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ML266: Luar Domatrix

1. Carolee Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits, 1973–76.
2. Carolee Schneemann, Meat Joy, 1964-2010.
3. Carolee Schneemann, Boa, 1970.




1. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.
2. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.
3. Conrad Malicoat, Untitled, 1970-1985.


Mother North, Rising

I spent several weeks in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka from April to June 2017 capturing the stories, lives and context of life after war for the women of the region. 40 more words


Found Yet Lost

I went to a very nice book sale last weekend and…accidentally bought a book I already had. This is what comes of buying books and then not reading them. 442 more words


Article about Henry Collins and Joyce Pallot's BHS murals in the latest modernist magazine

For the latest issue of the modernist magazine, themed ‘Gone’, I’ve written about the visual legacy of the (now-gone) BHS in the form of a series of murals by the Colchester-based husband and wife team Henry Collins and Joyce Pallot. 118 more words

Daidō Moriyama

Daidō Moriyama is a Japanese photographer, born October 10, 1938, with his win brother, who died at the age of two. He is known for his work trying to depicting and breakdown the traditional values of post war Japan. 990 more words


THHE Art Edit

Hugo Schmölz.

I recently went to see an exhibition in liverpool at the Tate gallery, the exhibition was Otto Dix and August Sander’s portraying a nation. 298 more words