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A Cult Of TV Personalities Has Been Around Forever...

The next of Garderen’s Sand Sculptures is all about Rien Poortvliet as “TV Personality”.

The text translates as: “Op de buis met Willem Duys… 354 more words



I saw an otter
One day in May
While on holiday
In Badenscallie Bay

It stared at me
So I stared back
Before it disappeared… 38 more words


How to Write a Fiction Narrative

I have a feeling this one’s at risk of becoming a long post, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Writing a fiction narrative is all about maintaining the balance between story and plot (story being defined as the events that don’t directly affect the main arc, and plot being events that do). 541 more words

5 Spirits and Human States

Online works based on the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

5 Spirits and Human States

“My name is Legion, for we are many.” Mark 5:9

The World of Spirits after the Last Judgment… 3,800 more words

It's her...

She was the sun and the warm

She was the star in the dark and the rain in the fields

But She was turned off, they turned off her fire, made the star fall and the rain became dust… 435 more words

The Social Setting of Textual Transmission

Garrick V. Allen reviews Alan Mugridge’s study of early papyri to determine if aspects of the setting can found in the production of these copies. Mugridge’s work and Allen’s review highlight for the non-specialist the various areas under examination. 1,381 more words


Wandering Sloths- The Beginning

Travel, something everyone wants to do yet so many people are slow to jump on a plane and go. Even I am guilty of this. My new travel blog, The Wandering Sloth is going to showcase stories, photos, and other fun details of the exciting outings my friends and I have experienced in our travels. 70 more words