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I am my own myth
metaphysical object
divined from dead dreams

standing kneeling and falling
by turns in the sky
a ghost-cloud formation
at one with both… 120 more words


Lies - Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Lying to the young is wrong.
Proving to them that lies are true is wrong.
Telling them
that God’s in his heaven
and all’s well with the world… 89 more words


The Malevolent Desire for Recognition

I have only to wire one more piece, and I’m ready to make a list of the art with numbers (and titles, if they have them), and I’m ready to take everything to O.U.R.

503 more words

Going against the wish of the people is like ignoring the signs of a coming storm to set sail. When you are eventually caught up in the storm, you will weather it for a short while but you will ultimately be consumed by the storm and you will be buried in an unmarked grave and posterity will never forgive you.


My top 5 favorite female icons

I wanted to write this post for a while now and since I had some spare time I decided that it’s the right moment to do it. 79 more words

What I'd Like

Having Three Awesome Brothers

The following is a post from my eleven-year-old daughter. She amazes me with her insight into her own trials. She also amazes me by her positive outlook on life and her ability to stop and take everything in. 342 more words



Benjamin Britten: “It is a good thing to please people, even if only for today. That is what we should aim at – pleasing people today as seriously as we can, and letting the future look after itself.” (on receiving an award)

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