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Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

Criticism is the most discussed topic in today’s world. People love to criticize each other and each other’s works.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it ruins one’s self-confidence. 73 more words


100 days...100th day

…the scent of mothballs signals the opening of a small steamboat trunk entrusted with long-forgotten memorabilia. Carefully placed upon a layer of women’s 1930 era clothing are three stacks of yellow ribbon-tied envelopes. 490 more words


YouTube Crisis

*Warning: this is me giving my opinion and my thoughts and all of that, if you are those type of people who disagree with stuff and are too sensitive towards people giving their opinion, criticism and all that then I kindly ask you… 1,107 more words


A hundred years ago in Pozières

In recent years, thousands of us have become avid family historians. The more information that is made electronically and freely available, the more we search, and the more we know. 735 more words


Echoes of my neighbourhood : Raindrops keep falling on my head

The Monsoon season has a multifold effect on me. I feel happy, gloomy, rejuvenated or bored all in one single day. and my mood changes from minute to minute depending on the situation I’m in and the intensity of the rain. 379 more words

Random Musings

Tree trimming

Saturday past we had some trees trimmed of the branches that crossed the boundary and protruded into our garden and made quite a mess shedding their leaves onto us. 57 more words