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PostgreSQL Database: PG::ConnectionBad: FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user

If, when working on a Linux machine of the Ubuntu flavor and setting up a PostgreSQL 9.3 database, you run into the error ‘PG::ConnectionBad: FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user’ when trying to connect to a database from a web application (Rails, PHP, Node, etc.), you are more than likely running into local socket connection permissions within PostgreSQL. 100 more words


Foreign Data Wrappers with PostgreSQL and PHP

PostgreSQL is more than a relational database. It has many cool features. Today we’re going to play with Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW). The idea is crate a virtual table from an external datasource and use it like we use a traditional table. 341 more words


pgAdmin backup error because of server version mismatch

I got following error on pgAdmin III when backuping table/db :

/usr/bin/pg_dump –host localhost –port 5433 –username “postgres” –no-password –format custom –verbose –file “/home/yusuf/Desktop/client_service_centre” –table “public.client_service_centre” “logistics”

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Connect to the Tableau PostgreSQL database and Create worksheet for Tableau server monitoring

Today we will connect database of PostgreSQL of Tableau and create work sheet base on that database.

Tableau will store every data for tableau server statistics in PostgreSQL. 314 more words


Editor Database PostgreSQL di Ubuntu, WIndows, Mac

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.

Selamat sore sahabat ku semua….sudah sekian bulan tidak ada menulis artikel, sore ini rasa ingin menulis itu timbul kembali…hehhehe, dan saya mencoba untuk sedikit berbagi. 267 more words

PHP & PostgreSQL

Building one HTTP client in PostgreSQL with PL/Python

Don’t ask me way, but I need to call to a HTTP server (one Silex application) from a PostgreSQL database.

I want to do something like this: 359 more words


Setting Up Cross-Region Replication of AWS RDS for PostgreSQL

As of today AWS RDS for PostgreSQL1 does not offer cross-region replication. Short of switching to one of the RDS offerings that do support it, there is a few options to consider. 307 more words