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PostgreSQL for Ruby Developers

Do databases look like a magical black box to you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly what is going on under the covers? It’s time to take away the training wheels and learn SQL for real. 46 more words

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Converting long value in string to timestamp

\d student
Column        |         Type                        | Modifiers
id                      | numeric(20,0)             |
name               | character varying(50) |
joiningtime    | character varying(30) |

select id,name,joiningtime,to_timestamp(CAST(coalesce(joiningtime, ‘0’) AS numeric)/1000) from student… 14 more words

Restart postgres on Production machines without /etc/init.d/postgresql restart

If you want to avoid having to cycle the DB (i.e.: /etc/init.d/postgres restart), you can do this on the command line (as root):

kill -HUP `pidof postgres`
… 55 more words

Infrastructure from scratch. Part 6. Database

Database question is probably must have the most reliable answer in all service questions. The more you ensured what to use and how to maintain – the more fast and reliable your system will be. 1,617 more words


Data Replication from Oracle logical standby to EDB Postgres

At EnterpriseDB (EDB), we are sometimes presented with individual customer use cases or requests that call for the development of innovative solutions to support their deployment of the EDB Postgres Platform. 1,431 more words


How to Emulate Partial Indexes in Oracle

A very interesting feature of the SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases (and some others, including SQLite) is the partial index (sometimes also called “filtered index” 852 more words


String order of different Collation:

1. Collation type: en_US.utf8

1. Space
2. Hindi and Hindi Regional
3. English
4. Urdu
5. Russian
6. Chinese

2. Collation type: C

1. Space…

11 more words