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Hey there cute guy! He came from Germany, where seal is literally translated “sea dog”. Seems fair!


Send in the Pandas: Received from China

A great couple of mail days: 3 postcards, 11 pandas, all from one sender in Guiyang, China, thanks to a pair of tags in a Postcrossing Forum “you choose” thread. 86 more words

Thror's map

I CAN’T CONTAIN MY ENTHUSIASM FOR MY FIRST TOLKIEN THEMED POSTCARD!!!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m endlessly grateful to the Russian postcrosser who sent it to me.



I really love the vibe I get from this illustration. It’s a warm, sweet feeling that I want to hold on to. The postcard came from the freezing St Petersburg.


Russian beauty

Stunning, isn’t she? Russia is renowned for being home to many of the world’s most beautiful women.


Buckwheat kasha (porridge)

This Russian recipe is very similar to a Romanian dessert traditionally served at funerals: colivă. It’s a sort of porridge too but with sugar and sprinkled candies. 6 more words


Tea and macarons

Let’s pause for a sec and enjoy a break. Courtesy of a Polish postcrosser.