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post film

looking at a picture

and within its own frame

and those of the lead

and where it was the cast

and how it operates

and its own thrust… 45 more words



There’s this girl I know

We’ve known each other for a while. Had a spark that last for a week.

She stops talking. I try to get a reply from her but never do. 63 more words


You Say Tomato, I Say Spring

I have been taking a lot of heat from yesterday’s post. My declaration of spring coincided with a spring storm that everyone mistook for a winter storm. 312 more words


Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having Your Mind Blown?

1. Let’s start small: View this image › Via ign.com 2. Here’s something that you never realized: View this image › 3. While we’re at it, here’s some more famous voice actors: View this image › That’s Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911) and Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) and Fran from Dinosaurs, and James Avery (Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince) and Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 87 more words

Community Post: 9 Things Obama Really Said

1. “I think it’s fair to say that the rollout has been rough so far.” View this image › 2. “I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president.” View this image › 3. 155 more words

Community Post: The 10 Best Parts Of Dinner With Your Girlfriends

1. 10. Having people to split a pitcher of sangria with. View this image › Because a pitcher for one is usually frowned upon. 2. 9. 155 more words