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you're like, 12.

…another one bites the dust.

I’m seriously, VERY..VERY close to getting myself to a nunnery. This dating shit is insanely terrible! The next one isn’t too bad, but, ugh. 453 more words


Floral Friday-16-2810


Floral Friday Challenge.


From our garden…October 19.

These shots were taken only a few days ago.

Planted about twelve months ago, I think… 28 more words


Today's Prompt: Smoke. More about food labels - immunity boosters

Who doesn’t want to boost their immune system? Most everyone which is exactly what food industry put to life in marketing. Looks like just about any product has to do with boosting immune system due to the vitamin content. 655 more words

Dear Mr. President

Why do you say like that?  why do you oust me cause I’m late? I’m always on time and I swear it’s not my fault. Do you know how much I dreamt of this day? 454 more words



As i thought of you, i froze

The sound of your voice rushing back into my head, like blows

My world is empty and vain… 323 more words



Nature’s Factories
Closed, Redundant, Discarded,
A Human Parody

Martin Addison – 27/10/2016


Disgusting habit.

My parents smoke, and I hate it. I’m fortunate that I haven’t developed any health issues due to living with smokers for 34 years, but that doesn’t mean much. 297 more words