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Oh Shoot!

Alright… This is the one you’ve been waiting for- The competition, Bangor vs Aberystwyth, a date with destiny…  Who will be victorious in the final battle? 4,766 more words

Postcard Of The Week

The Aberystwyth Job

Determined to become an archer, I have travelled south to Aberystwyth in order to compete in my first competition. Where last I left the story, the coach (carrying the archery squad + a lot of potty mouthed cheerleaders) had arrived. 4,197 more words

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Bran and The Cauldron | Story

Every writer has something they start but never get around to finishing- The story below is the prologue to one of my own unfinished ideas, a book that was going to be called ‘Back To Black.’ It was supposed to be a Goonies style adventure, but then it started developing an ‘Educating Rita’ vibe and it didn’t excite me as much and ‘Rhyl Actually’ ( a twenty four part serial hopfully coming out this December) was infinitely more preferable to write. 1,452 more words


Is This The Way To Aberystwyth?

Six months ago I swore to myself that I’d become an archer. And so it boils down to the first challenge: A battle against a rival university and a chance to prove to myself that I’m worthy of the bow… 4,162 more words

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It's A Long Way To Felinheli

PREVIOUSLY: I set out to retrace a journey I took by night towards the Britannia Bridge, only deciding, in the end, to go further… I’d go as far as Felinheli, even though Felinheli was a ridiculously long way away… 2,609 more words

Postcard Of The Week

'Carramier Crepes' | The Morfasson Family Cookbook

For some reason Wortonians celebrate pancake day at the end of October. I have no idea why either. It probably started as some excuse to just eat a load of pancakes that got out of control. 471 more words

Postcard Of The Week

A Kyffin Good Coffee

This is something a little bit different than my usual adventure- Usually I go to a place, wander around and bitch about things, wherever possible. Sometimes I’ll eat stuff, go into a cafe… But this is more of a complete foody review sort of thing. 1,553 more words

Postcard Of The Week