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What is the maximum size of a PostGIS geometry?

This is one of those questions that, when asked, invites all kinds of questions about your overall approach.  Just because you can store massive geometries in PostGIS doesn’t mean you should.   419 more words


loading vector files from postgis to geoserver

We will demonstrate how to publish vector layers stored in a PostGIS as layer in Geoserver. We will be loading a vector file from our PostGIS server and publish it as a layer in Geoserver. 242 more words


Performing attribute queries ON postgis database Using sql menu

This post will demonstrate how to carry out attribute queries on data stored in a POSTGIS database using the SQL menu in the database.

For our PostGIS database, we installed PostGreSQl 9.5 and created a PostGIS Connection to our QGIS Desktop application, 487 more words


Spatial Analysis (Intersect and Nearestpoints) using QGIS CartoDB plugin

This post will demonstrate how we used CartoDB plugin in QGIS to perform spatial analysis operations namely:

– Intersect features

– Nearest Points

1. Launch QGIS on your desktop. 348 more words


Upgrading Postgres & PostGIS on Windows

Major upgrades for both PostGIS and Postgresql were released in the last few weeks.  Postgres moved from 9.5 to 9.6 and PostGIS from 2.2 to 2.3.   301 more words


Visualizing SQL layers as web maps using Carto JS

Carto (formerly known as CartoDB) layers have SQL capabilities as they are stored in a cloud based PostGIS server. Users can initiate SQL expressions and visualize… 398 more words


Detecting duplicated geometries in a PostGIS table

Hi there!

Today I want to make a small post and talk about another annoying problem: Duplicated Geometries!

How can you identify which geometries are duplicated in your table? 133 more words