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My first contact with modelling and rendering was during my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, back in 2006. Even though the program demanded analog, pen technical drawings, I was soon introduced my CAD programs who were industry standards back then, followed by a natural evolution to 3d design. 222 more words

Pro Work

Postproduction – Editing (Chapter 2)

Roughly 2 months ago, we wrapped production on Other Versions of You (for those of you keeping score at home). And now here we are, about to round the board again and hit a new year. 503 more words


Postproduction - Editing (Chapter 1)

Around 4 weeks ago, we finished production of Other Versions of You. I feel like so much time has passed since that late Friday evening when we rolled our last shot of the film, which wasn’t actually the last shot of the film, but I digress. 231 more words



The last night was really spectacular! Here in Val di Fassa we were lucky to see the supermoon in the perfect starry sky with no clouds. 105 more words



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Initial Research - Final Project

I’ve started researching my final project, a reminder of what I’m proposing to make:

“To create a sculptural work (let’s call it a lightbox) that changes the imagery displayed within it depending on how the viewer interacts with it. 392 more words


After Production

Almost a week has passed since we wrapped production on Other Versions of You. I feel like so much and yet nothing has happened since then. 472 more words