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How completing a PGCE helps you with a Masters.

This blog is about how completing a PGCE gives you an advantage when studying for a Masters degree. Again, these are simply my thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences having completed a Secondary PGCE in History and now studying an MA. 1,315 more words


Remaining Myself in the Face of Professionalism

Dearest Readers,

I hate being professional. I don’t mean in the sense of being on time for things, keeping my word, doing good work, and all the other things that one does while being professional. 641 more words


Back to school: A mid-semester reflection

H e l l o !

I know I’ve said this repeatedly on my previous posts but hey, I’m back again!

Some of you might have known that I, … 378 more words


Antri's Alumni Profile

When and what did you study in Leeds?

I studied as an exchange student during the academic year 2014/15 in the School of Linguistics and Phonetics. 395 more words


A Day In The Life Of A PhD: Am I Doing This Correctly?

At this point, you have probably realised that the course you’re on now is a whole different kettle of fish. Imagine running down a hill, backwards, upside down, with ankle weights… that highlights the difficulty. 688 more words


April Newsletter for Masters Students

The Romans called April Aprilis.  No one is sure the exact meaning of the word. Some scholars think that it may be related to an old Italic word meaning “the following, the next”, in a sequence of events. 1,157 more words