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Was Woodstock the First Postmodern Event? (excerpt with link)

Here is an excerpt from today’s post on my other blog. It’s a sizeable read, but a fun one. And, I broke it down into highly readable sections. 140 more words

Woodstock: The First Postmodern Event?

What is Modernism?—

The epoch called “modernism” was driven forward by a fantasy of a perfectly ordered world… a vision of utopia… a grandiose scheme of order. 2,176 more words

A review of Pierre Senges' confounding novel Geometry in the Dust

Describing Geometry in the Dust is a challenge. I’ve deleted so many openings now and my frustration is mounting: so some very basic description:

Geometry in the Dust… 1,280 more words


Breaking Down the Tower of the Absolute Authorship: Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler

Metafictional narrative is one of the most significant features fusing the reality and the fictional world together in postmodern literature. The metanarrative of one of the most influential postmodern novels, Italo Calvino’s… 443 more words


Constructing Human History through Intertextuality from Nothingness: The Falsehoods of Metanarrative in Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum

The lack of concrete evidence on the history of the Knights Templar makes them one of the most mysterious and controversial political and religious power in European history. 501 more words


And We're Surprised Because...?

Last week Amazon pulled books about “conversion therapy” (therapy helping people overcome homosexuality) from its website. Last week Facebook warned one of its users that posting a… 527 more words

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Robert Coover's short story "Hulk"



Robert Coover

Hulk, in a fit of pique (can’t help it), beats up an old lady who gets in his way, and suddenly his role in the world zigs from hero to villain. 415 more words