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Like waves.

I think we all know people whose emotions are very obvious, no matter what they are. Whether it’s anger, love, sadness, excitement, nerves, whatever. It radiates off of them, and you can’t ignore it. 82 more words


Changing Habits Challenge – How did I do?

How did I do?
I’d like to think you spent your week wondering how I was getting on with my Changing Habits Challenge, but why would you? 428 more words


SUNDAY'S WORD:"Sour Into Sweet"

Genesis 50:20

In 1915, a Christian anarchist writer by the name of Elbert Hubbard penned an obituary for a dwarf actor named Marshall Pickney Wilder entitled The King of Jesters; In it, he praises Wilder’s opimistic attitude as well as his achievements in the face of his disabilities, while at the same time, Hubbard would coin the most famous saying of all, one that would encourage optimism and a can-do positive attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. 1,116 more words


Thoughts on "Ode to Joy"(欢乐颂)

5 different personalities. 5 different backgrounds. 5 different stages in life. 801 more words


Family Travel Bucket List: Places I would like to show my children

A family travel bucket list:

I initially thought I was going to produce a ridiculously long list with no substance, but when I sat down to start working on it I was surprised to find that I couldn’t just bang out locations. 304 more words