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Enclave (2015): Realistic depiction of life in post-war Kosovo

What is it about?

Nenad is ten years old and has no friends. This is mostly due to the fact that his family is the only Serbian family in a Kosovo village. 435 more words


Movie Review: The Chase (1946)

What did I watch? The Chase, public domain on the youtube. (Please note that the quality is not great.)

Oh, the Charlie Sheen movie where Henry Rollins is a cop. 2,146 more words


The day the war was won

Nan told me about the day the war was won,

How they stood on the back step shading their eyes from the sun,

How the aeroplanes came howling, howling by, 126 more words

Own Fiction

There Was a Young Lady (1953)

‘The war upset people more than they realise!’ intones the Duke of Chiddingford. Quite.  Michael Denison fires fiancee Dulcie Gray (his real-life wife) from her position at his London jewellery store because she’s so super-efficient at her job she’s showing him up.Then she’s nabbed by a gang of jewel thieves led by Sydney Tafler and sequestered at a country house where she ingratiates herself with them and tries to escape while they pick her brains for what turns out to be unwelcome information about the real worth  of their booty. 96 more words


Book Review : Il mare non bagna Napoli

I have been reading this book for the past two months, and despite it having only 176 pages, it was the book I least felt like reading in all my life. 207 more words

9 Reasons to Look Up in Yorkshire

You may think you know a place well, but if you take the opportunity to look up, you may be surprised at what you discover. 1,218 more words