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He had not expected the King to be a woman. But his briefing had given him very little information, all he knew was he was meeting an agent in a shabby cabaret bar in a Vienna backstreet who would recognise him. 173 more words


Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

A perfect summer read, Liza Klaussmann’s novel follows cousins; Nick and Helena and their families as they spend their summers at Tiger House.

A post-war novel which on the surface is the romantic story of Nick and her husband Hughes, soon begins to show cracks in the families happiness. 134 more words


Winter (Post-War #3)

It was then you realized that Hell was Winter, and you were in love with it. I know because I watched it happen. Just as I stand here now, watching you watch it. 304 more words


"Sitting Pretty" and "Petticoat Power" - a guide to being a post-war teenage girl

In 1947 Samson Low published a first of its kind manual called The Teen Age Book. What weird and wonderful advice does the book give, and have attitudes progressed in the interim 68 years? 1,413 more words