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First Post - Need Some Pepping Up I Think

Hi everyone, Ive had an account here for a while but have never posted. Just want to share a few things to more share and get it off my chest. 81 more words

Friendship Triggers Panic Attacks

I m not sure if I ve posted this thread in the right area but please move if I haven t. Last night I went crazy. 83 more words

Creating A Resume

Hey all, I posted a thread a while ago about being hopeless with returning to work. My manager surprised me yesterday, sending out this week s schedule and I m working today at 5. 68 more words

Isolation Ending, Now What?

I posted a couple weeks ago that my vet with PTSD had gone back to the isolation period. Now he s at the stage, which I vaguely remember from a year ago, where he is telling me how wonderful and perfect I am and he s just a dumbass that deserves so much better than him. 60 more words

Sudden Changes - Left Without A Therapist - Help!

Okay, so I know I haven t posted on here in a while, but there s been a lot going on. Okay, so about a month ago I had to go to the ER from the group home I live in because I needed stitches. 75 more words

False Alarm:

Hi guys, I just posted a guest thread thinking I was locked out of my account as I cleared my history and couldnt remembered it. I remembered now! 7 more words

Urgent Advice!!

Hey, I haven t posted here in a while. I m mostly a lurker. But today I really need some advice. I ve recently started with a new therapist. 80 more words