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Beneath the Surface: Exploring Mental Illness.

Mental illness, it’s invisible. There are no bandages, no casts, no crutches, no external wounds. How do you know someone is suffering from one? We, the afflicted, talk about feeling bad, talk about our depression and anxiety woes. 433 more words



 My brother Davis is good at a lot of things but not at dancing or singing. He loves all sports, mostly football and basketball. He has a pet bird named Jimmer. 70 more words


The Fasted Diet

With Ramadan around the corner, we all already know that our trips to the gym will begin to decrease, our food choices will become worse because of all the sweets, and we will forget that we were ever on a diet. 661 more words


Researchers find new signs of stress damage in the brain, plus hope for prevention

Two words: Medial Amygdala and Acetyl Carnitine… ok that’s 5 words, but it’s still two concepts :-)


Chronic stress can make us worn-out, anxious, depressed—in fact, it can change the architecture of the brain. 645 more words


11 Ways to Add Value to Client Relationships

Every business is looking for value today. They review their suppliers regularly to see if they could be getting better value for money elsewhere.

When you think of providing value as a recruitment agency you probably think of supplying the best candidates possible to fill every vacancy entrusted to you. 993 more words

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I’ve Tuned Out My Kids’ Fighting

If memory serves, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon. By that point, my sister and I had been forced to share space for far too long and tensions were running high. 869 more words