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Marriage: Something Worth Fighting For

I’m the child of parents who divorced; however, I don’t have to inherit divorce. That is, I witnessed firsthand a sad statistic in Western Civilization that decrees that fifty percent of people who say “I do” are doomed to part–voiding matrimonial vows. 656 more words


America - the Dutiful

How can we save our beloved country if the home of the free becomes mind-washed and mandated to hate rather than love, to take more than we give.  166 more words

Beautiful Sunburns

We must make time for play, time to build castles in the sand.
Or else we just lay there, idle, waiting for the world to pass us by. 65 more words


Love... The Universal Law

We keeping writing laws to try to force people to treat each other right… but the only law that can do that is the one that God wrote on the doorposts of our hearts. 65 more words


generations of leaves

come and go with the seasons

each life cycle leading from

bloom into flourish then

final surrender to coldening air

an autumnal departure… 102 more words


Does it matter if - or even how readily - our kids obey us?

We’re all familiar with the fifth commandment … “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the LORD your God gives you.” (Exodus 20:12) Why? 629 more words



I am my own myth
metaphysical object
divined from dead dreams

standing kneeling and falling
by turns in the sky
a ghost-cloud formation
at one with both… 120 more words