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Week 2 - Long Exposure - Shutter Speed

Task 1: Freeze Movement

Week two’s tasks were focused around controlling the movement using shutter speed priority. The first task was to create photos that freeze movement or blur subject movement using fast or slow shutter speeds. 255 more words


Straight Talk - Klartext

 Sweating with trembling fingers I am writing these words. Revolution is breaking loose! Not that Dina and I are threatened with the guillotine, even worse, our dear blog is endangered, the blog we ambitiously developed over the years. 1,963 more words

Norfolk, England


04/10/17 with Anna Powell

In this lecture, we looked into the exploration of ideas around the prequel and sequel. Our aim was to, from this point on, realize how to interpret and explore ideas creatively and approach things from a more creative angle. 564 more words


Expanding ideas around the prequel and sequel: postproduction

“Postproduction (in motion pictures, recording, etc.) the technical processes, ascutting, editing, and post-synchronization, necessary to ready a filmed or recorded work for sale or exhibition.” 330 more words




Leading up to the filming of our Lenny project we all wanted to be organised, however, there were, as expected, varying viewpoints on what we should be doing. 788 more words

Sound And Image

Bunch of digital photos

Photos taken with MOTO G5

Postproduction in Snapseed Android app

The Five Stages of Filmmaking (Ch. 3)

Moneymaking is the major part of the Hollywood filmmaking machine. After all, it is a business. And, while it’s true that some films are still created for the “art of cinematic experiences,” today, those “art films” are few and far between. 1,355 more words