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Does This Look Like You?

Does this image look like you or your kids?  Rounded shoulders, forward head and slouching?  Think about all of the time that you are sitting in this position playing with your chosen electronic device (video games, ipad, smart phones, computers), watching TV, sitting at the office or at school.  851 more words

Yoga for Runners - Hips Don't Lie

Originally this article in appeared on the PROBAR blog.  You can find it in its entirety here.

Runners’ bodies often need a special practice that’s tailored to complement their main sport. 597 more words

Yoga For Runners

How To: Exercise For 2 and Feel Awesome

“The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day on most if not all days of the week, unless you have a medical or obstetric complication” 418 more words

Gladesville Chiropractor

Mild hunched back (kyphosis) can be corrected by having good postural habits

Normal spine appears straight when viewed from the front or the back. But when viewed from the side, spine has a number of curves. In normal spine, these curves must maintain a straight vertical imaginary line connected the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

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Back Pain

Sitting at your desk all day is doing you harm

Many of us spend long periods of time sitting throughout the day, whether it is staring at a computer screen, driving a car, watching television or playing video games, but did you know it could be doing more harm then you think? 333 more words


To Sit or To Stand That is The Real Question?

“Australian adults now sit for an average of nearly nine hours a day”

This is an alarming statistic. When the average number of hours spent sitting is added to the average 8 hours of sleep, that gives us 17hrs a day of inactivity. 561 more words


Four Simple Ways to Reverse Sitting Disease

By Mitchell Diaz

There’s a lot of research and commentary about the dangers of sitting for too long. They call it “Sitting Disease”. They say that “sitting is the new smoking”. 244 more words