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Fertilizer - UREA, DAP and UAN

To help keep your garden and fruit crops healthy, and make your plants thrive, Graco Fertilizer Company recommends applying one of the following house fertilizer blends: 143 more words

8 Dangerous Items That Used to be Allowed in Kids' Chemistry Kits

This is from Mental Floss.

We had these dangerous items in our chemistry sets and we survived.

Although children’s chemistry kits were first manufactured in the… 635 more words

Video: How to Make “Survivalist Gunpowder” from Urine

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If I recall my history correctly, this method was used by the Confederates to make gun powder when their source of potassium nitrate was limited. 202 more words

Malaysia Foils Terror Attack in Run Up To ASEAN Summit -- Attacks were planned in capital by suspected Islamic State militants

Police today seized explosives believed to be used in a plan to cause “havoc” in Malaysia, hours before the 26th Asean 2015 summit kicks off in Kuala Lumpur. 236 more words

Investigation of different priming techniques on seed germination of Papaver species

Sajedeh Golmohammadzadeh, Faezeh Zaefarian, Mohammad Rezvani

Key words: Seed dormancy, hydropriming, potassium nitrate, gibberellic acid.


Seed dormancy is important as an adaptive trait for weeds that help ensure the continuance of weed species in the soil seed bank. 169 more words


3rd November 1749. Bombs and Fertilizers.

Nitrogen with phosphorus, arsenic, antimony and bismuth constitute the Nitrogen Group, also called the Pnictogen Group, in the Periodic Table.

Today in 1749 saw the birth of the Scot, Daniel Rutherford who was later credited with being the first to isolate Nitrogen in 1772.(1) 398 more words