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It's All About Me

And it should be all about you, too!

As I was lying on my back yesterday in yoga I thought about me, more aptly how I have been trying to focus more on myself without feeling guilty. 729 more words

Obtaining Your Goals

Prison Cells and Potholes

Friends, we once were, now we are foes.

Fluid with our words, now nothing flows.

You say you care, I cannot see.  

If you truly cared, you would see me. 902 more words

Weeds and Pot Holes

I commented at our recent Community Action Meeting about the many weeds that are still growing in our local roads and foot pathways.  Councillor Martin Plackett forwarded my comment to Broxtowe BC.  71 more words

Pot Holes

2016 First of September

Are you kidding me?!? This once ‘new year’ is heading for the final quarter soon!?!

I just can’t figure how quickly time goes forward, people go backwards, and any given ‘today’ becomes yesterday as well as tomorrow … with only a mark on a calendar. 827 more words


Falling in love with Brazil in a pothole, crazy bus drivers kind of way

By Charlie Webster

From what I have seen so far Brazil is one beautiful place. The scenery is just natural beauty at its most stunning, it is only when you see the little kid walking down the road barefoot and the favela’s with back to back shacks made of sticks that it reveals its hardships. 794 more words

Michael Douglas in FALLING DOWN (Poem)

“Under Construction”

Michael Douglas in Falling Down

What’s wrong with the street


You only dug it up 10 yards


last week

and then again another month… 189 more words

It's All One Big Ghetto, Man