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Thought of the Day #2

Accepting that we’re not always in control of our lives is frightening. Sometimes, it’s difficult to believe that a higher power will sustain us. I suppose it’s due to the fear of the unknown.


How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Getting Overwhelmed When You Have PTSD

Anyone who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress knows about the underlying emotions: anxiety, depression, frustration, and anger.

Accomplishing anything can be difficult when you have PTSD. It’s easier just to retreat to your bedroom, and pull the covers over your head. 111 more words


Too cliche ... but it's been a while?

I feel like I’ve had a “it’s been a while” post quite a few times in my life. My last post was in 2011. God – life was so different back then. 385 more words

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The heart patient's not the only one in the room

by Carolyn Thomas  ♥  @HeartSisters  ♥  February 17, 2019

Leslie Pitt is a marriage and family therapist whose husband Graham suffered a terrifying sudden cardiac arrest in his sleep while on vacation in Hilton Head Island, North Carolina. 218 more words

Living With Heart Disease

Concealed Anger

Concealed anger

Concealed rage

Suppressed emotions

I know that face

It’s time to face the pain

My anger has no safety


There is Light - Anxiety the beast.

You find yourself sitting alone…again. Not because you are short of options for support, love and counsel, but yet again you are engulfed by the monster that is anxiety. 631 more words

How To Give a Narcissist a Taste of His/her Own Medicine

  • Narcissists cannot handle any kind of criticism. They are not even capable of listening to constructive criticism. These people have such low self-esteem, and an inferiority complex, that you almost want to feel sorry for them.
  • 372 more words