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Welcome to Blue Rubber Boots!

This post will stay on the top of all other posts forever. If you want to view my other posts, scroll down. 

Hello! This is a post for first-time visitors. 267 more words


Some holes to fill

I’ve taken another look at the manuscript of the plays I wrote last October, and I’ve decided there are some holes I still need to fill. 211 more words


The Roller Coaster

When I first came on to the Neonatal Ward every nurse and doctor told us it would be a roller coaster.

We would take one step forward, seven back and that would be our journey but that they would be there with us every step of the way. 293 more words


Have a goal!

Yesterday, I was writing how bad my day, last Sunday, was; and today I want to also share what a good day it has been today. 444 more words


A Child's Battle for a Normal Life--Update

From Rhonda….

Yesterday’s dressing change was a typical one – her being this sweet kid going in – then, in recovery, turning into this demon child! 317 more words


Scheduling and Being a General Adult Which is Something I Despise

It’s a little too hard for me to try doing posts like, 14 times a week, so I’m going to do like all these successful assholes are doing and regulate when I post about certain things. 130 more words