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A simple CherryPy RESTful JSON server

A simple CherryPy RESTful JSON server

I have recently been working with CherryPy. It seems really cool, but it is quite hard to find simple and clear online examples for some things. 464 more words


PostGIS - The Spatial Database and a platform for Geodesign

Depending on the scope and depth of your Geodesign project, you will likely want to store and analyze your data in a single database. PostGIS… 273 more words


TUTORIAL – Creating a PostGIS -database for QGIS PART 3

It’s very useful to automate certain tasks. Many maps are always made the same way from a certain set of data. The only thing that changes is that the data is updated regularly. 882 more words


How-to Insert Into & Query A PostGIS Spatial Database From C#

C# is a great language for quickly implementing data gathering tools as there are many off-the-shelf components that you can combine with your our code such as… 1,011 more words


How-to Install a Spatial Database (PostGIS) and use it from within R and QGIS

This post describes the benefits and process of installing and using a spatial database within R and QGIS. The spatial database that we will be using is… 728 more words

R Programming

PG routing - driving distance

Building on the work of previous posts looking at building routable networks and finding the shortest path in a network, this post will look at creating buffers around nodes based on a cost attribute specifed by the user. 320 more words


PG routing - shortest path algorithms

Once a routable network has been set up we can start to find the shortest path (using Dijkstra’s algorithm) between two points. From here on, I will be using the OSM data for the London road network. 500 more words