KidSpeak French | Learn French

KidSpeak French. Posted on March 7, 2015 by jpm.   French for Kids. French for Kids Windows ONLY. Each KidSpeak language includes 12 printable activities and projects to reinforce the language learning. 119 more words

Anxiety In Between Contact

Hello all, It s been quite a while since I ve posted here but I could use some calm and understanding perspective. (Please try and be moderate in your replies, keeping in mind it s a long story and this is just some of it and I really hope you all can help me calm down, not ramp up more, ha.) Long story short, I ve been in therapy 2.5 years, but… in a sense I ve gotten a lot more work done than the typical course of therapy perhaps because for the first couple years, we probably met… Anxiety In Between Contact… 6 more words

Correct a Posted Sales Invoice in Nav 2015

Today we will learn correct a posted sales invoice.

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this required a number of steps.

This scenario demonstrates how to perform the same action in… 172 more words


Emdr And Images

Hi everyone. It s been a while since I ve posted here as sometimes it was too triggering to read the struggles of others. I m back today looking for shared experiences. 68 more words

Just Wow

I ve never posted in the nightmare section before. My bad dreams stopped a decade ago. But a few hours ago I had an f d up dream about marrying my main perpetrator from childhood and all the key players were in the dream. 68 more words

Upsetting Comment At An Al-anon Meeting

I have posted here several times before. My relationship is complex with my Vet but I thought I could talk after my Al-Anon meeting to someone about a recent issue but something she said was very upsetting. 70 more words