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Women, Given to Men 'For a Holy Purpose...'

Women, Given to Men ‘For a Holy Purpose…’

I am woman, Hear me roar…. Let me make a baby!

They say a well behaved woman rarely makes history. 1,335 more words

Underestimating God(’s People)

An Overview Of 2 Kings 1

Ahaziah didn’t die because of the inquiry he sent out but because of his sin, for inquiring from the gods of another land, when there was a God in Israel whose messenger presently was Elijah. 332 more words


Painting in the Cave

The graffito on the temple wall,

a memory of stone,

the disciple’s testament, a thrall,

ultimate, alone.

A decision to impart artistic

ideas for posterity, 7 more words


Rethinking For Posterity

I guess is not what you take when you leave this world behind you, is what you leave behind you when you’re gone ~ Randy Travis… 413 more words

Reason: Number One

THE key catalyst in my decision to begin sharing my inner voice was the death of my father. He made the transition (whatever that may mean to you) at the age of 80 years, 3 weeks and 3 days. 603 more words

Post for Posterity

This ought to be good.

When you write for the sake of writing, it usually turns out really well. It never ends up being a bunch of contrived, faux-philosophical, arrogant bullshit. 430 more words