I’ll be taking down mentis damnation for a while for revisions.



Nature is privately owned
Can’t go to the river
where I used to go to
be with the stones
It’s posted
If I pay
I can stroll… 33 more words


Writer's Block

I am extremely tired because of school. And I have no idea what to write anymore. Do they drown and I just finish the book? Argh….. 41 more words


Cover of Book

How ya’ll like it?

Hopes that this thing is acceptable!!! Cause I did it my self… on Canva…



So, I’ve go milestones for my book and I was thinking that I should post them here. If you’ve been to Wattpad, you know there are votes and views. 102 more words


Book Review: Posted by John David Anderson

This review was originally published on the Johnson City Public Library blog.

Words have power. We all know that, but in this digital age, sometimes we lose sight of just how powerful our words can be when we don’t have to face the person on the receiving end. 485 more words

Children's Literature

The Journey Begins

This is simply a website I built to make me look awesome on Wattpad. Basically, you just got click-baited!!!! I’m kidding. I’ll be posting stuff up here, maybe sneak peaks or unedited and raw parts that were never published on Wattpad. Enjoy!