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Honking cars puffing lots of smoke

If you move even an inch consider a lucky stroke

Roads full of pot holes and bumps

As thrilling as riding on a camel hump… 59 more words


Giant pothole creating problems in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

A massive pothole in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, in Montreal’s West Island, is wreaking havoc on residents who say there are no lights or signs warning people to be careful. 227 more words


Close to 100,000 potholes filled in Winnipeg this year alone, councillor says

WINNIPEG — For the first time ever, the city is keeping track of how many pot holes are being repaired across Winnipeg.

Charleswood City Councillor, Marty Morantz, suggested the idea to public works officials before the new year, to help give Winnipeggers an idea how of how the pot holes are being handled. 95 more words




Every Monday morning the news programs scan the country for hours reporting “Protest”. This morning we have to watch over and over the Puerto Rico supporters  have parades honoring some terrorist that destroyed property and the killing of people in the name of  something they never identified. 468 more words


Dutch Research In Self-Healing Materials Could One Day Eliminate India's Pothole Problems | Indiatimes.com

It’s no secret that potholes are a huge pain in India. While we may grumble that it’s because of cheap building materials or inefficient labor, the truth is that roads just naturally decay over time. 22 more words

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Pothole peeves: Metro Vancouver streets still burdened by bumpy roads

We’ve all seen them and many Metro Vancouver motorists have felt the pain first hand. Persistent potholes have been eating up South Coast roads for months and in the city of Vancouver, it’s driving up the number of complaints. 288 more words


Councillor Jacky Williams has asked Questions about Potholes

At this morning’s County Council meeting, I asked the following question of the Chairman of the Transport and Highways committee: is the chairman aware that potholes (certainly in and around Stapleford) are being repaired to a sub-standard quality, in many cases, by subcontractors, employed by VIA EM, such that they are subsequently requiring further attention within a short time span, which must be  extremely costly for the County Council. 50 more words

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