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Issue connecting to database

Issue connecting to database:

# psql -U postgres -d EMSDB
psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
Is the server running locally and accepting… 91 more words

Software yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat WebGIS

Berikut ini adalah beberapa software yang dibutuhkan dan harus dipersiapkan untuk pembuatan WebGIS:

1) Google Earth
Google Earth digunakan untuk mengcapture peta yang kemudian akan di digitizing dengan menggunakan Quantum GIS. 95 more words

Geographic Information System

Taking Slices from LiDAR data: Part IX

Part 9 of N… , see e.g. my previous post on the topic.

We’ve been working to reduce the effect of overlapping samples on statistics we run on LiDAR data, and to do so, we’ve been using PDAL’s filters.sample approach. 56 more words


Taking Slices from LiDAR data: Part VIII

Part 8 of N… , see e.g. my previous post on the topic.

I didn’t think my explanation of sampling problems with LiDAR data in my previous post was adequate. 87 more words


Backup database from corrupted DigitalOcean droplets

So this story happened to me recently. My client got a Odoo server running on DigitalOcean for quite sometime. And suddendly one day everything just stop working. 356 more words

Taking Slices from LiDAR data: Part VII

Part 7 of N… , see e.g. my previous post on the topic.

More work on taking LiDAR slices. This time, the blog post is all about data preparation. 257 more words


How does a relational database work

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While doing my High-Performance Java Persistence training, I came to realize that it’s worth explaining how a relational database works, as otherwise, it is very difficult to grasp many transaction-related concepts like atomicity, durability, and checkpoints. 646 more words