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Postgresql 9.2 monitoring with Adagios on CentOS 7

On the PostgreSQL server:

Note: You may need to deal with SELinux.

Install some needed perl modules, download the check script and make it executable: 1,052 more words


Configuring Postgresql and Dropdb

Seems like an on-going nightmare. I am configuring a new Ubuntu 14.04 system and having troubles with getting passwords from .pgpass. Here are the fundamentals: 178 more words

PyCharm, Django Dev Server and "password authentication failed for user"

This stuff drives me crazy. I was cruising along, run the Django dev server from the command line. Everything was working well. Then I decided to do some debugging, so I configured the PyCharm Django dev server and got this error: 153 more words


Ordered Sets and Logs in Cassandra vs SQL

I’ve written before that Cassandra’s achilles’ heel is devops:

Storage, redundancy and performance are expanded by adding more nodes. This can happen during normal business hours as long as consistency parameters are met.

1,932 more words

My New Book : PostgreSQL Server Programming

My new book PostgreSQL Server Programming – 2nd Edition is now available on all major online retailers.

This book will show you that PostgreSQL is so much more than a database server. 151 more words

Connecting to Remote POSTGRESQL Using PgAdmin

Here is how I connect to the PostgreSQL database on a Digital Ocean droplet using pgAdmin III.


Error connecting to the server: fe_sendauth: no password supplied… 58 more words


Configuring Master-Slave Replication With PostgreSQL

Having configured PostgreSQL 9.3 master/slave replication from bits and pieces of documentation on the Internet, I feel like a post is in order documenting my experience for others. 897 more words