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I Won't Conform To The Gay Agenda

In some ways, debating the morality of homosexuality seems ridiculous in 2017. Same sex marriage is legal in many countries, and I seriously doubt that will change. 461 more words


Ontological Games and Fake News

Nature has always been wretchedly frugal with the truth; the political-commercial class, likewise, has always been economical with it. The Fourth Estate have in general… 1,100 more words


A note to readers new to Infinite Jest

A note to readers new to Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel Infinite Jest poses rhetorical, formal, and verbal challenges that will confound many readers new to the text. 1,270 more words


Of Grammatology dan Matinya Sebuah Narasi

Lalu berkatalah Friedrich Nietzsche “Tuhan telah mati! Tuhan tetap mati. Dan kitalah yang telah membunuhnya”. Lalu bertanyalah manusia – manusia yang merasa memiliki “tuhan”, bagaimana “tuhan” bisa mati dan bagaimana manusia telah membunuh “tuhannya” sendiri? 461 more words

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Magic markers

Distinction was the aim,
With no two marks the same.
“Marks that had no name”, I said,
“There upon your paper tread.”

“No marks may over steer. 112 more words

After Modernism Can Lowenfeld’s Resistance and Activism for Social Justice be Preserved?

Paradoxically, children don’t have much to do with Child Art, a construct of modernist ideology according to Brent Wilson’s (2004) critique. Victor Lowenfeld’s (1975) modernist theories of innate creativity and universal artistic development have supported the construct of Child Art and have been largely dismissed in the field of art education. 759 more words

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Jurassic Park & Postmodern Media

Welcome you all again <3 How was my last blog? I hope that it looks well for you because now I am going to guide you to another chapter of media in postmodernism again but it will be deeper into the remarkable thing of postmodern era, it is an overlapping of… 1,533 more words