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Fill In the Blank

She opened a blank page, in her note book, if she had to be honest Narmada would confess, the entire book was blank. Each day for the past two months she has been sitting to think of what to write, there were things that set her arse on fire, but putting them on paper gave her headache, she reckoned somewhere she twisted her face, with an attempt to think, but only landed up feeling stupid, instead she walked around with a blank mind hoping something from somewhere would fill it up. 520 more words


The string of jasmine

There was a hesitant knock on her door, when Sabrina opened the daughter there stood Mumtaz her maid’s daughter,

“Bhabhi, I came to give you this” she held in tiny palms, an assorted collection of jasmine buds and parijatha flowers. 667 more words

Celebration Dedicated to...

Haa…. Anita, you are pushing me to publish this blog up before my research is complete. Last year I looked at the fun day dedications, this year I am tracing the UN and WHO dedications. 681 more words


To Err is Human...To Accept and apologize is...

Forgiveness is not easy to come by, but it is a sign of ones inner strength what is my take asks Blogger Sunaina who blogs at… 742 more words


Rising In Love

With all your senses fall in love once more…well to fall in love once more, one needs to fall in love and then fall out. 841 more words