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Miscellaneous good things!

Warehouse 13 comes back to the sci-fi channel next week!

Five Course Love rehearsals at the Williamston Theatre are going wonderfully, previews start next week! 41 more words

My son

Climbing back into bed now… Spent the last few minutes with my son.

About 1:52am I was woken up by someone moving around the house. The pitter patter of little feet made me think one of the kids was up to use the bathroom, until I heard a beep that sounded suspiciously like the one our microwave makes when any button on it is pressed. 207 more words

4:30am spookiness

Woken by gentle thunderstorm. Listen to sounds of the house. Roll over, return to sleep.

Open eyes. Something has woken me, not sure what. 357 more words

Halloween Happiness

SO much fun was had trick-or-treating this year.

Jeanne went as a dead teacher (complete with gummie worms crawling in her hair). Max went as Calvin (complete with a homemade stuffed Hobbes), and Maggie went as Pippi Longstocking (so cute)! 209 more words