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Advanced Editing Capabilities with PostGIS

Today I want to introduce you to another one of my really great undergraduate students: Jeff Scarmazzi.  Jeff participated in the SUSRC conference that I posted about previously… 290 more words

Open Source GIS Course at UMD - the Syllabus

UMD provided me with enrollment numbers, and we are getting a pretty full class.  However, a few people on the “outside” have asked for a little more depth into what will be covered.   643 more words

Adding WMS/WMNTS data from Web Mapping Servers to QGIS 2.8.1

This post will demonstrate how to load raster files from WMS/WMNTS servers to QGIS 2.8.1.

For this demonstration, we will be doing two things-

1- Importing a GeoTiff file for storage in the Web mapping server as a WMS enabled layer… 500 more words


k-Nearest Neighbor with PostGRES

Well, even though you didn’t ask for it, I decided to create a k-nearest neighbor analysis in PostGRES/PostGIS.  This has lots of potential: find the 5 nearest ATMs to every fast food restuarant; find the 3 closest medical clinics to each school; or find the 10 closest bars to each college. 726 more words

Trade Area Analysis in Postgres / PostGIS

How I used SQL to generate an accumulated sum of spatial data

My friend Tomas does work with business analytics, and wanted to find a way to perform trade area analysis.   1,007 more words

SQL and ogr to create 4D lines

A friend recently asked me to help him generate polyline shapefiles with Z and M values that he could deliver to a customer.  The problem was, the software he was using supported the import of… 471 more words

Adding Spatial data from PostGIS database to QGIS Desktop

This post will demonstrate how to add GIS data from a PostGIS database hosted online using QGIS.

This tutorial assumes the user already runs a PostGIS server. 307 more words