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Sailing the storm

Sailing along, with the wind in your hair, you can see land on the horizon. Everything is going to be ok. Until one by one, huge waves start hitting, you survive the first maybe the second, the third if dicey and by the forth the sight of land disappears and you wonder if you’ll survive. 42 more words


07. 01. 00.

Seven years, one month, zero days, exactly. This is the day that changed your life.

‘Cheers!’ Six glasses filled with honey coloured liquid collided with each other; the white foam spilling onto the already glistening surface, creating intricate patterns on the stained wood. 1,022 more words

Mental Health

News Day Tuesday: Press Release - CPTSD.help

Greetings, readers! It’s News Day Tuesday once again, and I have something exciting to share this week. A little over a week ago, I was approached via email by Adriaan Bouman,  a web developer from Holland who’s created a new online community called CPTSD.help. 596 more words


Mental illness? How do I know when I need help? Who should I ask?

These are questions going around in my head this morning.  I don’t feel ‘right’.  I have been like this before. I went to the Doctor and got help…anti-depressants & talking therapy, free art classes. 329 more words

22 Push-Ups Canada PTSD fundraiser exceeding expectations

Canadians have really flexed their muscles in a show of support for first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to the group Wounded Warriors Canada. 424 more words



Life is so mixed up.

I just had the trip of a lifetime in a wonderful wilderness, thanks to my sister. The silence was incredible. The peace was incredible. 337 more words