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Installing PostgreSQL 9.5 and PostGIS 2.2 on Fedora 24

Here’s the easiest way to get a very up-to-date installation of PostGIS up and running quickly.  First up, set up the Postgres 9.5 repository straight from Postgres: 390 more words


Esri enterprise geodatabase and PostGIS database

PostGIS is an amazing extension to PostgreSQL which makes it possible to manage geospatial data very efficiently. Just in several mouse clicks, after installing the PostgreSQL for your operating system and the PostGIS extension, you will be able to create databases and load geospatial datasets into it for managing later on. 429 more words

ArcGIS Desktop

Update table with Spatial joins in PostGIS

Oddly enough, I found doing a spatial join between point and polygon geometries in PostGIS befuddling enough to bother documenting the process.


Two data tables in a PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL database: 804 more words

Adding GIS Data from PostGIS databases to Arcmap 10.2

This post will demonstrate with a few simple steps how to add GIS data hosted with non-Esri databases to ArcMap 10.2.

We will be connecting to PostGIS databases(local host) and adding data from these sources as layers in ArcMap 10.2. 194 more words


Performing spatial queries on postgis database using the sql menu I

This post will demonstrate carrying out spatial queries on data stored in a PostGIS database using the SQL menu. SQL functions we will be demonstrating are… 460 more words


Using QGIS Cloud as a PostGIS database

This post will demonstrate how to deploy layers created in QGIS Desktop as PostGIS tables in QGIS Cloud. The GI Analyst can access spatial data on the cloud and download for use on desktop GIS. 300 more words


Daily discoveries of a FOSS4G user: 2. PostGIS and its bag of tricks

As I mentioned in the previous post, there were couple handy PostGIS functions I found quite useful after importing prepped data via shp2pgsql tool. They involve working with Spatial Reference of geometries and working with Multi* geometries. 633 more words