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The Back-and-Forth of Labels

How do you label yourself day by day, moment by moment? Right now I am a writer as I tap out these words. In a few minutes I will be a husband as I talk to my wife about financial decisions we have to make. 584 more words

Mental Health

Forntiden som kontrovers och kosmopolitisk förebild

Boken Det postmoderna tillståndet av den franske filosofen Jean-François Lyotard (1979) utgör startpunkten för de stora berättelsernas död. Lyotard argumenterar vältaligt för behovet av att uppmärksamma en mångfald av små berättelser som ersättning för den stora berättelsen om moderniteten. 2,265 more words

Humaniora I Samhällsdebatten

The primordial critic

“Courage, audacity, and revolt will be essential elements of our poetry.”
– Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Futurist manifesto, 1909.

Just a thought by Degtyarov

A primordial artist… 2,052 more words


Postmodernist debates within Sigmar Polke’s 1963-2010 Retrospective at Tate Modern 09.10.2014-08.02.2015

‘The Illusionist’ 2007

Throughout this vast retrospective one is reminded of the sheer breadth of Polke’s practise however it is his ability to distort and make the viewer question how we see and understand images which is particularly intriguing. 572 more words


Black and Blue, White, and Gold - Real or Digital?

We could easily continue to beat the dead horse – is The Dress blue and black, or white and gold? (Personally, I saw white and gold, but that’s the last I’ll touch on that here). 602 more words


Fifth Estate's: War on Wheat. Observations on Scientists Interacting with our Culture

CBC’s Fifth Estate presented a series by Mark Kelley entitled War on Wheat. Personally, I have enjoyed wheat products all of my life and I have no reason to change. 1,445 more words