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PostgreSQL noob

Up to now I had never dealt with relational databases, until I recently had to analyze patient data, part of which were stored in a PostgreSQL database. 216 more words


Generating series of data in PostgreSQL

Recently I had received an apparently simple task: “Count the number of returning users, per month age.”, and it should be presented like a cohort analysis… 600 more words


Buscar dentro de Procedimientos o Funciones

Este es un dato que es frecuente para la mayoría de los DBA cuando hay que buscar algún texto o cadena dentro de los procedimientos o funciones de la Base de datos. 143 more words


How to know the Postgresql conf 'pg_hba.conf' location

We can know the postgresql conf ‘pg_hba.conf’ location using the below command

postgres=# SHOW hba_file;
(1 row)


Detecting spikes in geometries using angle threshold

Hi there,

We all know that search for errors in geometries can be quite a journey. One of the errors we need to fix is the presence of spikes in our geometries. 288 more words


Have you ever heard of pgModeler?

Someone has given you a logical model with over 500 tables to implement it in PostgreSQL, where to begin? Should I cry first?  Should I just start typing create table statements like there is no tomorrow? 186 more words


Metasploit and Nessus

Metasploit provides flexibility to penetration testers as it can support some of the most important tools inside the framework like Nessus and Nmap. You can initiate Nessus scans directly from the metasploit console, import existing scans and actually operate Nessus from inside the framework. 230 more words