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Sleep Apnea

I m wondering how many here have been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Posted a Poll with question for simplicity. Thanks!

Still Happy/still Frustrated.

So I posted the other day that my guy said I love you to me and I was ecstatic because I am seeing pieces of the old him coming back, some slowly, some a little quicker now. 81 more words

My Emdr Experience

Hi all, I posted back in May, asking what kinds of experiences people have had with EMDR. Over the past several weeks I have pursued this kind of therapy with a very understanding therapist (who happened to have a sliding scale, even better!). 55 more words

Fixing A Typo In The Title Of A Thread

I posted a thread and accidentally typed a word incorrectly in the title of the thread. I tried to go back to edit my mistake but I didn t see where I could fix it. 25 more words

Do You Think People Believe Self Harmers Without Big Scars?

I nearly posted this in the anonymous thread and decided not to. I m sorry if this post offends people. Anyways, anyone who has seen my posts when I was more active may know that I am a young ctrauma sufferer. 77 more words


“If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t ever buy myself Gucci or Chanel or a big bungalow. I would absolutely rent┬átiny 1 BHKs in all inspiring lil towns & cities around the world and visit ever so often!” – Sabreen A.