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city symphony

New York was an inexhaustible space, a labyrinth of endless steps, and no matter how far he walked, no matter how well he came to know its neighborhoods and streets, it always left him with the feeling of being lost.

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US Lit

Gender Theory Is Queer With 58 Varieties And Counting

When I play football (the European variety, that is), my favourite way to score a goal is to stand directly in front of the goals about twenty meters out, take my harpoon and fire it into a blimp, ride the blimp to China, set up my tent on the beach and write out copies of famous quotes while digging in the sand with my toes. 1,166 more words


On Camera Lucida: Reflections On Photography by Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida, posthumously published in 1980, has, at its core, a number of elements of the importance concerning philosophy in general, not only with regards to the interpretation of the “real” content or “valid” connotations of images forever immortalized in photographs, but as a careful, highly inquisitive, sobering inquiry for knowledge. 788 more words


Postmodernist fantasy football teams.

“Fantasy football,” like Pokemon LeafGreen™ and hockey, is a made-up sport for people who aren’t good enough to actually be famous athletes but won’t accept that. 131 more words

Regarding Postmodernism

“It was, I would argue, a deep and profound investigation into late 20th-century conditions – conditions present in the world, and the condition of the designer within that world. 126 more words

Built Environment


we come in clusters

sharing taxis driven by men who sailed oceans to escape the squallor

but we love the whiff of death and seek an absence of hygiene… 87 more words


A place-holding thought.

What with all this studying I’m doing right now, learning about literary theories and how structuralists see the world vs poststructuralists and deconstructionists, vs modernism and postmodernism, it got me to thinking about how I see the world. 723 more words