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Normalizing tables in PostgreSQL: experiments with Fulcrum

Fulcrum by Spatial Networks is an interesting and very useful hosted service for collecting geo data in the field with whatever smartphone or tablet you already own.  505 more words


Postgis Point in Polygon

I am starting to learn postgis since I need to do certain calculations at my current job and the first thing I need is to calculate some things with points within a polygon. 284 more words


Foreign Data Wrappers for PostGIS


The last couple weeks have seen two interesting updates in the world of PostgreSQL “foreign data wrappers” (FDW). Foreign data wrappers allow you to access remote data inside your database, exactly like other tables. 97 more words


viewshed analysis

I want a program that tells me which antenna is visible from any position. I want it for about 300 antennas in the city of Berlin… 637 more words


The Northwest Bushwick Community Map Redesign

The Northwest Bushwick Community Map is meant to be a resource for local community organizations and tenants rights groups to easily access disparate information around land use, housing and urban development for the neighborhood of… 559 more words

Interactive Cartography

The North-South divide (according to population density)

All Englishmen have an opinion on where The North starts (and how to get there, which service stations to stop at on the way and why you shouldn’t be going in the first place). 64 more words