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Blue Cheese Potato Gratin M Style

One evening while my boyfriend was out climbing with a friend I decided to make some dinner. I’d been watching cooking shows on route home from work so I decided to be a little adventurous and try something different. 274 more words

Side Dish

Recipe: Boulangere Potatoes

FROM humble beginnings, boulangere potatoes is a traditional French accompaniment to roast meat and works great as a side dish when feeding a crowd.

According to my lovely French friend, Helene, the correct term is ‘pommes de terre à la boulangère’ which translates to ‘baker’s potatoes’. 351 more words


Potato and Boyne Valley Bán Gratin

Don’t you just love it? You are at work, you have a recipe in mind, you know that you have all the ingredients at home and in this case it was a head of broccoli, I needed to use for a simple but tasty gratin. 392 more words


Mini Roasted Potato Stacks

Hey guys! Here is one of my go to sides for a get together with family and friends. Its one of those dishes you can have for brunch, lunch or even a fancy dinner party. 232 more words

Adventures In Cooking

Potato Gratin

This is a classic French side dish that I have had a few times but never thought of making it until now. I just have lots of potato (I always have a sac full of potatoes in my kitchen) and wanted a new way of cooking those spuds. 166 more words


Simple potato gratin

Simple Potato gratin

Bahan .
4 buah kentang
12 Lembar daging asap
12 lembar keju burger
100 gr keju mozzarella
500 ml susu cair… 47 more words


Potato Leaks Gratin

I know this dish is not the biggest eye catcher on a table you could ever imagine, yet it is so delicious! Already when I was a small child, my favorite dish used to be potato gratin and I still love it! 383 more words