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From Only Child to Big Sibling

As your family grows you are, of course, filled with joy for the new life about to join your cozy family of three. When you brought your first baby home it was a major adjustment for you and your partner. 481 more words

Yes, You NEED Your Postpartum Period, You are Not a Water Buffalo!

Water Buffalo’s are herd animals and are precocial, meaning they are up and mobile right from birth, as are their mothers in order to avoid predators. 3,855 more words

Calgary Doula

Becoming a mother is like...

In 2016 I became a mother to a sweet baby girl. It was a hard pregnancy and a long stay in the hospital but that’s a story for another time. 712 more words


Postpartum Plan

Everyone always talks about the birth plan and where you’re going to give birth. While this is very important it is not the end game. At the end of your birth you have a baby. 904 more words


Stacie Loughrin CD(DONA)

After 2 years, I’ve officially completed the doula certification process. I am officially a certified birth doula through DONA International! A goal that I am excited to say has finally come to fruition. 113 more words


5 Signs You Might Need a Postpartum Doula

You’re home and settling into life with a newborn, congratulations!

But now what?

Postpartum doulas are a wonderful addition to any family dynamic. Our postpartum doulas care for the whole family–mom, partner/spouse, older children, family pets, extended family. 608 more words