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A Number Play : 3

I choose “3”, ’cause 3 is obviously my favourite number.

And here are some “3” facts about me:

3 things I can’t live without (apart from the obvious 3 – food, water and air) … 126 more words


WPC: The Number Game

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo theme this week is Numbers. Quite topical don’t you think? Not only for America but also India as 500 and 1000 currency notes are banned with immediate effect, banks and ATMs closed. 165 more words

Daily Post Challenges

Whew! I found this to be an Interesting Thought...

Whew! I found this to be an Interesting Thought…

“What, only Republican presidents get to nominate judges? Is that in the Constitution? I used to teach constitutional law. 281 more words



“There’s beauty in the silver singing river. There’s beauty in the sunrise in the sky. But non of these and nothing else can match the beauty, That I remember in my true love’s eyes.” ~ Bob Dylan



Has Anyone even taken into Consideration..?

Has Anyone even taken into Consideration..?

 What it is that I am referring to is the inadvertent (we hope) mistake of reenactment of the peculiar institution… 522 more words


Please everyone who reads this post, please fire a letter, email, or fax to Roger Goodell

Before we all make tremendous fools out of ourselves, let’s look with interest like the privileged sophisticated people we are and with just a little perseverance we may find out the matters to every one of our questions. 348 more words