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On Trump, Charlottesville and the Radical Left.

So here’s my take on Trump’s treatment of the alt-right, his response to the charlottesville, and the two groups involved with the riot. I’m going to try to be as rational as possible here so please keep that in mind if you choose to comment. 581 more words


Forms of Catharsis

It is the Greek Philosopher Aristotle who coined the term Catharsis. For him it meant a purging of emotions, cleansing of the soul while one watches a play, especially a tragic one. 682 more words


It's finally here..."Outer Frontier" is now available in e-book and print!

I definitely picked the wrong time to try to get a new publication out–right in the middle of a job and life transition–but I’m pleased to announce that, after a lengthy delay, my new story collection,  532 more words


My Thoughts on Charlottesville

FIRST, let’s get the unpleasant FACTS out of the way…

Here is Scott Rosendall’s demo reel.

Also, here are a bunch of 1960s garage rock and power pop songs I like. 57 more words

Political Correctness

Into the Wild

I remember that it was during my middle school years when I was still choosing books in a bookstore at random. Since then I’ve been more of a deliberate reader/consumer. 336 more words

The Brutal Sharp Edge

Architecture in current times has increasingly been about capturing attention. It often incorporates aggressive structures that are usually, impractical and gimmicky – is this forward thinking modernist design or unsavoury, iconoclasm? 254 more words

Contemporary Art

"New Sincerity" is the New Narcissism

I went for a walk today in my hometown of New Orleans. All day I was feeling bleak and cynical about my country with the white nationalist riots going on in Charlottesville, Virginia over the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. 1,671 more words