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Products to Assist with C-Section Recovery – The C Panty

The C Panty is a specially designed panty that can help in the recovery of C-Section births. The panty is made out of nylon and spandex and can help reduce the scarring as well as the swelling around the incision. 161 more words

How to Deal with Edema after Birth

Edema, also known as postpartum swelling, is caused due to the release of excess fluid accumulated in the mother’s body during the last months of pregnancy before delivery. 200 more words

What to Use for Stretch Marks

While stretch marks cannot be gotten rid of completely, they gradually fade away with time. There are a number of massaging creams, lotions and oils which can be used on the marks to make the skin feel more supple and smooth. 172 more words

How to Avoid an Episiotomy

An episiotomy is the procedure of making a small cut around the back passage of the entrance area of the vagina in order to facilitate delivery of a child. 175 more words

How to find the Right Birth Doula

A birth doula can offer a lot of services and support to a pregnant women and many parents make use of birth doulas to help get through the period of pregnancy smoother. 185 more words

Baby Will's Birth & Postpartum

By Melanie C

I wasn’t sure what specifically I wanted from my doula when I first contacted Elaine but I knew I wanted my labor, delivery and postpartum recovery to go differently than it had with my first son.

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Labor & Birth

Baby Hunger Cues

Babies often give out an indication whenever they’re hungry. While the crying of an infant is definitely a sign of hunger, it proves to be a very late sign. 198 more words