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Months 3 and 4

In less than two weeks, finals week would have been over.

(I actually don’t know what to do with myself during the break. Free time  542 more words

Freedom, Liberty, Posterity: A Tripartite Case for Amerikaner Nationalism

You know the drill by now—English-speaking White Americans, some 200 million people in the United States, form a unique and diverse nation of pan-European descent that values freedom, liberty, and making each generation better than the last. 1,061 more words


An Open Letter to Jan Dominic

You’ve always been a fixture in my dreams, and by that I meant my literal dreams. From the silly to the heartbreaking, you usually are prominently featured in them. 514 more words

Untitled 2

A dream I have to leave
Myself on pages
Smearing the batter of my thoughts
On the cake moulds of books
With words for a palate knife… 7 more words


For Nation Building

Strength is the glory of the youth while gray hair is that of the older citizens. When you see a younger person exhibits his/her strength in any endeavor, you see progress in the making and hope with excitement fill your heart for the nation’s future.But a young person with all his strength can be misled into violence; either towards one another or older people instigating from the back door. 59 more words

Principle of Prosperity

Hello friends,

Let me start today by saying long time no see. I have not written in a long time not because there was nothing to write, but because I had to take out time to rest from writing and to meditate on scriptures and the words the Lord have been laying in my heart. 1,496 more words

Oliyide Ayotunde