Cranky With Therapist Again.

I posted a thread a while back about being upset that my therapist forgot some key trauma I had mentioned over the years. After some cranking at her and encouragement here, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to move ahead and let it go. 55 more words

Learn French

What if You Could Learn French Today? Posted on July 8, 2015 by jpm   Want to start learning French but don’t know how? I think the first step to learning a new language is to start with key vocabulary. 138 more words

Support Outside Therapy

I m sure this question has been posted before, but starting fresh, I m wondering what some of you do for support outside of therapy. ??? 80 more words

KidSpeak French | Learn French

KidSpeak French. Posted on March 7, 2015 by jpm.   French for Kids. French for Kids Windows ONLY. Each KidSpeak language includes 12 printable activities and projects to reinforce the language learning. 119 more words

Does Anybody Have This Reaction To A Death?

Hello everybody. I haven t posted anything here for awhile. due to severe memory issues and to a lesser degree problems with reading comprehension. I will try to keep this fluid and understandable. 72 more words

Viewing Site Problems

I accidentally posted this in Social so that can be deleted. I can not view your site on google chrome because it says your site security certificate hasn t been renewed. 29 more words

Defect/Bug Tracking system Tool

Few Bug tracking system not only tracks the defect, they manages so many other task of project managing process.

List of Bug tracking system tools – 327 more words