Sarah Delfante of RTRFM Tuesday night post-rock show POSTED is guest curator on the Golden Apples

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The High Places – Canary

Mum – Smell Memory – Yesterday was Dramatic.Today is OK. 116 more words

"I'll give you posted"

When you try to say the same thing two different ways, at the same time. “I’ll give you an update” & “I’ll keep you posted” = “I’ll give you posted” #giveyouposted #brainfart

HTC One M9+ to be unveiled in Beijing on April 8

HTC has posted posted an invitation on its official Weibo account, the Chinese-speaking version of Twitter. It teases the back of a mystery smartphone sporting dual cameras, which is consistent with leaked images of the HTC One M9+. 143 more words

Setting Up Adsense for Online Business Income Posted By : Stephen Farrington

Setting Up Adsense for Online Business IncomeHome | Internet Marketing | Adsense NewUser? Sign UpSign InLearn More…Seek Knowledge…
…Find the Light…¬†¬†Article Submission Directory, Information Resource, RSS Syndication Setting Up Adsense for Online… 799 more words

Trying To Make Sense Of A Few Small Things...

Ok. I posted a thread a little earlier that was… lengthy to say the least… I find myself awake searching online… trying to understand a few small things. 75 more words

1806 (Or the Last Time I POSTed Anything)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, a lot has happened since I (Elizabeth) have written last. So I’ll just start at three weeks ago… Or maybe four… I don’t know… It’s been a LONG while. 2,944 more words