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Choosing the Middle Way

Coulda/shoulda/woulda thoughts come to mind, and it’s usually best if I get out of bed. Anyway, there’s always work to do at the shop, and the shop cats are always up to something or other. 75 more words


Day Seventy-Three (It begins!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Sooo…….as of today the Christmas shopping has begun! My husband picked up some gifts and I dropped them off at my parent’s house. 134 more words


Picture it: a dog taking you to your seat at the movies

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her. https://dailypost.wordpress..com/prompts/the-luckiest-people/


A dog in Australia has a cool job which lets him eat all the popcorn he can while working. 249 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Cities are always in transition, some quicker than the others. These apartments¬†in the foreground are probably just two or three decades “young”, but it is already time for them to be demolished and make way for the taller condominiums.


Pantai Pulau Semau Surga Baru Buat Pencinta Pantai (Beach of Semau Island Is A New Paradise for Beach Lovers)

Dari beraneka ragam objek foto dalam dunia fotografi, seorang fotografer pasti sudah memiliki semuanya, apalagi mereka yang sudah cukup lama bergelut dalam dunia fotografi ini. 504 more words

Free And Entertain

Turkey Day in the NFL

Dear Roger Goodell,

I have an idea for next Thanksgiving. How about you let all of the bird teams play the Thanksgiving Day games. Wouldn’t that be fitting? 59 more words


The Random Chat Show: What's With all these Dystopian Worlds?

Runtime 32 Minutes. This week, The Random Chat Show talks about dystopian worlds in film and why they are so popular. We’ve got a new Random Moment . . . Plus ZOMBIES!


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Check out the next Random Chat Show! This week, in honor of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 release, we're talking about dystopian worlds. What works for us, what doesn't and why are they so popular? Hope you enjoy!! :)