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You might not need PostGIS: streamlined vector tile processing for big map visualisations

I recently re-engineered the data processing behind OpenTrees.org. It’s a website that lets you explore the combined open tree databases of 21 local councils around Australia (over 800,000!), with some pretty data visualisations. 848 more words


postgis Extension

A friend of mine told me to use postgresql for spatial web development. I haven’t acquired any reference as to why this particular database should be chosen. 199 more words


Movement data in GIS #12: Why you should be using PostGIS trajectories

In short: both writing trajectory queries as well as executing them is considerably faster using PostGIS trajectories (as LinestringM) rather than the commonly used point-based approach. 655 more words


Looking at PostGIS intersects queries

I’ve been looking hard at datastores recently, in particular PostgreSQL + PostGIS. In school, I did a few GIS related things in class and I assumed it was magic. 208 more words

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Multiple Ring Buffer with PostGIS and SQL Server

Recently I needed to generate multiple ring buffers around some point features. This can be done using a dozen of tools – Multiple Ring Buffer geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS… 169 more words


PostGIS Import from PHP Session Fails

When importing a CSV file using Laravel I found that I’d get some strange error messages relating to a called function not matching the parameters that I was sending. 214 more words


Using Live Shipping Data in GIS

Originally posted in xyHt 21st Feb 2018: http://www.xyht.com/spatial-itgis/using-shipping-data-gis/

We’ve all been dazzled by these awesome maps which animate ships or aircraft as they move in near real time, but how do they work? 1,495 more words

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