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Ark: Day One - Floorboards are my friend

I’ve recently got really into playing Ark: Survival Evolved with my friends and as a new map has been launched; namely: ‘The Centre’. As I and many of my friends are new to the game we’ve been crowding around our one friend who has been playing for quite a long time. 364 more words


A Day at Estabrook

May 21, 2016

The weather was just too nice not to spend a day at Estabrook. We started out driving along the Platte, or should I say Jaz got to drive for the first time along the Platte. 170 more words


The Apologies That Are Due

I have done others wrong and I have been wronged. I have met and left people. A gift and a curse, that I have been. My words and actions – and lack thereof – have been, for a time, somebody’s pain and I am deeply sorry for those as I look back on the memories of years gone by. 334 more words

Writing Prompts

Deja Vu


Déjà vu is the title of my on-going story in the Phenomena Trilogy that I am still writing. 

It is a story focused on dreams and more. 35 more words

Random Thoughts

Used to

I used to be the brightest star in your universe.

Used to.

Not anymore, because you already have her.

I am not the brightest star in your universe anymore, I’m just a random star who shines to give a little light to people when in need. 54 more words


Glimpses of Indian Tradition: Warli Paintings

India’s own global art – The Warli Paintings has a history written on the walls, literally. This art was the way of expression for West Indian(Maharashtra and Gujarat states) Tribal women to depict their society and their tribe. 287 more words


In a world of pure imagination.....

I have a funny relationship with dreaming.  I can remember bits and pieces of dreams I had years ago, and I mean years ago, but I can’t remember anything that I dreamed last night or the night before.   123 more words