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A dream I have to leave
Myself on pages
Smearing the batter of my thoughts
On the cake moulds of books
With words for a palate knife… 7 more words


For Nation Building

Strength is the glory of the youth while gray hair is that of the older citizens. When you see a younger person exhibits his/her strength in any endeavor, you see progress in the making and hope with excitement fill your heart for the nation’s future.But a young person with all his strength can be misled into violence; either towards one another or older people instigating from the back door. 59 more words

Principle of Prosperity

Hello friends,

Let me start today by saying long time no see. I have not written in a long time not because there was nothing to write, but because I had to take out time to rest from writing and to meditate on scriptures and the words the Lord have been laying in my heart. 1,496 more words

Oliyide Ayotunde

Can't Run

Take one step outside,

You are now vulnerable to all sorts of vicious activity.

What could possibly happen?

You can scan your surroundings and proceed with caution, … 159 more words

Life Challenges

When Posterity Judges

Posterity will inevitably sit in judgement;

how will they judge us?


Will it be remembered that we:

Were kind and gracious to friend and foe? 179 more words


Month 2

Acads-wise, I’m doing okay.

I passed all but one of my prelims and that’s just okay because I can catch up and do better in the next major exams. 197 more words


October 8, 2012 Redux in 2016

Oct. 8 ~ Civility does not weaken your argument, it establishes it for posterity. #civility

Too many times we believe that things like shrillness, dominance, volume and agression mark the good debater, the solid argument and the one who can shape social opinion. 146 more words