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Install PostgreSQL, PostGIS amd PgAdmin -- A verified procedure

Installing PostgreSQL, PostGIS and PgAdmin bundle is very typical and popular way of using these database tools. In the past years of work involving these tools, I have repeatedly gone through the whole process a number of times, initially installed them partially from source codes and partially from package distribution and then went through the relatively well described and accurate procedures in… 1,000 more words


Point Clouds - the (re)start of a journey

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will notice a continual returning to and refinement of ideas and topics. That’s how the blog started, and this role it has served, as a touch stone in my exploration of topics is critical to how I use it. 398 more words


Database completed

During the last few months, I had quite a busy time and therefore wasn’t able to put too much energy in my thesis. But finally, I have taken the first step and succeeded in setting up the database. 214 more words


Moar generative PostGIS Art

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS cuyahogaaaahh;
CREATE TABLE cuyahogaaaahh AS
SELECT row_number() OVER() As id, geom
SELECT ST_Buffer(ST_SubDivide(ST_Buffer(
     geom, 50, 100), generate_series), generate_series) AS geom
	FROM generate_series(8,50), cuyahoga
) subdivide

Generative art in PostGIS

SELECT ST_Buffer(ST_SubDivide(ST_Buffer(
      'POINT(0 0)'
     ), 50000, 100), generate_series), generate_series * 100) AS geom
	FROM generate_series(8,100)

Yet another approach to ST_Buffer on geography

Another approach to ST_Buffer would be to subdivide the geometries before buffering, and put them all together at the end. ST_SubDivide can do this for us. 179 more words


ST_Buffer on Geography -- Iteration

In my previous post, Imagico said:

This is nice but still fails in one important aspect – it will create significant inaccuracies once your buffering distance reaches values where buffering in a single local coordinate system is getting problematic which, depending on your precision requirements, will likely happen at distances of a few degrees.

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