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Snail mail! Again!

It’s time. I am itching to send some hand written letters out in the post along with a little something extra (I’ve previously posted Polaroid pictures and cute bookmarks) – if you’re interested in receiving something in the post email me your address and, if I don’t already know much about you, tell me something fun you’ve been up to! 25 more words

Living Life

Worship Nights

Bria Connolly writing on some of the reasons why we do worship nights.

Our first worship night is coming up this Saturday (7-8:30 Pm, be there… 752 more words

Jesus in school

I do not know the exact moment, but I became courageous about sharing Jesus in college than I had before. I have felt that I have been given many opportunities to write about Jesus in many of my classes. 320 more words

One of Pilate's Coins — Emperor Worship in Judean Territory

Besides constructing a Tiberieum at Caesarea Maritima the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate issued a series of bronze coins—perutahs honoring the Emperor Tiberius.  He minted these coins in Jerusalem b… 11 more words


Pilate's Tiberieum at Caesarea Maritima

Pontius Pilate was the Prefect of Judea that condemned Jesus to death (Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 18 and 19). He is mentioned 61 times in the New Testament.  13 more words


Ullevålseter Summer Hike

August 14, 2016.  Since I’ve written about Ullevålseter in winter and spring, I thought I’d take some time to praise its summer splendors.  (Every season brings surprises.)  The trek to this old-farmstead-now-hiker’s-haven is one of our favorite jaunts.   2,082 more words


“There are two ways of hitting your wife – hitting to really hurt or just hitting a little to teach them!”…….

……. or you can make them sleep outside as well.”

This is the reality of life for women here in Mozambique –

“Women need to be ‘disciplined’ just as children are ‘disciplined’. 671 more words