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Thought for the Day

The other day, I was wondering to myself why many authors only care about making it to be a millionaire. I’ve met quite a few people who would love to write the next… 92 more words


Girl Meets Youth...


I am Today and Tomorrow.
I am posterity-
and I represent sorrow.

I am a original copy;
I am unique-
and I represent sloppy. 32 more words

Girl Meets World

WE ALL LEAVE FOOTPRINTS- tribute to a Great Man!

Hey peeps! Itz being a while here on FlintzPerspective. Well, I’m back and better now! Thanks for your patience all along. Enjoy today’s inspirational post- happy reading! 1,024 more words



Certain things take time. Life in itself is a time based process. It took God seven days to create the universe as we know it today, not that the Supreme Architect had not the power to create the earth in seven seconds, but the Almighty Creator understands the importance of effect of time in evolution of natural phenomenon. 297 more words


That "25 things" Thing, Part I

Does anyone remember that Facebook trend (circa 2009-2011ish) where people would voraciously posts Notes and tag their friends and then their friends would have to complete those arbitrary questionnaires with inane facts about themselves, such as their favorite soda and salad dressing—and of course, there were always questions about “the hard stuff,” where it asked the date of your first kiss and when the last time you cried was, and if you think the drinking age should be lowered or not? 1,544 more words

Collected / is this likely to be a future for me??

Collected by  Elizabeth Haley-Wood

I write silly verses in birthday cards

Add doodles at Christmas

And give poems away.

Each piece is a little of me… 207 more words

Twisted Tales

Everyone Has a Camera

Everything is documented and overexposed, but you know this already. So what do you remember and hold onto for reasons of legacy and posterity?

I would venture you have over a thousand pictures on your phone right now.  372 more words