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Is it me?

I thought this program would be different. I heard time and time again that it is such a close knit program, you make such great friends and you band together the entire 2.5 years you are with each other. 241 more words

SHSM: Specialist High Skills Major or Specifically Hurting Student Mindsets?

For those of you immediately wondering what in the world is this Jillien referring to, let me first clarify that “SHSM” stands for Specialist High Skills Major. 758 more words

Let's Talk Politics

Paulina's Final Peer Feedback Presentation Reflection

During our final class, my partner and I had received peer feedback on our third artifact and our final project presentation, both of which were PowerPoint presentations. 460 more words


Tara's Final Peer Feedback Presentation Reflection

Once we completed our finalized capstone project, we had one class period where my partner and I received peer feedback on what we are going to present to the committee. 391 more words


Postsecondary Education in US - A higher proportion of students who earned an occupational credential were employed in 2009

Postsecondary students who completed a credential had higher employment rates than noncompleters, and those who earned a degree had higher employment rates than those who earned a certificate. 260 more words

United States

Paulina's Journal Article Reflection #2

Overview of Article:

The journal article “The promise of differentiated instruction for enhancing the mathematical understandings of college students” by Chamberlin and Powers discusses the results for a study that examined the effects of differentiated instruction on students in a mathematics course at the undergraduate level. 770 more words