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What is STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle ?

STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle

STLC defines the life cycle or phases of testing process for a software or a system/application. It tells the planned and systematic process of execution to improve and deliver a quality product. 133 more words


What is the difference between QA, QC and Testing

QA, QC and Testing

It s bit confusing to pin point the difference between the terms QA QC and Testing for the most ones.

Although all three are interrelated and same up to some extent apart from this all together these terms are related and work together to deliver a quality product/service, but all are the different processes. 395 more words


What is SDLC - Software Development Life Cyclen

What is SDLC –

This is a software engineering term also called software or application development life cycle.
The term is use to describe the life cycle or phases of development procedure for a software/system/application. 476 more words


Emdr Session

I haven t posted here for a couple months and wanted to post under an EMDR thread, but guess I don t have privileges. I ve been in traditional therapy for over 10 years. 70 more words

So Hard When You Can't Help Them

I get so frustrated when my Vet gets depressed and it seems like nothing I say or do can make it better. I have posted on here several times before. 80 more words

Importance of Software Testing

Although software testing is  just a phase of SDLC but due to the importance now it is included in all phases to improve the quality of software development. 131 more words


Who perform the Testing ?

The answer is simple “It depends”

Depends on company to company, project to project, Requirement to requirement.

Usually there was a time when testing was done by the developer for the code written by him which was debugging, as we discussed in previous posts. 146 more words