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Photo challenge: Ephemeral

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ephemeral.”

Sands on your toes?
Yes please.
Beach escapades are never too long!


The world is getting better everyday !!! Don't weep.

We read the newspapers, and end up  coming across the crime news. But hey !!! Don’t be sad. 99% of the world is good!!! But we tend to focus on the 1% which is bad. 38 more words

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge-15-Wk-13


Odd Ball

Week 13


Is that a smile on Scar’s face?

I wonder what he’s thinking?

Oh!!! :-(


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-13






The Weeping Cherry blossoms in Ichikawa, Japan.

This weekly theme is “Ephemeral” in Weeky Photo Challenge, The Dairy Post at WordPress.com.
I had not know this English word.
When I looked up, I was reminded of blossoms, especially cherry blossoms. 73 more words


Ephemera 2: Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge

Today is the day of the Author Meet-and-Greet at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino. The weather is gorgeous.

Everything changes. The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is… 101 more words


let it out

Don’t hold them in.
When you hear a great tune and you want to hum or dance along; then do.
Have a joke even if it’s crappy or good? 53 more words