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The Making of Lovely pt. 12

When I watched the opening sequence of Moonrise Kingdom, I instantly knew that I wanted my titles to be similar. In my titles blog, I explained that the most of the titles were in the corners, in an old style serif font. 220 more words

Final Task

Moving Fowards

Earlier this evening, Dominika messaged me to say that she has finally received a space on the internal server at uni, so she can start uploading the rushes. 161 more words

PAINKILLER Is Now Available to View for Free

PAINKILLER is now available to view for free at . (Due to privacy settings, the video won’t embed here, but you can view on the Vimeo site from the links here.) 85 more words



Editing should have commenced last week, but Dominika is still waiting for a space on the server. If we knew it would take this long then we would have requested it much earlier, and complaining isn’t going to make the issue be resolved any faster. 309 more words

Research Paper / Practice Discussion

Jason Murray: Russell, was it Nicholas Bourriaud that did something about post-reproduction?
Russell Miller: @jason yep that’s him
Russell Miller: http://faculty.georgetown.edu/irvinem/theory/Bourriaud-Postproduction2.pdf
Russell Miller: Fascinating essay that’s changed my practice… 1,622 more words


Now That Filming Is Over

All the equipment has been returned, apart from the hard drives which contain all of our raw footage. Dominika will be uploading all the files to the online server at university, and then I will be overseeing the edit with her. 152 more words