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Discerning Before Utopia

This post was spurred on by two things, a class given on discernment at Campion College Australia and reading a letter in a section of the monthly journal  421 more words


Notes on the "post-secular"

I am interested in two things primarily: 1) an analysis of what we mean when we talk about post-secular religion in light of Charles Taylor’s distinction between the descriptive and normative senses of the word “secular”; and 2) the prospect of a post-secular study of religion, as it relates to the normative sense of the word. 1,790 more words

Reading Levinas Contra Heidegger

Levinas’ entire project had as its aim a description of the limits of ontology and thought’s ability to disclose what can, broadly speaking, be called the “Real”. 1,576 more words

When What We See Is What We Worship

The old saying goes that the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, and many are quick to scoff at the grave implications of a faculty that is used so often for such mundane things that it is taken for granted. 594 more words

Church And Culture

Dance and Transcendance

There is something uncanny about the subgenre of electronica broadly called “dance music”. In sample after sample, whether it is Ellie Goulding’s “Burn“, Juventa’s “ 479 more words

Church And Culture

Religions Today: Reflections on Parliament 2015

I just returned from the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. It was a massive event. Everything I experienced makes up only a tiny fraction of what was happening there. 566 more words

Theology And Religion

Religion revisited in a postsecular age

“I stand on ground I’ve walked before
To seek the way”

“Kells Theme” by Iona, a prog rock Christian band

Religion is a bug I have never quite shaken off. 812 more words