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5 Major Fascia Trains of the Body 

It’s amazing how the body works! I’ve touched on fascia and Myofascial release in early posts but here is a demonstration of how tightness in different “trains” of the body are affected. 637 more words


Walk Tall!

So today I have a free offer!

What if you could look and feel 10 years younger immediately for free?

I give you one word – POSTURE. 139 more words


Singing opera makes you grow taller

An amazing thing happened. I measured myself and discovered my real height is different from what is written in my driver’s license, it is 5’8″ not 5’7″. 65 more words


Standing and Low Back Pain

By Mitchell Diaz

Does your low back hurt after standing for long periods? Mine does. I can walk for miles throughout the day or pace back and forth during a long conference call and feel just fine. 1,015 more words

Muscle Imbalance

Yoga for Runners - Camel Pose

Stretches: Pectoral and abdominal muscles, deltoids, biceps, hip flexors, quadriceps.

Strenghtens: Trapezius, serratus and rhomboids muscles, psoas, glutes.

Main Focus: Draw the shoulder blades away from the ears and down your back as you lift your heart. 357 more words

Yoga For Runners

Scrabit: Posture

The fun thing about writers block is: deadlines. The only way to get unstuck while telling your story is to continue living.

I have been moved through various stances or postures over the last few years in my walk with Jesus and I’ve take them on as apart of my calling. 1,225 more words


Good Morning!

So, I just published yet another of the pages for the blog. Today you can read a bit about planes of movement under “Training” and “Your Physical Structure”. 374 more words