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Worldview Series Part 1 of 3: What is a Worldview?

This is the first of a three-part series I’ve wanted to do for some time, a subject that is of supreme importance but sadly neglected in mainstream Christian circles: the topic of worldviews and their impact on society. 683 more words

Slave morality

Looking at all the bizarre ideological movements we see today from the transgender issue, diversity, social justice, feminism to fat acceptance, they are all part of ‘slave’ moral code. 410 more words


How to Write Like A SubGenius

From the pub to the pulpit, the SubGenius must have Slack!

The criticism of my writings vary far and wide, while occurring frequently. Whether it is a denigration of my form, a dissatisfaction with my style or a disgust with the the ideas themselves, I am blessed with constant reminders that I am terrible at what I do. 858 more words


Qualities of Post-Modernism

  •     Reliability of the narrator is called particularly into question (not only whether or not what the narrator says is true, but whether or not the narrator even believes that it’s true. 
  • 415 more words

Paglia on postmodernism

I became curious about this social critic, Camille Paglia, as she spoke about characteristics of dwindling civilisations at some point.

Here is her interview with the celebrity-academic-provocateur Jordan Peterson. 95 more words


A Golden Ring

The Greater Love, chapter 15

Romni and Ascan sat together beside a fire, under an overcast sky as the year was growing old. Smoke blew through bare branches. 1,132 more words

Long Work

New Review: Literary Stalker by Roger Keen @The_Mad_Artist @DV_Publishing


“Nick Chatterton is really feeling quite sorry for himself, frustrated and disillusioned with his life and the people in it. Most days he spends day dreaming of the life that he believes he should have had, if people had just recognised his talent as a writer. 52 more words