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4 ሰለ-Color Grading ማወቅ የሚገቡ ነጥቦች

አሁን ባለንበት የዲጂታል ፊልም ስራ ግዜ color grading እንደምርጫ ሳይሆን እንደግዴታ እየሆነ የመጣ ጥበብ ነው።ይህንንም ጥበብ ለመረዳት እና ለመጠቀም በመጀመሪያ ማወቅ አለብን ብዬ የማስባቸውን 4 ነጥቦች ላካፍላችሁ። 71 more words

Tutorial On Postproduction

Fitness in post

Sometimes we think about our craft, the tools, the job. It’s easy to forget about our health. Fitness in post is a great idea and website to avoid our death by working in post. 160 more words


Post... Sigh

I knew that the post production of this documentary was going to be hard work. After returning from Europe the main goal was to recover emotionally and get back on my feet financially. 298 more words

Ten Adobe Premiere Shortcuts for Faster Editing in 2015

Editing can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be slow. If your New Year’s Resolution is to improve your editing skills, learning your software’s keyboard shortcuts for repetitive tasks will allow you finish projects faster with less clicking, searching through menus, and aiming for tiny buttons. 550 more words