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The jamesgeo well-travelled map

After years of deliberation, months of data wrangling and several reviews by family, I have finally finished version 1 of the jamesgeo well-travelled map. This map aims to answer the question “how well travelled am I?”. 77 more words

Geo Data

Convert XY Coordinates into geometry in a Postgres Spatial Table

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to post more in 2017, here is a follow up to my last post calculating XY coordinates into geometry.   530 more words


Split lines with points, the PostGIS way

The problem:

Given a layer of lines and one of points (the latter not necessarily already over the lines one) , split the lines using the points. 524 more words


Building an Open Source GIS Interface for Consulting Work - Part 1

One of my valued clients is not a biology firm. They are a consulting firm in an entirely different industry. While they have their own internal GIS shop, I provide support for their overflow when they get busy. 823 more words


creating query layers in arcmap using postgis tables

This post will demonstrate how a GIS Analyst can create layers in Arcmap from applying queries to PostGIS tables . This is a useful way of bringing in filtering datasets in a PostGIS database and loading them as layers into the ArcMap environment. 256 more words


Undergraduate Geospatial Python Projects

This week my GIS Programming students presented their programming projects to ESRI. First, I cannot say enough to thank ESRI for taking time out of their schedule to meet with our students – the staff was helpful, encouraging, and provided great feedback to the students – what an honor it was to get their feedback.   1,294 more words

loading vector files from postgis to geoserver

We will demonstrate how to publish vector layers stored in a PostGIS as layer in Geoserver. We will be loading a vector file from our PostGIS server and publish it as a layer in Geoserver. 242 more words