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Why would you want to look like you’ve never had a baby?

What a question. A question that was asked by me so many times pre-motherhood. In the patriarchal quest for women to “bounce-back” my internalised misogyny was… 1,209 more words

Maternal Struggle

Winning at Weaning

The time has come. Every breastfeeding mother arrives at this point sooner or later. I am talking about weaning. Initially, Kristin and I discussed my writing this post about a month or so ago as my intention was to wean Ellie on or soon after her first birthday. 590 more words


Dear Husband,

Dear Husband,

It took me so long to even to tell you because I was embarrassed.

I took so many baths those first weeks after our son being born. 382 more words

Don't Compare

Some one always has less (or more) resources than you but they made it. And they’re smiling. A lot. You can do it too.


Group classes

Yesterday I went with a friend to try out SoulCycle. I am one of those people who HATES group classes. I am extremely competitive by nature so I am always internally competing with everyone around me in the class. 285 more words

Mom Life

A Lasting Joy

The first time it hit was several days after Eleanor was born. She woke me up to eat in the middle of the night, and as I changed her diaper I looked down at her little face and BAM! 301 more words


My Postpartum Story (it ain't pretty)

I have been loving writing these blog posts. They are so incredibly therapeutic! My favorite part of the day now is getting to sit down and write. 1,316 more words