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How to Use Keywords Throughout Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by kristihines How do you use keywords? If you re only using them to optimize your website for search, then you re missing out on many ways to get visibility amongst your target audience. 158 more words

Defect Priority Categorization

As the priority refers to the sequencing or order, it tells the order of defect resolution. Priority sequencing is categorize on the following basis – 164 more words


The Five Paths To Being the Best at Anything - TIME

I’ve posted a lot about becoming the best in your field. Looking back, what are the most successful methods for getting there? 10,000 Hours Let’s get the most famous one out of the way first: Hard work pays off. 6 more words

Defect Severity Levels

As we discussed that severity is a degree to measure the impact of defect/bug on system. There are certain level has been set to define or categorize this degree. 168 more words


What is Severity and Priority

Severity & Priority – Defect Parameters

Defect tracking process is very important for a quality product so instead of a defect tracking an effective defect tracking is needed. 339 more words


How Long Do I Wait?

I recently posted that my former boyfriend/room-mate/best friend totally cut me out of his life, for reasons unknown to me. I m fairly certain it s because his PTSD(since he has done this to family members numerous times), but I had a couple questions, since I don t want to be cut forever. 59 more words