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So, today is our first day of residency.  It’s kind of a big thing.  Basically just this big mash up of nervousness and excitement and terror and omg-can-we-just-get-this started-already.   579 more words


Why the humble potato tops popularity charts

If you conducted a poll among food lovers across the world on their favourite vegetable, the potato would probably top their list. Potato chips, potato wedges, … 151 more words

New snack sensation: super sour and certainly salty lemon flavour potato chips

Yep, it’s “weird potato chip flavour” time again! Hot on the heels of steak sandwich flavour, tangerine flavour, and banana and peach “breakfast chips”, we bring you… … 242 more words



Although we are not motorcycle enthusiasts because they are less safe than cars and cause a great deal of noise pollution, Trip Advisor reviewers rated the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory as an excellent tour. 1,051 more words

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Junk Food That Is Better For You Than You Thought

Everyone likes to snack every now and then, but with more and more people seeking healthier options, many food choices have become taboo. However, we here at All Web Magazine are aware that there are many foods out there that people consider to be bad, but they are surprisingly good for you. 345 more words

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