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I love Kettlebells

I love Kettlebells

There reasons are numerous so let me start by saying that I am biased. Since 2002 when I was first introduced to the Kettlebell to current day they have been apart of my health and wellness program personally and professionally. 390 more words


Why Yoga is The Best & Most Complete System of Movement

When we think about the human body and movement we must simply look at anatomy and biomechanics. The body is able to only do so much in terms of these 2 biological mechanisms. 485 more words


Practice Deep Breathing Daily

Taking cleansing deep breaths can help your health!

A major cause of illness in the elderly are lung infections. This is partly due to limited or the inability for daily exercise.   167 more words

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Upprétt Staða Mannsins

Allt frá upphafi vega hefur maðurinn verið haldinn eins konar þráhyggju um að vita meira og meira um alla skapaða hluti og hefur forvitni hans um eigin líkama ekki verið undanskilin. 595 more words


posture and bi-polar

Interesting article about posture and bi-polar.

Although motor deficits often accompany a mood or psychiatric disorder, most researchers have not targeted motor areas as a method to improve mental health.

63 more words

Posture Hack

Since I have started playing bricks on the Mat, something has changed in the way I hold myself on the planet. I noticed it this morning strongly, I was pushing in parts of my shoes I usually barely notice, re-balancing my posture… like that. 39 more words


How To Fix Your Posture RIGHT NOW!

Do your friends and loved ones comment on your bad posture?  We use Posture Bands to fix it.  They are easy to use, fast-acting, and THEY WORK!  40 more words

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