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The underwear monster

Aaron’s underwear.  Hannah’s and Daniel’s.  Mine.  Clean. Dirty.  New. Old. The underwear monster is firmly against discrimination.  At first our undies were only stolen if we carelessly left them on the ground, or in a newly folded clothes pile we lazily didn’t put away. 297 more words

Embarrassing Strories

Big mess

“Choo-choo!” I looked over at Daniel.  He was laying on his side playing with his wooden train set.  He seems to think playing trains is best when laying on his side.   285 more words


Zombie Party

I bet when Daniel is older, he’d love to have a Zombie themed birthday party. Heck, I think it sounds pretty fun myself! This weeks guest post is all about how to have a zombie birth party: 781 more words


Poop at McDonalds

It was stinking hot on the very first day of 2013. So stinking hot that our brand new fridge stopped working, and we couldn’t go on our planned outing to the… 593 more words



I was driving down the highway yesterday when I spotted a Lancer with horribly ugly stickers across the side and in the back window. The side sticker said in giant letters, “custom.” Um… yes, awesome, you customised your Lancer, why don’t you broadcast it to the world through an oversized, fluro green sticker across the whole side of your car? 462 more words


Learn how to drive

Have you ever noticed that other drivers are ridiculously annoying? Or maybe it’s just me. But they are. Seriously. I’m not one for road rage (mostly because I have kids in the car, and yelling at other drivers doesn’t really set the best example, nor would it make the kids feel comfortable. 1,255 more words


Butt shorts

I was in desperate need of some new shorts. I owned exactly one pair. And that pair is too big. Sigh. No, I lie, I own two pairs, but the second pair even bigger on me than the first pair. 729 more words