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Singing posture for women part 2

The first time that I saw a person with really good posture was at summer camp. I was 9. There was a friend there who was a gymnast. 398 more words


Singing posture for women part 1 - meet Jenny Bernals!

Bernal Opera now has a new patroness – a French singer by the name of Jenny Bernals.

I found a postcard of her on Etsy, fell in love with it and now Jenny is my favorite model for talking about singing posture for women. 654 more words


True Anti-Gravity

“Sit up straight”, “Don’t Slouch!” You probably remember someone telling you these things growing up or maybe not as posture has not been emphasized in our society for many years. 417 more words


Don't Be Knotty

Everyone that comes in for a massage refers to the “knots” in their muscles. Not a very technical or scientific term, but everyone knows what they mean. 640 more words


Stretching- The Truth

Everyone stretches, it is an automatic response when we awaken in the morning to increase blood flow¬†to the muscles. The Family Cat and Dog stretches after a nap and like the “yawn” to increase oxygen in our blood stream it is an involuntary response that keeps us healthy. 431 more words


I love Kettlebells

I love Kettlebells

There reasons are numerous so let me start by saying that I am biased. Since 2002 when I was first introduced to the Kettlebell to current day they have been apart of my health and wellness program personally and professionally. 390 more words


Why Yoga is The Best & Most Complete System of Movement

When we think about the human body and movement we must simply look at anatomy and biomechanics. The body is able to only do so much in terms of these 2 biological mechanisms. 485 more words