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Talking Outta Your Hat

The Friday Mail Bag
post is on the air !

! YAY !

so I know it’s
kinda a
expression to
open up a post with, 176 more words

The Friday Mailbag Post

Hi —

I’m so glad that
you’ve joined us
for another one
of those posts for
folks who love
surprises —

— when we reach our… 255 more words

Musing With The Mail Bag

the mailbag is back —
with another weekly
batch of mixed
minutia and …
ya know…
stuff like that.

Fridays seem a perfect day… 196 more words

Shut Thy Pie Hole

Folks can really get
on your nerves

Ever spent any time
with a person who for
whatever reason will
not stop talking —
no matter what you do… 242 more words

Flosculating Will Make You Go Blind

Hello fellow

Welcome to another
Muscleheaded post
about archaic English
words that you can add
to your daily
vocabulary to confuse
your friends and… 214 more words

Nobody Can Stop It

There’s no defense
against it.

Your mama
can’t stop it.

Your daddy
can’t stop it.

The polic….


No, I’m not gonna
take off… 187 more words