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אַל קעֹמיּיֵנץ דאַל תיּיֵררַה

בֵרדַד נינגוּנוֹ ראֵכּוּאֵרדהַ קוּיֵ אֵרַה אַנטאֵס דאֵ לאַ ינוּנדאַסוֹ, אֵזכּיֵפּטוֹ פּאַראַ קוּיֵ דאַיס הַ לאֵיאֵנדאַס דאַ נאַסיעֹנאֵס.

לאַ ינוּנדאַסוֹ דאַ טעֹדעֹ עֵל מוּנדעֹ דיּכּאֵן לאַס נאַסיעֹנאֵס דיכיֵ אַ כּאַוּסאַ דאֵספּיֵקאַדעֹ.

פּאֵרעֹ נינגוּנוֹ ריֵאַלמאֵנתאֵ ראֵכּוּאֵרדהַ הַ ראַזעֹנאַמיאֵנטעֹ פּאַראַ קוּיֵ הַ ינוּנדאַסיּוּן בינעֹ אֵן טעֹדעֹס לעֹס אֵרצים.

מיּר הַא דיֵשׂפּוּאִס לאַ גראַן ינוּנדאַסוֹ עֵט ינוּנדליּנאֵאַס ראֵטרעֹסיֵדאַ אַל גיגאַנטאֵ מאַרנאַואֵ יֵגאַדעֹ סעֹבּראֵ לאַ הָר אֲרָרָט. 

סאַלגַה סאַלֵא דאַ אַל מאַרנאַואֵ דאֵ שֵׁם

לאַס טריבּוּת דאֵ חָם

עֵט לאַס טריבּוּת דאֵ יָפֶת.

 אֵסטעֹס סוֹן לעֹס לידאֵראֵס דאַ שֵׁם

  גוּנטעֹ כּוֹן סוֹס טריבּוּת





גֶרמָנִיָה אל-המלך דא אַשְׁכְּנָז

גֶרמָנִיָה אל-המלך דא אַשְׁכְּנָז : Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz.

Meaning Gaulmany the Germamic King. 

גֶרמָנִיָה אל-הר : Germaniah al-Har. 

Meaning The Germanic Mountain.

גֶרמָנִיָה : Germaniah. 957 more words


The meaning of the word Likh'im

Likh’im pronounced Lick’eem not to be confused with Lechaim.

Likh’im is spelled in לחים Hebrew and Lechaim is spelled לחיים in Hebrew.

Likh’im is a Hebrew neologism that refers to a known reputation juicy and lush eating and drinking, yet this is not the implied context of the word. 61 more words



 Likh’im לחים

The State of Israel is not organic in origin unlike other Homelands.

The State of Israel was based on Zionism.

The pretext to Zionism is Americanism.  504 more words


Times are changing

The naysayers are the ones who are lying because the State of Israel is imploding.

I am a Israeli refugee living in America, I married a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, and she was murdered this year. 250 more words


The Attack on Brussels

On the date of March 22, 2016 Terrorist attacks on Brussels happened. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks. To think that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which is believed by many to be the same group as the Free Syrian Army that American President Barack Obama was in support of sends shivers down the spines of every rational man or woman. 104 more words


Friendship with Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a odd person, a hero to some a villain to others, a saint to some a devil to others. Many had suggested that the U.S. 759 more words