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Ireland: Chocolate Potato Cake

IRELAND!! EIRE!! The land of green, leprechauns, Guinness, shamrocks, potatoes, and awesome accents! (Just digging up the old stereotypes.)

My first travel abroad experience was in Northern Ireland (which I know is different than the Republic of Ireland, don’t kill me), but it is very similar and a whole host of ways, given its kind of a mix of Irish Catholic and Protestant people, all with Irish accents, Irish foods and culture, and Gaelic can be found in both places….I lived in Northern Ireland for a semester in college, but also traveled to the Republic multiple times, and the only noticeable difference I saw was Northern Ireland flew Union Jacks a lot more, and had lots of remnants of the Troubles, and people called it Londonderry instead of Derry, okay, to an American like me, they are very similar! 1,222 more words


Midnight snack - Sembawang

Today in Singapore, I spent most of the day napping and became hyper towards bedtime. A midnight snack seemed in order so tried out the new thing my friend told me about; sweet potato cakes! 12 more words


Rosti, the perfect late night potato cake...with scallions and bacon

After a night of clubbing, dancing and partying, nothing is more welcome than a plate of straightforward carbs. Throw some high quality fat in the mix and we’ll be good to go.   1,119 more words


Crique de Pommes de Terre / Potato cake

A traditional recipe from the Savoie region. Savoie is a mountainous region including the French alps, often blanketed in snow and therefore the food is hearty and comforting. 308 more words


Purple Sweet Potato Cakes

Living on Okinawa I am privileged to be able to get my hands easily on the okinawan purple sweet potatoes, or benimo as the locals call it. 268 more words