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FRIDAY: Walking and Talking

Two young friends were talking.

The girl’s name was French and the boy’s was Thomas.

They were walking in the park discussing grades, learning, cooking, and their favorite movies. 105 more words


End of All Hope

I don’t really know when hope would end,
but if it’s any time before the heat death of the universe,
I would like to make it clear here today, 10 more words


Is Traveling Solo really Alone? - Armenia Throwback Travel

“If you never go, you’ll never know!”

– Anonymous

I think a lot of travelers tried traveling solo – right? If you are a traveler – have you done it?

477 more words

Saharan Dust Cloud

2020 seems determined to constantly outdo itself in terms of strangeness. The Saharan dust cloud that wafted over the Southeastern US at the end of June was its latest effort, triggering a slew of news stories about quality warnings and potentially vivid sunsets. 46 more words


To my unborn baby.

The phone rings , it’s the hospital.. I pick up and it’s my doctor saying : Hi Mam is this *****? I replied back yes it’s me. 699 more words

A Photo a Week Challenge: Threes and Threes

Good afternoon, my entry for Nancy Merrill Photography’s, A Photo a Week Challenge: Threes and Threes.

I don’t know the name of this plant, but I like to call them cockleshells. 21 more words



is more
than just a bunch of numbers,
a vast expanse of the sea,
or a boundary that you can’t see.

It is a universe… 124 more words