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Making Poetry (In Senryu)

I will impregnate
your heart with my words from dreams

that you stir in me


And I’ll beget you

reality from the love

that you sow in me


My breast,The future

Children are our hertiage from God;our extension.Someone once said don’t say I will not live forever because I will through my children.If they are our extension,how do we want our extended life to be?Great,averagely okay or a no no.It all depends on us.Our children comes into our hands as babies.Physical strenght & mental alertness are very important to a child well being cos they play and use their minds for all their activities.So breastfeeding plays an important role from the onset.Children well fed with breastmilk immune system are strenghtened by nutrients from the breast so no sickness.And even if sickness raises its ugly head the baby recovers quickly as a result of antibodies in breast milk that fights and protect the child.Not feeding our children will still cost us greatly,how?Malnourished children will always fall sick from time to time which makes him require serious healthcare and much money spent which could be used for other things.  81 more words

The Mathematics of Posterity

I want to help you grasp this intuitively; for it is a profound concept which could not only expand your understanding of your own ancestry, but also help you explain the race issue to others. 930 more words

National Socialism

The Child of Your Race

One night whilst lying abed as a young child, I discovered what I believed to have been an original and unique observation sure to immortalize me in the annals of history:  The progression of 2, 4, 8, 16.  918 more words

National Socialism

Men, Women, & Posterity

In National Socialist Germany, women were one of Adolf Hitler’s most solid voting blocs.  This is the fact which persuaded me that women should have the vote—or at least, that… 353 more words

National Socialism

What World Unto Our Children?

The following heretofore unpublished work was written by me on , in a private journal I simply called, „Fascicles“.  It is herewith presented without any change to the substance, although it is reformatted and absolved of some orthographic and syntactic treacheries. 1,034 more words

National Socialism



Parenting was never devoid of God for our forefathers knew, religion (as they referred to Christianity) was the best way to groom the future generations. 412 more words