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PostgreSQL - Unique constraint and null value

An important behavior in PostgreSQL to know about is the duplicate null values do not violate unique constraints.


SQL> create table test (id number (2,0), 
                        country varchar(20) not null, 
                        state varchar(20)

Table created. 539 more words

Stuff What I Learned

Two main topics here – data warehousing, and Postgres constraints

Data Warehousing

Databases can be split into two types – OLTP (online transaction processing) which is what we use 99% of the time, and… 576 more words


postgis Extension

A friend of mine told me to use postgresql for spatial web development. I haven’t acquired any reference as to why this particular database should be chosen. 199 more words


Impression of pgAdmin

I happen to use pgAdmin tools quite often. It makes things easier for database management. But then I stumbled upon pgAdmin 4. It’s not as intuitive as pgAdmin III. 239 more words


Dealing with auto-VACUUM in PostgreSQL

Dealing with auto-VACUUM in PostgreSQL

There’s no doubt that we need VACUUM in any proper PostgreSQL database environment. Without it, your database will simply grind to a halt and stop working at some point. 394 more words


PostgreSQL - Disable Foreign Keys

PostgreSQL doesn’t have an explicit way to disable foreign keys. It does have a way to do so implicitly however because foreign keys are implemented via hidden triggers. 42 more words