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How To Set Up Django with Postgres, Nginx, and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 16.04

Django is a powerful web framework that can help you get your Python application or website off the ground. Django includes a simplified development server for testing your code locally, but for anything even slightly production related, a more secure and powerful web server is required. 80 more words


Using foreign data wrapper to use PostGIS with SQLServer

Here was the problem that needed solved last week (we have a few similar problems in upcoming projects, so this was an exciting thing to try): we needed to use PostGIS to access data in a SQLServer database. 333 more words


Updated pbuilder4cpp, 1.1404.Final released

pbuilder4cpp 1.1404.Final has been released. This version fixes a minor bug (12) and is the last release compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 and earlier versions.

Enjoy it!


SQL vs Documents - My experience

Hello everybody,

I know this blog’s been a little abandoned for the past year, but since I got a job my free time was considerably shortened and, while I’ve continued working on some cool projects I didn’t want to invest even more time by describing them here. 500 more words

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MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL release v1.11.1 is out!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an comprehensive CASE tool which works natively under Windows OS family and Linux under Wine/WineHQ allowing you to

  • build a clear and effective database structure visually,
  • 294 more words

Released SQL Localization NuGet package for ASP.NET Core, dotnet

I have released a simple SQL Localization NuGet package which can be used with ASP.NET Core and any database supported by Entity Framework Core. The localization can be used like the default ASP.NET Core localization. 362 more words