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Visual Component of the Chronogram.

Measuring 2153mm x 900mm, the Chronogram has been designed to utilize its scale and and use of three-point perspective to capture the viewer within the atmosphere and movement of the animation’s narrative. 56 more words

Postgraduate Degree

Animatic Sketches

The following sketches were used in my draft animatic that informs the overarching narrative of my animation.

Postgraduate Degree

Animation_Environment/Context Modelling

To achieve a hype-realistic affect for the final animation, I set about modelling the surrounding context and creating the subsequent textures maps as per my animatic storyboard. 62 more words

Postgraduate Degree

Initial Bulb Designs and Modelling

Initial design that will possible cover a new area of Silvertown Island. Each Structure will be similar in structure but displayed individual characteristics and ornate detail… 8 more words

Postgraduate Degree

Animation Experiment_Seed and Bulb Growing

The following animation experiments test the application of textures and growth from an early seed.


The animation was achieve using the key-frames within 3DS Max. 34 more words

Postgraduate Degree

Android Design

A combination of first-person and third person view, the android acts as a vessel for viewers explore the initial emergence and fully-formed fractal environment of Silvertown from an outsider’s point of view. 30 more words

Postgraduate Degree

Design Proposal - Area_01

The design proposal that follows is a progression from previous research and blog, (Fractal Aesthetics for the Building Structures) in which looked the fractal qualities within natural form. 198 more words

Postgraduate Degree