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PostGIS Import from PHP Session Fails

When importing a CSV file using Laravel I found that I’d get some strange error messages relating to a called function not matching the parameters that I was sending. 214 more words


Using Live Shipping Data in GIS

Originally posted in xyHt 21st Feb 2018: http://www.xyht.com/spatial-itgis/using-shipping-data-gis/

We’ve all been dazzled by these awesome maps which animate ships or aircraft as they move in near real time, but how do they work? 1,495 more words

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In-Progress-- Gravity Model for Long Beach Libraries.

I first came across the idea of Gravity Models about a month before the time of this writing (December 2017). The model I saw was Carto’s interactive Gravity Model that predicts how many customers might patron a store location and the probability of them doing so. 907 more words

GIS applied to Municipality Management: Module 5.1 ‘Web services (Introduction to SDI)'

The fifth module of this course deals with access to web services from gvSIG. At this first part we will introduce you to a fundamental concept when we talk about the efficient management of geographic information: … 252 more words

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Batch Geocoding with PostGIS

So you’ve got a table of addresses that need to be matched up with their latitude/longitude coordinates… i.e. you need to geocode some addresses.  Most of the time, an online tool is a better choice than running your own geocoder if all you need is a handful of addresses geolocated.  796 more words


Part 3: How to Install and Use PostGIS with Postgres via pgAdmin 4

For one of my apps, I was responsible for the database, and there were some tricky things with Postgres! This post is part of a tutorial series on how to use Postgres! 703 more words

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How to make a PostGIS TIGER Geocoder in Less than 5 Days

I have been through 5 days of frustration wading through tutorials for how to make a Tiger geocoder in PostGIS.  My complaints, in a nutshell, are that every tutorial is either non-linear or assumes you already know what you’re doing… or both.  2,210 more words