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The Lowlife - Alexander Baron

Harryboy is lowlife, scum. Trouble starts for him when the Deaners move into his boarding house. Quicker than he can place a bet on a dog, Harryboy finds himself the admired hero and evil genius of the family, particularly for the child Gregory. 75 more words


Mary Eagleton | Clever Girls and the Literature of Women's Upward Mobility

We are please to announce the recent publication of our contributor Mary Eagleton’s latest monograph, Clever Girls and the Literature of Women’s Upward Mobility. More information can be found below: 177 more words


Leeds sculpture collections

The latest major exhibition in Leeds opened last week. The Sculpture Collections (2018) showcases the best of Leeds’ significant collections, exhibited in both Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute. 249 more words


The Girl From The Savoy by Hazel Gaynor

The Girl From The Savoy is a charming story set in early 1920s post WWI London where eager to forget the pain left by war for a little while, many found distraction in the glitz and glamour of the dawning jazz era of the theater, obsessing over each new starlet to grace the stage. 293 more words


Mid-Century Modern

low and lean
flat planes cut into
private horizons
sleek linear simple
descendants of Wright
and the Bauhaus
interiors open
admitting of freeflow
that purges the mind… 88 more words


The Land of Truth, Love and Freedom (2000, dir. Milutin Petrovic, scr. Milutin Petrovic, Petar Jakonic, Sasa Radojevic)

An authentic underground expression of the post-war society in Serbia, through the collage of found footage and filmed scenes, with director’s friends as actors (almost all of them amateurs).


Ann and her Mother

You know who’s really, really good? Anna Buchan. Even at her worst, which I expect is what Ann and her Mother is.

It’s a structural thing, mostly: Ann Douglas and her mother have recently moved into a new house, built to Ann’s specifications on some land left to her by an uncle. 310 more words