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Tell us your blogging story, like I have mentioned before if I got a dollar for every time this question is asked I would be a millionaire by now. 505 more words


An abandoned Warehouse

A house that lacked, a mistress and master, its doors and windows once probably shut by the household staff, but today, nothing ever but wind closes it. 925 more words


The Writers Onus

#responsible blogging.

This was a beautiful quote I read, unfortunately I have forgotten the author, “I do not want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look for each other. 627 more words

Plinky Prompt

Touché – Its Clichéd

Touché  it is a cliché  used so often that it is no longer original, or interesting…elementary isn’t it Watson, when something is so commonly used in books, stories etc it no longer becomes effective. 590 more words


Mirror on the wall..who has the best job of them all?

 “What job do you want to do?
And I see them all hanging up before me, like clothes on a rack, all the jobs, tinker, tailor, soldier, and you have to pick one and then you have to pretend for the rest of your life that that’s what you are. 899 more words


But I do have a Time Machine

We all come with a predestined timeshare on the earth school.  There is a point when we enter the earth-school, we tend to have great reverence and curiosity of both what came before us, and what is to come, somehow the present kind of tends to get neglected. 550 more words


Reader of the Book-Arc

Quiet – the power of the introvert in a world of extrovert  https://kitabikida.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/the-sound-of-silence/

A lovely book that came to me at a time when I was very confused. 536 more words