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the agony and the Xtasy

INFINITE JEST pp. 157-240 (notes 56-83)

The IJ book club has in practice functioned more like a support group. Which is what this novel warrants. And i think im more interested in a support group approach rather than a typical book club — a way to read long difficult texts together. 1,081 more words

US Lit

Bibliotaphy 1: Thoughts on an edition of Kathy Acker’s novels

Title: Literal Madness (Grove Press, 1988).
Contents: – Kathy Goes to Haiti (first published in 1978 in a limited small press edition),  My Death My Life by Pier Paolo Pasolini… 906 more words

Book Collecting

School Shootings: A Product of Alienation

In light of the recent tragedy in Oregon, where a gunman killed ten people at a community college, we may ask ourselves why this happens—why do people “go off the rails” and massacre their fellow student, worker, and peer? 542 more words

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Ma.. Ma... Ma... My Schwannoma!

This is my brain:

I rather like it. It’s a nice brain. Admittedly, some of it might have been damaged when I tried to read Derrida’s “Of Grammatology” and to make sense of Foucault . 707 more words


Throwback Thursday: Brian Walsh on the Postmodern Problem with Grand Stories

Christianity is a story. That’s because the Bible is a story. One big, rich story spanning thousands of years. In my experience teaching and explaining the grand story of Scripture, I have noticed how much this excites children and teenagers. 571 more words


Moral Attitudes

The each person is judged with its moral attitudes. So ethics becomes a major science that defined the direction of ones life. In the growing postmodern world the is not to follow rather to build an ethics to suit the way one lives. 24 more words

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My Masters Degree is complete: A relieved summary

It’s been quite some time since I have posted a show-off article about my exploits, but today marks such an important occasion that I can’t resist marking it. 1,488 more words