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Call to Action


I am not much of a movie person, for me like most avid readers the book is a film that takes place in my mind, that could be the reason most readers go to movies and return to say,”oh, the book is much better” of course once in a while one does goes to movies, and the sheer torture of it all makes it absolutely impossible for the movie to have any impact all… 424 more words


The Rule Of Three

Three significant immensely necessary skilful values that I want to impart to my kids or the next generation to sustain in this world.


There are quite a few triads, like… 544 more words


Words Unsaid

Breathe in, breathe out, I was guiding Raoul through the session.

Raoul, came to me with an interesting problem, he was happily married, in a good job, his wife and he had decided not to have kids, yet he had this constant nag that he was not doing something he was supposed to do and that kind of puzzled him. 927 more words


Crucial Call

Stir, stir, everything seems just right, and another 5 minutes and it is mission accomplished. the crown is really beckoning me.


Did the telephone have to ring just now? 518 more words


Call to Action.

Post emergency era,

In a small sleepy village called Manipal is a sleepier high school. The library hall consisted of pre-teens and young adults none over seventeen. 501 more words


To Be Me or Not to be Me.

Me against myself, — the conflict on this prompt began on whether I should write about autoimmunity or should I write about self-sabotage. The metaphysics of auto-immune disorders happens to be self-sabotage so i decided to go with it. 828 more words


Writing the Right Of Rites.

We Indians Give A Lot Of Important To Rituals …Visiting Temples On A Particular Day….Fasting  , now this is rather too generalized, harsh statement.

About visiting temples… well Indians who are Christians, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Jews and atheists do not go temples. 592 more words