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Postgre Cheatsheet

List all databases:


List all tables in the current db:


Switch databases:

\connect database_name

List all users:

SELECT u.usename AS "User name",
  u.usesysid AS "User ID",
  CASE WHEN u.usesuper AND u.usecreatedb THEN CAST('superuser, create database' AS pg_catalog.text)
       WHEN u.usesuper THEN CAST('superuser' AS pg_catalog.text)
       WHEN u.usecreatedb THEN CAST('create database' AS pg_catalog.text)
       ELSE CAST('' AS pg_catalog.text)
  END AS "Attributes"
FROM pg_catalog.pg_user u
ORDER BY 1; 73 more words

Add ssl to Mysql and Postgresql

Adding ssl support to a relational database like mysql or postgresql is a standard task.

First we need to have our certificates ready.
We can either use mysql workbench which has a nice… 405 more words


Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Database Using pg_dump and psql

Backup:  $ pg_dump -U {user-name} {source_db} -f {dumpfilename.sql}

Restore: $ psql -U {user-name} -d {desintation_db}-f {dumpfilename.sql}

Cara Mengatasi Error Saat Install PostgreSQL

hai hai,

mau share pengalaman yang kurang menyenangkan nih, hohoho,

kali ini pengalaman pas aku ngalamin error ketika nginstall PostgreSQL di Windows,

mungkin buat kalian para mastahh hal seperti ini udah biasa, tapi buatku cukup membingungkan pas pertama kali liat notification kayak gini pas nginstall… 133 more words

Sharing Ilmu


If you ever need quick help with PostgreSQL from other people (sure, you should check manuals first) just remember one link POSTGRES.chat.

On this page you will find links to online chats, e.g. 12 more words