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Duck Dynasty

We killed six ducks on Saturday. It was a beautiful and sunny day for December, thank god, because it took us rookies a long time to figure out what we were doing. 528 more words


And finally

The last rat just pulled my hand into the cage to get a piece of caramel corn. She didn’t take the offered piece of corn, she took my whole hand in–gently but firmly in the very sharp teeth–and sort of forced me to drop the caramel corn into the food dish. 59 more words


Running late

It’s after ten. I wanted to be in bed because I’m feeling very bad about my sleep habits. I’m feeling so bad about them, I’m worried the worrying about them is making them worse. 84 more words


Can We Talk About.... Santa Monica?

Nearly 9 weeks in this country and only now do I decide to take the delightful trip to Santa Monica…. holy shit wasn’t I late to the party! 222 more words


In Case You Missed It

This week it is definitely a case of me missing it. There were nearly three days where I just didn’t get to read anything (life, work and illness all getting in the way). 529 more words


Bloggers Coming Home, Welcome Back!

It’s good to see bloggers who haven’t posted in awhile showing up with some new stuff. Their presence is always missed. So to all you prodigal bloggers out there, welcome back. Keep on blogging.

Tony's Posts

fifth blogger

Dear friendos and amigos and amigas and friendas.

This week, for my esteemed blog project, I watched a TedX talk by Peter McGraw called “What makes things funny”, which is practically the entirety of what my project is on. 304 more words