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The Treatment.

The rains lashed on the windows in a torrential rage. The rushing wind, blowing curtains and groaning patients in the ward created a howling melancholy that nullified the effect of anaesthesia on him a bit earlier than expected. 717 more words


Marriage and Bars.  

I have two good friends who are going through issues with their marriage. One couple, they are 28 years old and the other is 23-24 years old. 51 more words


Vroom vroom

What a way to end the working week!

Book head convinced me to come with him for a motorbike ride with his mates. I don’t usually mind going for a ride, but last time we went for a ride with his (other) friends it was such an awkward day, we barely stopped riding and when we did stop… Well it was awkward being talked around like I wasn’t really there. 611 more words


5 Tips To Help You Be A Fabulous Campus Tour Guide

Having a job as a campus tour guide is one of the coolest things you can do in your college career. You get to connect with students and families from all over the world and learn their stories. 672 more words


Rambling About Politics on Facebook

Today on Facebook I said I would probably stop posting political posts there. After some offensive responses to some posts which led to the deletion of the comments and the un-friending of a person I had known for 10 plus years. 185 more words

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How to Recover from Burnout

As many of you are aware, I like my routine, but something about it recently has created the side effect of “burnout”.  I’ve had little motivation to do much beyond what is absolutely necessary, and even those things have taken great effort. 705 more words


Dwarf Army: War Host of the Fallen King

Fantasy wargaming has always been near and dear to my heart. Over the past six or seven years of skirmish gaming, I’ve had the opportunity to paint up hundreds of fantasy figures, representing the monsters, heroes and villains that thrilled me as a kid. 752 more words