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Effective Study Tips

School has begun for many this year. I commend you all for sticking to it. I haven’t been to school for a couple years now and I’m retraining my brain on everything! 300 more words

Motivational Tidbits

3 Tips for Handling Discussions in Online Courses

I’ve been teaching a large online class for the first time this semester, and as the course involves looking at a number of challenge interactive works and games I put a lot of emphasis on discussion forums and critical debate.

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Overcoming Online Persistence Challenges With The Trojan Café (Part 2)

One of the first ideas that came out of the planning phase was to create student forums that would allow interaction between users. Students were already utilizing Blackboard discussion boards to meet course requirements, therefore the infrastructure was ideal for hosting casual student forums.

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Overcoming Online Persistence Challenges With The Trojan Café (Part 1)

Vincent Tinto’s conceptual “Schema for Dropout from College” correlated academic and social engagement with student success and learning. However, several factors make social engagement more difficult for non-traditional, online students.

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Think Students Can't Declare Bankruptcy? Think Again

In 2005, Chuck Stewart’s life had come to a screeching halt. His partner was in the hospital with a terminal illness and he had only $300 in his bank account.

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One Institution Remembers What Education Is. It's a Start.

As you will learn if you read my writing enough or talk to me, I am no fan of today’s American higher education “system.” Individual colleges do impress me, but as a class of institutions, America’s higher education system seems to cost too much, deliver too little, and, in the process, to undermine my values. 73 more words


Seven Practices of Enlightened Leadership in Higher Education

This is the story about how truly enlightened leadership combined with authentic faculty engagement has the power to transform college culture and amplify student success. 223 more words