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1917 Postage Due Precancel

1917 Postage due – Phil PA precancel – J62. No tears, creases or thinning.

Postage Due

Postage Due 1930-31

1930-31 Flat Plate – Perforated 11- 1$ and 5$ denominations. Scott J77 and J78

Postage Due

Postage Due- 1931-56

1931-56 Rotary Press – Perforated 11X10½ OR 10½X11. Lot of1/2 cent through 1$ denominations. Various cancels, including magenta. All used with the exception of a 3 cent one.

Postage Due

Postage Due -1917-25 Issue

1917-25 UnWatermarked – Perforated 11 – (2) stamps. The 50cent to the left has a pin hole near the middle left edge. Scott J67

Postage Due

1895 Postage Due

1895 -Double-Line Watermark – Perforated 12
3 and 5 cent-
J40- J41

A piece of the 5cent is torn off..I wont discard it tho. Sometimes even a damaged stamp is better than none.

Postage Due