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Reality Shifting Now

Probably some people are sensing this. Beginning in the last few days and carrying through into January strong energies are manifesting. It’s not typical of this time of year, which is usually more simple, relaxed or pleasant. 390 more words


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The Book And Its Cover...

Facebook has been the best playground to observe human behaviour in all of its wonder.

Earlier this week I posted a photograph of myself taken 3 years ago. 661 more words


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Back on Blogging!


So in my last post I told the reason of not being able to post on my blog and being unavailable on the internet and also that now I am back and I’ll post regularly, but I couldn’t post anything, you might think how careless I am, but I am not indeed I was really worried from my absence on my blog. 100 more words

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Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 3, 2016

Small Business Saturday! Shop those galleries today! Check out a local artist’s website to see what is still available in time for Christmas. Help a friend to become what they want to be —a successful artist or entrepreneur in your neighborhood. 52 more words