How to engage employees in Mental Health Week

Employers are being encouraged to engage employees in the 65th annual Mental Health Week, from May 2-8, an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health and the stigma that often accompanies it.

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Disappearing Message Option in ios Messenger coming soon..!

Disappearing Message Option in ios Messenger coming soon..
Just a few weeks after Facebook rolled out an end-to-end encryption service for WhatsApp, the social media giant seems to have a planned new upgrade for its Messenger app. 9 more words

Employee engagement is about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Cut turnover, boost morale and increase bottom line

If you were to measure employee satisfaction in your organization, what would you hope to discover? Would you expect to learn that employees really like their jobs? 40 more words


What Oyo Sotto Posted On His Instagram Account Related To The Election Was Unbelievable!

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Oyo Sotto bravely shared a screen grab of one of the comments of the netizen on his post. It was a comment pertaining to an alleged election anomaly that involves the standard bearer of the Liberal Party, Mar Roxas.

Based on…


Where’s the employer feedback in the interview process?


Companies complain about the skills gap, but how can candidates improve and close that gap if they don’t know what they’re lacking?

One of the first experiences a candidate has with your company happens during the interview process — don’t ignore that. 22 more words


Gadget Professor Show #250 posted - Coolest from NAB 2016

This weeks show takes a look at some of the coolest consumer 4k cameras to hit the market


Motivated student turns to MEC for diversified experience

Scott Henry isn’t one of those university students who needs motivation.Before he turned 20 in December, Mr. Henry did an internship at the World Bank in Washington, took part in an academic exchange with the Copenhagen Business School, and worked at a technology innovation hub in Kenya. 7 more words