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“I told you not to trigger my PTSD!” John shouted, as he lunged at his girlfriend, Teresa. “I’m going to murder you!”

“Please don’t kill me,” Teresa gasped, as he tightened his hands around her throat. 279 more words

My Writing

Life is Negotiation.

Life is not a one shot deal..its a continuous and continuing negotiation. Think of it like tennis. You hit the ball..it comes back..you get to get the ball again..and again n again. 14 more words

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just A Little Unwell.

I’m just a broken girl who alienates anyone and everyone who comes near her in some way, shape or form.

Hardly surprising when you have basically had to cope on your own. 338 more words

Mental And Physical Health

A Deadly Diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress: The Story of Christine Russell and How Her PTS Diagnosis May Have Cost Her Life

[“I need the Secretary of the Veterans Administration and the President of the United States to authorize my full medical care to TriWest immediately so that I can access Scripps Health care system and other systems to treat my stage four breast cancer and it has to happen in 24 hours, not 3 months.” – Christine Russell] 1,658 more words

On Ethical Loneliness and Moving Forwards in Times of Great Social Injustice

“Ethical loneliness is the experience of being abandoned by humanity, compounded by the cruelty of wrongs not being acknowledged. It is the result of multiple lapses on the part of human beings and political institutions that, in failing to listen well to survivors, deny them redress by negating their testimony and thwarting their claims for justice.” … 632 more words

Mental Health

Balance and Choices

This is about my relationship with money. For some of us, talk about money, personal finances generally, or how we deal with money is more intimate than any discussion of… 1,569 more words


No One Is Bulletproof

I stopped in the see my Special Ed teacher today, because my leave of absence is ending in a little over a week, and at this point NOT going to work isn’t really an option (our finances will soon be in shambles, due to massive medical bills and a hubby whose sick pay will be running out). 696 more words