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LFNW Conference Report

At the end of April, Mark Wong & I headed up to Bellingham for LinuxFest. This was my first time at the conference in several years, and though the expo hall was a bit smaller than I remembered, they had 1849 registered attendees! 293 more words


Integrating Redis, PostgreSQL and Neo4j in CentOS 7

Recently, working for a new client here at UCI, we began to think in an internal Social Network, focused in educational purposes where students, researchers, teachers and more, could have an online space to discuss trends, make comments, give online talks, etc. 1,423 more words

Big Data

PostgreSQL Error - WARNING: canceling wait for synchronous replication due to user request

PostgreSQL Error – WARNING: canceling wait for synchronous replication due to user request

I needed to create index on my PostgreSQL cluster today. It was 1 master performing synchronous streaming replication to 1 slave. 215 more words


Backup my PostgreSQL Database

There are three fundamentally different approaches to backing up PostgreSQL databases:

1. SQL dump
2. File system level backup
3. Continuous Archiving

1. SQL dump: 622 more words


Simple test for lock_waits log messages

I do a lot of “is this !#@(* really working correctly” testing. (See also: simple test for autovacuum log messages.)

Here’s a simple test to verify that log_lock_waits is configured correctly. 269 more words


Getting started with PostgreSQL in R

When dealing with large datasets that potentially exceed the memory of your machine it is nice to have another possibility such as your own server with an SQL/PostgreSQL database on it, where you can query the data in smaller digestible chunks. 1,071 more words



取前一天可以用select current_date-1;或select date(now())-1;
select case when (extract(month from current_date)-1)=0 then 12 else extract(month from current_date) end;