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Postpartum Doula Passion

I love helping pregnant parents, and teaching workshops, helping moms learn to use babycarriers, and making belly binding for new moms.

My real passion is in postpartum care.   199 more words




I am Charissa, and you landed on Nurtured Love! I am a Health Coach, Labor and Postpartum Doula. Here to service you in making healthier lifestyle choices and sharing in your special moments in welcoming your child into the world. 13 more words


What to Expect When Your Baby Is Not Who You Expected Him to Be: 5 Strategies for Parenting a High Needs Baby

You can never be quite sure of who this tiny human is going to be after he or she emerges from your womb.

We often expect an image like this one (Artist: … 459 more words

All Things Doula

Stay Tuned!

We’re updating this site now and getting all our ducks in a row but please come back to see us soon as we have some exciting changes coming up. 34 more words

The Lesser-Known Doula

Birth doulas are quite well known these days. Even non-“birthy” people have at least heard the word, even if they aren’t quite clear what the purpose of the doula might be. 1,637 more words


How to Breastfeed with Inverted or Flat Nipples

Flat nipples do not protrude out of the areola when they are stimulated, making it difficult for a baby to latch on while breastfeeding. Inverted nipples cause a similar problem, with the nipples retracting inwards on stimulation. 185 more words

Medically Induced Bad Mothering: Postpartum Depression and SSRIs.

Eighteen years ago, I sat on the edge of the hospital bed in labor with my first child. My face was buried in my husband’s chest, into his worn, faded green sweatshirt. 1,905 more words