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Install/Uninstall PostgreSQL on a Mac

Use the installer from Enterprise DB website to install on a mac. There are installers available from BigSQL but they aren’t quite standard so uninstallation could be a little more work. 185 more words


PHP PDO with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite

I still use PHP daily, and so should you. The fact that you’re here, says you know it too.

PHP is a good language (and web ecosystem) that doesn’t force you to use any flavor of the week framework or design pattern, dreamt up by some self-made benevolent superhero zen guru who understands everything, and who we should all listen to and respect for their infinite other-worldy wisdom, and they just happen to work at some or other big internet company. 776 more words


Spring boot, PostgreSql setup using Gradle

Although configuring a Spring Boot application to use a persistent database from a in-memory database like H2 database might be a simple task for most developers, however since I am not developing on a frequent basis so this was a bit of a task for me, and I was not able to find a dummies guide to go about it, so following are the steps to change an in-memory database like H2 to PostgreSQL… 418 more words


Adding Heroku Postgresql to PGAdmin

To add your Heroku DB to PGAdmin, first get your credentials from Heroku.

You’ll need your:

  • host
  • DB name
  • port
  • user name
  • password

Add a new server using these credentials.   86 more words


Ruby Software Engineer | London Start-Up | Brilliant Work Environment | Unlimited Holiday | £70,000

Ruby Software Engineer. London Start-Up. Brilliant Work Environment. Unlimited Holiday. £70,000

Our client has built a unique platform to enable small business to run smoothly and allow small business owners to focus on what’s important! 232 more words


PostgreSQL Faster Way to Check Column Existence

We often need to check that a column exists before creating it, especially when dealing with dynamically generated data being inserted into PostgreSQL. This brief article shows how to perform this operation quickly and offers a PGPLSQL solution for creating new columns in databases older than PostgreSQL 9.6. 1,040 more words


A little Gorilla Time

I miss my mountain gorilla friends in Rwanda. Let’s write a little more code to support them. I’ll be visiting Karisoke again next week, so it seems timely to post a little more code (HT Jean Pierre Samedi Mucyo for working with me on this one). 151 more words