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The Importance Of High-Quality Audio In Video Production

Introduction: The Importance of Audio in Video Production

High-quality audio is essential to any kind of video production – films, documentaries, television shows, etc all need great sound. 1,429 more words


Event Horizon - Trailer Redesign

One of the bigger projects I’ve embarked on for my portfolio recently is a complete audio redesign of the trailer for ‘Event Horizon’ from 1996. It’s always been a favourite film of mine and I thought it would be a suitable challenge. 463 more words

Sound Design

Editfest London 2016

Darren was recently asked to talk about how Davinci Resolve has become a major part of our workflow in 4k and editing. The event is organised by The American Cinema Editors (ACE). 67 more words

Empty Your Cup

Jerry Janda (PAINKILLER’s writer/producer/co-star) shares some thoughts about his directorial debut in this latest blog post about KAISHAKUNIN (a short film that he also wrote and is co-producing).

Jerry Janda


I realised this morning when dodging the Balham sunshine over coffee with Sound Editor Tom that I’ve said nothing about the excellent post-production team that are polishing PILI. 593 more words



The most important thing an Audio Designer, Audio Mixer/ Post Production Expert etc is an OMF. While working with producers and directors you come to understand that everyone wants to hand over the project and leave quickly as they have so many other projects to work on. 1,230 more words

Edit Essentials: Exactly What I Need, Everyday

Vast libraries of amazing effects are great.

But sometimes it’s like drinking from a fire hose. Sometimes you’re on a job, on a deadline, and on a budget. 188 more words