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LetterMo & InCoWriMo week 1

Here’s the mail I sent the first week (except for the one I showed in a previous post) of LetterMo and InCoWriMo.

Letter to my longtime (since our teens) friend Mariah. 105 more words


Destination Doha

It can be said that 2017 was the “Doha” year for me. Thanks to my job, I was lucky enough to join two trips with Qatar Airways, and both trips we had a stopover in Doha, the Qatari capital, and I was so amazed by how they did it. 118 more words


"A milling hugs and kisses" from "soldier man Glen"

By Rosemary Herbert, with Randall Slonaker

It seems fitting as Valentine’s Day is upon us to peruse our postcard binder labeled “LOVERS PORTRAIT VOL. 1” in search of an affectionate message from one sweetheart to another. 456 more words


Ollantaytambo/Sacred Valley, Peru, Day 2

Disclaimer: This trip was made in March 2014. A lot has likely changed since. Please apply due diligence in your own planning.

After a home-made breakfast at the lodge, we made our way to the main road where Chris flagged down a collectivo (small shared local bus) in the middle of the street and sent us on our way to the ruins at… 1,132 more words


Join the Postcards for America Page and Keep Fighting Trump With Postcards

This OTYCD entry originally posted in March 2017.

The OTYCD page on joining #TheIdesOfTrump–the effort to bury Trump in postcards on March 15–is the most popular in the young blog’s history. 132 more words

Use Your Power, Recruit Friends