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Introducing Myself:

I really only made this account as some kind of diary or place I can just vent to. I think it would be good for me to let my anger out or whatever I’m feeling on here instead of someone’s face. 282 more words



Hello lovers, its been awhile. Finally a Friday evening away from dancing around bars/clubs. Shot some stuff last night with my friend, Alicia, she’s one person behind the camera which I can trust. 22 more words


When Blondie doesn't trust you

So Diana and me have been going crazy about who Damian asked to go to the 8th grade dance. Of course, you really aren’t supposed to go ask anyone to the dance, but people ask anyways. 381 more words


Follow Me On Bloglovin'

Hey babies! I have an exciting new thing to tell you. You can access my blog MUCH easier if you download the app bloglovin’ and follow me on there. 88 more words


Decked out in Denim

This past week we celebrated our last day of classes (LDOC) here at Duke.  The day consisted of tons of great food, great music, and a whole-lotta fun! 124 more words


My Wife’s Pregnancy Made Me Realize I Was A Spoiled Husband

We went to our first ultrasound, and I flipped out because our insurance only covered 75% of the cost, leaving us with a bill for a couple hundred dollars. 1,205 more words


10 Things I Naively Said To My Friends With Kids, Before I Had Kids

Once upon a time, I didn’t have children. So, naturally, the idea of having children was that kids are simply an addition to one’s current lifestyle, like a house plant. 744 more words