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Never Hit

From mere childhood,she was taught that her real duty is to serve others and her house would be the only which belongs to her husband.With the flowing time this was the only thing that left in her mind.The day arrives,she left her house after all she is femine.She thought that happiness has knocked her door but that she fails to unlock. 110 more words

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What a great post by Sudershana @ The Daily Stroll for Domestic Abuse Awareness month. Go check her out. Thanks for sharing, Sudershana. 0-domestic_violence_awarenes_month-823259   0 6aa1a97f8f8226c8d65e2e11e13ac23d.jpg     NAMASTE!


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The Ancient times

After seeing the daily prompt ancient  today ,i really thought of the ancient days which doesn’t exist anymore now!we should appreciate the current state of living, but when see in depth everything seems to be materialistic.I see materialistic relationship, materialstic love, materialistic way of living. 543 more words



Over and over and over,uᴉɥʇᴉʍ ɯoɹɟ sǝɔǝᴉd oʇ

it keeps coming to me,dᴉɹ uoos llᴉʍ I ʇɐɥʇ

making me write,ɥsǝlɟ ɟo sƃɐq pǝllᴉɟ uᴉs ɹoɟ 162 more words


Friday letters - the 1,000th post edition

Dear self,  Well done for filling the internet with 1,000 finely crafted articles pieces of nonsense.

Dear laptop,  I’m pleased that you took some of my comments to heart last week and have sorted yourself out a little, but I feel it might be time to put you into retirement.  164 more words


Visiting Singapore Japanese Garden as a Local Tourist

After visiting the Chinese Garden, I crossed the bridge connecting to the Japanese Garden, continuing my Local Tourist experience.

The Japanese Garden is a strolling garden showcasing a landscape style originating from the Muromachi and Momoyama periods of Japanese history. 164 more words