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Scenic flight 3D

We’ve previously seen that our Air Safaris Scenic flight was close to the advertised flight path. To add some 3D information I’ve found a 8m… 94 more words

Geo Data

Imagine there's no countries

Imagine there’s no countries.
It isn’t hard to do.

Imagine unioning all of the countries (turning all of the separate shapes below into one) … it turns out to be harder than I thought.

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Geo Data

Setting up PostGIS on AWS RDS PostgreSQL Database Server

The greatest capability of PostgreSQL database, in my opinion, is the PostGIS extension. The AWS RDS creation procedures for PostgreSQL does not set up this extension by default. 234 more words


PostgreSQL: An Analyst's Best Friend

There is a common belief that databases are best only in certain situations, namely when the data is large, when the data is complex, or when there’s enough time to properly design a schema in order to contain the data.  820 more words


Shapefile Importer GUI for PGAdmin3 (for mac)

I had been struggling to add the Shapefile importer tool to PGAdmin3 for a PostGIS database we’re working on in my class but I figured out an alternative! 185 more words

Automatic spatial object mapping with GeoDjango

This tutorial shows how to examine Shapefiles files obtain interactive information through the console and create Pythonic code to use it directly as a Django App. 9 more words