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A funny thing about people, myself included, is that many of them want to be remembered. Why we strive to remain in the minds of other people after we’re no longer around to appreciate it, I’m not sure, but I do know that I want the idea of me to stick around. 427 more words


‘Posterity will judge’
‘Posterity will judge’
Many have echoed
Plenty have retold

What they do not realise
– And this really needs no dice – 49 more words


Introducing TalkCulture #bringbackourvalues

Speaking your mind, how hard is it really? Well, when you think about it, it’s a vortex, especially when you realize how many times you’ve not said how you really felt for fear of sounding politically incorrect; or when you’ve looked the other way as someone else got victimized; you were right there, and you saw it all happen but it didn’t stop you in your tracks. 367 more words


...as it seeps... (Posterity) 0.5

Posterity, the haunting reminder of what man’s present reality will become, is often a misjudged judge. But the paradox is that posterity soon becomes reality. 49 more words


Life Summary Of A Neanderthal And A Modern Day African - Dr. Napoleon Osadebe

Came across this inspirational post by a Nigerian Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur and Political Pundit on Facebook, and I think it calls for a reorientation of our values and mindset. 266 more words



I remember that time,
when our fore-fathers dignity and intergrity
were tied to their grey hairs
long years before those white men came-
and bought their tomorrow with their twin and cowries. 175 more words