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Merrit Graphic Design… 26 more words

Postcards Going Digital

Students studying abroad are focused on the new culture and schoolwork, but it’s also important to keep in touch with family and friends. Sure, there’s the usual way of emails, phone calls, videos, and messaging. 115 more words


Postcards from the supermarket - Which is more expensive? Buy-side Vs. Sell-side

Greetings from the Produce section of your local supermarket.

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter said she was hungry. So, I made her a strawberry jam sandwich. She was still hungry, so I asked her to go to the supermarket next door to buy some fruit. 531 more words

Fun Facts

Stick a brew on, Calvin

Aha – the postie just brought some great news: Bottoms Up IPA, along with a side order of Dilly Dally English Pale Ale, courtesy of the good folks from Kirkcaldy at… 256 more words


what's in my mailbox? pegasus & puddle-jumping

Everything about this set of incoming letters fills me with childlike joy and whimsy. Winged horses and rainbow hearts? Flowers beyond belief? Beachbound seagulls and puddle-swimming ducks? 334 more words