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Poster Design - Human Rights Campaign

Expanding on my repertoire of poster design I wanted to incorporate elements of illustrations into my collection. This task emphasised our design thinking to experiment with new ideas and new methods of visual communication, whether it be through creating a game, an app, packaging, poster campaigns etc. 189 more words

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Poster Design - Wicked Problem

Exploring the conventions of poster design left a positive outlook as for the strategies for the representation of information in a concise and specific manner. This task aimed to gain an understanding as for the larger issues affecting our society, also known as a ‘Wicked Problem’. 178 more words

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Apa itu Psycompetition?
Psycompetition merupakan event akbar berupa Kompetisi Psikologi Skala Nasional yang terhubung secara langsung maupun online dengan seluruh Mahasiswa Psikologi dari beerbagai Universitas yang ada di Indonesia 👍👏 53 more words


Why Creative Posters Attract Ample Masses?

Creative Posters are sound and lucrative communication tool that targets a particular market. When positioned appropriately, eye-catching posters can pull in masses into a particular event and aware them about forthcoming product or facilities. 298 more words

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Youth Arts & Health Trust

You will often hear people state that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and in this case I’d have to agree with them. 208 more words

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