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PTSD Awareness Day & My Experiences With The Condition

Trigger warning: discussion of suicide, child abuse, sexual assault, & PTSD flashback

Today is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day and I wanted to share the ways this condition has impacted my family and me in order to change what people picture when they imagine someone with this disorder. 724 more words

Stop thinking and live

This is something I have had a hard time with for a while. Living in the moment, being in the hear and now, focusing on today, whatever you want to call it. 433 more words

The Company You Didn't Ask For

I’m pretty good at having you live in a loop

I can make you hate you favourite place if that’s where you found me

People love to pass me off as just a mood… 109 more words


Narcissistic Parents - the most harmful type of parent

(I’m reposting this article from last year, as it was edited and updated)

“Deb, we talk about your weight almost every day and you’re still not losing any. 734 more words

Mental Health

Tips To Become More Mindful

Life can be extremely difficult when you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. And, when those restless nights begin to add up, the cumulative effects can be even worse. 281 more words


Girl Interrupted

I have always been awkward. My whole life I’ve felt alone and misunderstood. Shit got hard for a while but the storm passed. People often judge without knowledge and it damn hurts. 521 more words