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Radical attack, by not moving.



Anything after that?

Anything to calm down this rat?

The drugs are working and he can’t remember

how the maze maps out so he surrenders. 119 more words


Philosophy Revived! (Unfortunately)

(For the record, I enjoyed this guy’s critique. Although I say “fuck Derrida and Marx” later on, I’m not mocking him. He’s only doing what I’m guilty of along with countless others: being too nerdy) 490 more words

A Criticism/Defense of My Kantian Interpretation of "Postmodernism"

I’ve made many mistakes in my philosophical endeavors.

The biggest one was my defense of postmodernism in regards to the discussion with Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro (that you can read… 750 more words

Repost: From Mick Hartley-A Link To Brutalism And Other Modern Delights

Photo set and link here. Eric Tabuchi homepage here.

Clearly there are many ideas in the modern world deeply idealistic and utopian, which even officialdom can take up by way of architecture and the arts: Some people who commissioned Boston’s… 432 more words

Public Debate

"Unicorns" by Leslie Mann

Alone and special
Birds are flying higher than
Swarm secured siblings. (jf)

Picture by Leslie, poetry by Jonathan.

Visual Arts

A5: Useful citations re truth and dissolution meaning

  1. From Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and the New Documentary Author(s): Linda Williams

Reviewed work(s):
Source: Film Quarterly, Vol. 46, No. 3 (Spring, 1993), pp. 9-21 Published by: University of California Press… 755 more words

OCA Self & Other

Book Review: Slaughterhouse-Five

In this review, I begrudgingly bow to Kurt Vonnegut.

I never wanted to like Vonnegut, and I think it probably has very little to do with Vonnegut himself. 646 more words