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What is "Smart Mail"?

Gone are the days where businesses can take a “one size fits all” approach to their marketing efforts. Today’s customers want targeted, customized messages that resonate with them personally. 337 more words

The Vanguard became Leadbelly

What none of us did between designing the postcards in June 2016 and hitting the print button this week in September 2016 was to check whether The Vanguard – ye old musical institution on Newtown’s King Street – remains “The Vanguard”. 90 more words

Postcard campaign September 2016

Ruth’s last post about fashion makes me very happy.  I can’t believe we have a fashionista blogging for Viva!  That is, even though most of her words fly right over my head. 158 more words

The key to more effective direct mail: Make it lumpy

The goal of direct mail is to attract attention. To that end, there has been a growing trend toward dimensional mail, or mail that is bigger and fatter than traditional mail. 227 more words

Let everyone know about your products!

Stand out from the crowd with unmatched personal touch and versatility on your marketing via Postcards! They can surely hit your target market at the most affordable price! 20 more words

Online Printing Service

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