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17 June 2018

Confession time!  I love naps.  Always have and always will.  Which is why I had a nap this afternoon.  I battled to keep my eyes open and when Graham suggested that I should sleep, I didn’t argue. 173 more words


The fear of missing out has now become a phobia
that engulfs the air out of your every breath, turning your nightmares into a mind-numbing paranoia, 131 more words


Fallers in the Family

” Every family has someone who falls, who doesn’t make the grades, who stumbles, who life trips up.”

This dialogue from About Time reminded me of him-my cousin. 664 more words


I have a lot of random friends, a collection of friends from all walks of my life.  But when it comes to best friends, or forming a close knit group, I am having trouble these days in my 30’s. 525 more words

Mars On Life