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This was a concept and art movement that took place in the 1980’s. As a term itself it is quite broad, an can be applied to not only design but art, literature & fashion. 215 more words


Silence and Sicario and Moral Ambiguity

The snares of relevance and desperation, the topic of last week’s post, naturally lead into a specific form of pandering, a postmodern approach to relevance: moral ambiguity. 466 more words

Morality And Ethics


Perhaps a devil’s advocate,

I advocate paths less traveled.

Until such journeys isolate,

My thoughts left all unraveled.

With plagiarists all dripping

In a puddle of my influence, 40 more words

Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves (2000)

In House of Leaves Danielewski seems to provide a fullstop to the postmodern project, blending the academic satire and Borgesian playfulness of Eco, the unstable ontologies of Pynchon, the epistemological uncertainty of Auster, and the eccentric verbosity (and footnotes) of Wallace into one formidable (some might say obnoxious, some virtuoso) package. 591 more words

Philosophical Novel

He Said, "Look Mommy -- I'm Wearing A Dress!"

A few days ago, someone told  me that her three-year-old godson met his mother when she came to pick him up from preschool, greeting her with the words, “Look Mommy — I’m wearing a dress!” Horrified, his mother asked him… 422 more words

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Source: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

Postmodernism is a word that’s been floating around in my life for what feels like a long time. Previously if anybody had asked me to describe what exactly Postmodernism was I don’t think I would’ve been able to make a very good stab at it. 189 more words


I Am a Minority and I Prohibit You

| by Malhar Mali |

I am a minority and I prohibit you from culturally appropriating my native culture. I was born in India, hence, I prohibit you from stealing my culture, eating any foods that are representative of that region and engaging in… 1,012 more words

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