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PostGIS - The Spatial Database and a platform for Geodesign

Depending on the scope and depth of your Geodesign project, you will likely want to store and analyze your data in a single database. PostGIS… 226 more words


TUTORIAL – Creating a PostGIS -database for QGIS PART 3

It’s very useful to automate certain tasks. Many maps are always made the same way from a certain set of data. The only thing that changes is that the data is updated regularly. 882 more words


How-to Insert Into & Query A PostGIS Spatial Database From C#

C# is a great language for quickly implementing data gathering tools as there are many off-the-shelf components that you can combine with your our code such as… 1,011 more words


How-to Install a Spatial Database (PostGIS) and use it from within R and QGIS

This post describes the benefits and process of installing and using a spatial database within R and QGIS. The spatial database that we will be using is… 728 more words

R Programming

Adding a Shapefile to a PostGIS Database with QGIS

To add a Shapefile to a PostGIS Database with QGIS you need to have QGIS, PostgreSQL and PostGIS installed on your machine and a shapefile (layer) to load into PostGIS. 416 more words


Installing PostgreSQL and PostGIS on OS X

An easy way to get up and running with PostgreSQL and PostGIS on OS X is to use the Postgres.app from http://postgresapp.com/.

All you have to do is drag the Postgres.app to your Applications folder and then click on the app to run the Postgres Server on port 5432. 27 more words


PG routing - driving distance

Building on the work of previous posts looking at building routable networks and finding the shortest path in a network, this post will look at creating buffers around nodes based on a cost attribute specifed by the user. 320 more words