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Project 2 The Archive -- Exercise

The recording of a conversation with a friend followed by the writing of a transcript from memory before listening to the recording was instructive. The process showed that I had remembered the conversation as a coherent whole when in fact, listening to the recording, it was as a series of mini conversations. 791 more words

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Attack Christians But Don't Dare Attack Buddhists

We are living in a time when sensitivities are at the surface, often vented with cutting words. Philosophically, you can believe anything, so long as you do not claim it to be true. 100 more words


Modernity, Postmodernity and The Family

Modernity, Postmodernity and The Family is one of the most difficult topics for students to get their heads around – The first thing to understand is that modernist social theories (Functionalism and Marxism) are OLD – and were theorising about the family over 50 years ago. 100 more words


Consuming Fragments: Performance Art & Spectatorship

Tehching Hsieh (b.1950) is a Taiwan-based Performance artist, considered a ‘master’ by many in his field.

Consuming Fragments: Performance Art & Spectatorship

by Jasper Llewelyn, Performing Arts editor… 834 more words

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Project 2 The Archive – access (conclusion)

The internet and digitisation has allowed greater access to photographic archives than ever before. For example the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam (Rijkmuseum, s.d) offer an extensive online version of their collections including photographs (Rijkmuseum, s.d 2). 481 more words

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Richard Prince's copy of someone else's instagram sells for $90,000: the good news, and the bad news.

I’ve written about Prince’s lame Instagram appropriation series before here, so don’t wanna’ spend too much time regurgitating my own shit (ew, that was a little graphic). 1,992 more words


A Review of "Introducing Kierkegaard"

The Introducing… series, I was surprised to find out is actually graphically based. Thus what you hold in your hands is a cross between a graphic novel, Wikipedia, and a MA philosophy student’s notes on the given philosophical system or individual or concept. 415 more words

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