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PostgreSQL: An Analyst's Best Friend

There is a common belief that databases are best only in certain situations, namely when the data is large, when the data is complex, or when there’s enough time to properly design a schema in order to contain the data.  820 more words


Postgres Issue : "Problem running post install step ... the Database Cluster Initialisation failed."

Hello Devs,

I heard somewhere

“If you do not face challenges, you won’t succeed”.

In case of software development, we would rephrased it as..

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Upgrading an existing RDS database to Postgres 9.4

Last Thursday, I had this short and one-sided conversation with myself:
“Oh, cool, Pg 9.4 is out for RDS. I’ll upgrade my new database before I have to put it into production next week, because who knows when else I’ll get a chance. 730 more words


Postgres Outperforms MongoDB and Ushers in New Developer Reality

Originally Published: September 24th, 2014

Story Source and Credit: Marc Linster, Senior Vice President – Products and Services, EnterpriseDB

The newest round of performance comparisons of PostgreSQL and MongoDB produced a near repeat of the results from the first tests that proved PostgreSQL can outperform MongoDB. 123 more words


Install Postgres on Mac

I am trying to install postgres gem on my Mac, but that didn’t go well. So I find a solution to resolve this with:

$ sudo su… 7 more words


PostgreSQL Hints and DBMS_STATS

For those who don’t know,‭ ‬it is now possible to use hints on PgSQL.‭ ‬Here
is how things work:

-‭ ‬Download and install the extension from the home page: 604 more words

[PostgreSQL] postresapp


create user username with password ‘password';

create database dbname

Python adaptor: psycopg2
pip install psycopg2 (in case of error ‘pip install postgresql)

\list  #show databases… 128 more words