to introduce legislation that would see PTSD included as a “presumptive” occupational illness for first responders. It’s a move that will ensure more protection for firefighters, police and paramedics — but might also put pressure on municipal budgets. 775 more words

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Haunted: Firefighter's PTSD battle began with the death of a child

Brandon Hogan was a rookie firefighter at Station 22 at Lincoln Fields in March 2005 when his life changed.

That morning, there was a call about a child who had swallowed his mother’s anti-psychotic medication. 750 more words

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Been a while

******* TRIGGER WARNING****** ******* SRA. CULT MENTION******

Where to start. My head is so so far gone right now. It’s been a hell 6 months or so. 460 more words



The plan, after coming off of the medications and completing withdrawal, was to find part-time work to supplement my disability income so that I can live here more comfortably. 1,030 more words

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When it's dark, look for stars...

Something that I have always really struggled with is relaying my feelings to people when I’m not currently feeling them. Clear as mud?

Tonight I’m having what I’d describe as one of my darker nights but I know by the morning, the smile will be painted back onto my face and all the hurt I’m feeling right now will be forced back to where it hides, in a dark little corner of my brain. 1,506 more words

My life as a Russian Roulette

My comeback post on A Canvas of the Minds.

Please hop on there to read it. As usual, it is not an easy read but as with everything else I write, it is an honest account of what goes on inside the Summer Solstice Girl’s mind… 7 more words

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Bouncing Back

It’s been a very rough week. I had four therapy sessions to try to get a better handle. I suppose, the outcome is reasonable. I have stabilized and am functioning normally again. 778 more words

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