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k-Nearest Neighbor with PostGRES

Well, even though you didn’t ask for it, I decided to create a k-nearest neighbor analysis in PostGRES/PostGIS.  This has lots of potential: find the 5 nearest ATMs to every fast food restuarant; find the 3 closest medical clinics to each school; or find the 10 closest bars to each college. 723 more words

Trade Area Analysis in Postgres / PostGIS

How I used SQL to generate an accumulated sum of spatial data

My friend Tomas does work with business analytics, and wanted to find a way to perform trade area analysis.   1,007 more words

Adding Spatial data from PostGIS database to QGIS Desktop

This post will demonstrate how to add GIS data from a PostGIS database hosted online using QGIS.

This tutorial assumes the user already runs a PostGIS server. 307 more words


Taking Slices from LiDAR data: Part VI

I finally got PDAL properly compiled with Point Cloud Library (PCL) baked in. Word to the wise — CLANG is what the makers are using to compile. 752 more words


Analysing OSM data for planning purposes - not so easy

It’s just so easy to add new features and edit those existing on openstreetmap with it’s impressive number of tools including iD and JOSM. Little know though is the vast array of little tools which have been created for extracting and working with that wonderful open geo data. 318 more words

Trending OSM places-Hot spot analysis

OSM place trends, inspired by Google Trends, is an analysis of the current hot places viewed on OSM and which of these places are gaining popularity by day, month or so.

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Getting Started With PostGIS

Story Source and Credit: Adam Wright, jaxenter.com

January 26, 2016

Bringing support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL, PostGIS has several advantages over similar spatial databases like SQL Server and Oracle Locator/Spatial.

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