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Upgrade GitLab

This post is about attempt to upgrade the GitLab server installation from version 8.x to 10.x. I explained the issues and how I solved them. 1,393 more words


PostgreSQL + rake db:migrate

ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: FATAL: role “dev” does not exist

If you receive the error above when trying to run your Rails migrations against a newly installed instance of PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu development box, all you need to do is a new role to Postgres with the name ‘dev’. 18 more words

Ruby On Rails

To list all pk's and fk's of a database

The system catalogs of PostgreSQL have very well designed. They are not easy to understand at first glance but they allow to write short and efficient queries. 166 more words


To list all the indexes of a database

When we create a pk in PostgreSQL, an index named table_name_pkey is automatically created.

The following script gives all indexes, those created by the pk’s and the others. 209 more words


PostgreSQL Redeploys with Juju Storage

New features and improvements to Juju 2.3’s storage feature provide new mechanisms for server migrations. A PostgreSQL deployment can be made with the data stored on an attached volume, such as a Ceph mount or Amazon EBS volume. 1,074 more words


AWS Kinesis Stream In Detail Review

I am new to AWS. I have implemented some functionalities in aws using java. My requirement is to insert a csv of 50MB to RDS PostgreSQL instance at a time. 216 more words


Servicio API REst con Spring Data

Creamos un Proyecto Nuevo en https://start.spring.io/

Elegiremos Maven para la creación del ejemplo.

En la sección SQL elegimos JPA y PostgreSQL.

En la sección WEB elegimos Web y Rest Repositories… 984 more words