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Nara Bell with Man in Uniform

The Great Bell at Nara, Japan, being rung by a man in uniform and I’m looking into what that uniform might be. Of even more interest, this card was printed in Montreal by Associated Screen News Ltd. for a Canadian Pacific Cruise.


First Glimpse (Dani's POV)

Dear Kat,

Oliver has maids! Two of them and they do everything. They have made the beds, washed the dishes, cleaned and folded my clothes and made me meals when all I was looking for was a cookie. 267 more words

Editor Approved

National Theater

National Theater in Prague at night – my favourite theater in the world! So well taken care. The building itself has a magical presence. Amazing architecture and beautiful art paint. 24 more words


Postcard from Biblioteca del Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain

Today’s postcard was sent to us by Marta Bausá from Biblioteca del Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain:

This is the Reading Room of the Museo del Prado’s library.

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Postcard from Switzerland: Day 4 Vevey

This is our first full day on our own. The family got up early and left about 5:00. No way we were getting up to say good-bye. 154 more words


Passion Projects: #PostcardsFromParadise

The #PostcardsFromParadise campaign is spearheaded by the Philippine Department of Tourism with Pupil frontman Ely Buendia, Esquire’s Erwin Romulo, and ad agency BBDO Guerrero. This is an answer to the call of Ringo Starr for people to send him #PostcardsFromParadise, also the title of his new album released last March. 60 more words