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FMP blog post #19 Start editing and also some other days too.

So is was going to do this when I had just started editing but I forgot and was to busy work on the edit. So this is me looking back on the edit so far. 206 more words


FMP blog post #16 Where everything when wrong.

So well my project was going well but I have had the a lot of problems happen.

The first problem I had was the the last 2 locations did not respond after contacting them weeks ahead of filming. 514 more words


Nowadays 3D motion picture and it's influence on the society environmental perception...

  •                          Great technology surrounds us everyday, often we need its help in everyday living and providing our services to achieve our goal, which for everybody is a different one target to reach.
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Rough Cut Finalised

The rough cut of the film that we are sending to Ahmed to work on for the audio is the version which begins with the pier and commute scene as the establishing shots. 205 more words

Today I met with Dominika in the edit suite and the two of us watched over the rough cut that she made for the film. After Jini’s feedback last week, we decided that the film should begin with the kitchen scene where Alison is trying to provoke Andie by tearing out pages from a book. 178 more words

Deciding On Which Rough Cut To Use

The first rough cut of the film stands at 17 minutes, which is too long. No matter what, it has to be 10 minutes.

Therefore, Dominika has edited two different rough cuts. 200 more words


  • A rough cut of the film has been generated.
  • Some concerns from the tutorial is that there may be too many unnecessary shots: for example Day 2 of the office scene may not be needed as it is already established where Andie works.
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