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Jonathan Bronitsky At The National Interest: 'The Vanity Of Bernhard Henri-Levy'

At least Henri-Levy’s pointing out the deep anti-semitism often found in the Muslim world, among many Muslim immigrants in Europe, and often laced throughout both fascist right and Left movements in Europe, where it can emerge as a motivating political force. 195 more words

Public Debate

Mark Hackard: Dostoevsky on Socialism

“Inasmuch as Dostoevsky spiritually matured, within him there developed an ever-growing hatred for that type of socialism which was most widespread from the second half of the nineteenth century up to our time, a hatred namely for revolutionary atheist socialism based upon a materialist worldview morally and religiously unfounded. 28 more words


Postmodern Doris Lessing

I.- Interview to Doris Lessing

II.- A Postmodern Study of Doris Lessing‘s The Golden Notebook in the Light of Jean-Francois Lyotard ‘s Ideas, Shahram Kiaei. Relevant ideas. 1,453 more words


Is the PostModern (PoMo) Emerging and Missional Emergent Movement now passé?

At the grassroots level, this Postmodern movement was fueled by much dislike of uncool fundamentalism and its “culture” (or lack thereof). This reactionary component, and their seeming lack of positive direction and definition, has been particularly defining of the movement itself. 3,073 more words

Biblical Studies

Digital rEvolution

Technology is ever-evolving; each year, new products hit the shelves to replace the outdated technology from the year prior (that still works perfectly). Apps, websites, a world of information and cat pictures, an inescapable matrix of information and misinformation. 1,037 more words