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Full Focus

Vision past seeing. It envelops all senses.
In that moment, the world is the task. It becomes the only entity.
Sounds fade into otherworldly murmurs. 59 more words


Ocean view

Mass of Helichrysum flowers on an overhang.


Are you drinking coffee? Then please don't tell the time. Please!

This shit actually happens ! Don’t mess !

  1. I was drinking coffee with my friend in a cafe.
  2. I wear watch in my right hand.( yeah I’m the odd man out).
  3. 58 more words

Probably Didn't Cross Her Mind

We’re in the back because we’re rejects, not good enough for the bake sale.  Doesn’t she know what this does to a cookie’s self-esteem?  I’m so depressed.


DogDaz Zoo: Scary Movie

 Source: la-pastie-de-la-bourgeoisie

“Dad, could you turn off that scary movie, please!”


Organize And Update: Goals For March Bloggiesta

Yay! It’s time for the March Bloggiesta! Although I’m not a book blogger, I still look forward to Bloggiesta as a time to focus on improving my blogs in the company of a fabulous group of bloggers. 105 more words