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The Art of Protest [part 1] - Protest Poster Art

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” ― Leonardo da Vinci.

How did great artists protest? What kind of posters / protest art did they create?

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4 Mali Cinema Movie Graphic Design

Thank you Director Daulum !

Digital Graphic Design For 4 Mali Cinema Movie Poster Design was make photoshop with 3D Typographic.

Poster Design

Movie Poster Design

Thank you Ko Kaw Phone Aung!

It it the best seller in Cinema Movie Right Now!!! I will try to the best for 3 Gangster!Plot of Story: Yone Lay, Script: Min Nyi/ Joe, Royal Hero Film Production, Yangon, Director: JOE.

Poster Design

Design Principle_Making Festival Poster

With this project, we looked for a festival and made their main two poster with different sizes. I choose the Montreal Jazz Festival, and tried to make it colorful to express beautiful music. 20 more words


Daniél Niederkofler

Italian club night Soul Juice receive’s designs from Daniél Niederkofler

Soul Juice club in Brunico, Italy, receives playful artwork design from Daniél Niederkofler. The ethos that Soul Juice follows for it’s club nights are: 278 more words

Graphic Design

Poster design

I designed these posters for a cook out event and the posters were released along with a video (video invitation/promo video) which I create using Adobe Flash Professional CS6/CC. 39 more words


Drop Dead (https://www.dropdead.co/) is a London based Clothing brand that I have been interested in for a long time, I decided to make a poster to enter in the Freshblood campaign held by this brand. 172 more words