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10 Reasons Why I Make My Kids Share

I refuse to accept this whole idea of not making my kids share. Obviously, I am not trying to raise a bunch of doormats; they do not have to share every single thing that is theirs. 901 more words


The ‘Solution’ To Preventing Online Harassment That I Won’t Support

The social media world was rocked recently by a now-viral video of men reading some of the “mean tweets” two women reporters have received.

These tweets are just a few examples of the prevalent, relentless, and downright painful harassment that takes place online. 938 more words


5 Reasons I’ll Miss Preschool

“Mom, don’t come downstairs yet. I want to surprise you,” says my almost 5-year-old daughter from the front hall.

“OK,” I call down, smiling to myself as I dilly-dally on the landing, giving her time to finish her “surprise.” 944 more words


A Note To My Daughter About Her Vagina

Dear Daughter,

It’s not a hoo-haa. It’s not a puffle or a daisy or a “down there.” It’s not your other butt or your looloo. It’s your vagina. 951 more words


20 Reasons I Prefer Online Moms Groups Over IRL Moms

Social media has completely changed the “mom society.” For a multitude of reasons, online social networking has taken over. To be perfectly honest with you, I prefer it that way. 1,090 more words


When Your Biggest Parenting Critic Is Your Ex-Husband

The latest condescending, sarcastic, and judgmental comment I received about a parenting choice was: “I’m sure that chocolate milk goes great with the donuts you pack in her lunch.” Pretty obnoxious, right? 869 more words