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BETTER BIRTH WITH TRUST by Milwaukee doula Martha at Doula Woman

  As you open for birth, your body changes as your pelvis/ligaments stretch.  Your mind changes as your hormones affect emotions.  Your spirit changes as you yourself encompasses the self of another.   28 more words

Vegetable Egg Casserole

This recipe is intended to make in large portions to feed a lot of people, or to stock up on  a healthy breakfast that will last all week. 276 more words


A Hand at Home's World Famous Lactation Cookies

Okay. Maybe not world famous. But they’re famous in some circles. AND they’re pretty darn good if you ask me. Whenever I make a batch I have to leave some home for my husband to snack on. 256 more words

10 Meals For New Parents

So, you know someone that just had a baby and you want to send them a gift? Instead of sending yet ANOTHER outfit or blanket that the baby may never get a chance to use, send a meal! 532 more words


Momzy Network offers a variety of services for both mother and child for a better family.

Some of these services are home based. We take the time to come to your home for convenience to help the mother and child. 243 more words

Did you know that infant formula in powdered form is NOT sterile?

Friday Fact!!

Powdered infant formula is NOT a sterile product. This is particularly important for infants at high risk. There are organisms that can be found in powdered infant formula including Salmonella and E.  114 more words

New Parents

Hello, Baby!

Today is the day, friends.

I have joined forces with the amazing Steph Hayes and together we will be providing education and support to the growing families of Peterborough, ON! 109 more words