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Shake Shack

Since I’d seen the 60 Minutes feature on Shake Shack, it seemed high time that I visit this high caloric eatery. Ordering was efficient and the man who took our orders was polite. 141 more words

Expat Life

Coups have played an extensive role in the political history of Africa for years. In a continent of 54 countries, at least 40 nations have had coups.

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*Heritage | Totem

Marine Park- Kalama, Oregon

If you travel along the Columbia River on Interstate 5 in Oregon… be sure to stop here-

Experience a glimpse of Pacific Northwest Native American heritage… 172 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Up In The Air

Day 12 – Part 2

Up In The Air

One thing I noticed is that I always sit behind guys, guys who love to recline their seats back onto my little legs. 866 more words

Fly… Fly Away (& Take Your Suitcase With You)

Day 12 – Part 1

Fly… Fly Away (& Take Your Suitcase With You)

Day 12 had come. 12 days in LA. What’s so significant about 12? 1,292 more words

Week In Review - New Wheels!

Hello! I hope you’re well. This week was another busy one for me and not overly exciting on the running/fitness front, but still a lot of fun. 1,456 more words


Pierce - Craww

‘Good Morning Mr Magpie, How’s your lady wife today?’ is a common phrase muttered if you see a solitary magpie, or if you are like me and lazy, you might just give it a nod.  616 more words